Samsung is sticking a massive touchscreen on its next smart fridge

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Samsung is well-known for having some crazy ideas about how to integrate technology into people’s lives, and CES is undoubtedly ground zero for the strangest of them. It’s also well-known for big advertising blitzes, and so out in the public, main hallway at CES you will find massive banners advertising a new smart fridge with a massive screen.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was just a Photoshop gone wrong, because it sure looks like a standard smart fridge with a huge smartphone pasted over one of the doors. It even has the Android-style capacitive buttons on the bottom. (It’s not clear whether the fridge uses Android, Tizen, or some other operating system.) Hopefully Samsung isn’t actually taking a user interface designed…

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DJI just launched new software to stop its drones from flying in restricted airspace

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On Thursday, drone manufacturer DJI launched a beta version of its new “geofencing” system, something the company says will keep its drones from flying into restricted airspace. The new feature is called Geospatial Environment Online (GEO), and it will let users know about areas where drone flight is restricted, either due to regulations or because of safety issues. It’s DJI’s way of appeasing the FAA, which has called for more regulation of drone flight this past year.

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onewheel Venture fund is gearing up to close a $10 million fund to continue investing in startups focused on impacting urban city living across mobility and logistics, environment, utilities and local government. expects to close the fund later this year, but it has already committed some of that money to smart irrigation startup Rachio, FutureMotion, the maker of electric board… Read More

Get the thinnest battery case ever made for the iPhone for over 50% off

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Don’t choose between a slim phone and a big battery case, opt for the best of both worlds. With the ThinCharge Case, you won’t have to fumble for your charging cable—simply hit one button to charge up on-the-go. It’s even the same size as a normal phone case, so you can slip it into your pocket or bag without the extra weight of a traditional battery case weighing you down.

  • 200% of your battery life when you’re on the go
  • One-button push to activate the battery
  • LED indicator lights notify you when its charging
  • Slim profile juices your phone without extra bulk
  • Rounded edges protect from drops & scratches
  • Pass-through charging automatically charges your iPhone first & then the case when plugged in w/ your existing Lightning cable
  • Cut outs for speaker & camera allow you to fully use your phone without taking the case off

Get the thinnest battery case ever made for the iPhone for over 50% off in the Boing Boing store.

Learn to create your own video games with the Unity 5 Game Hacker bundle and save 89%

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If you want to learn to create your own games, there’s no place like Unity 5. This bundle will not only teach you to create a game, but make you an expert on the matter. Start turning your passion into profit, and learn this lucrative trade today.

Dive headfirst into 5 courses on this powerful game engine with 31+ hours of premium content for only $49. 

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the bundle: 

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