You’ll need a Nintendo Famicom to listen to this new chiptune album

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Chiptune music attempts to make new sounds using old hardware, mashing Game Boys with Garage Band to create tracks that feel ripped out of the 8-bit era. Typically, though, you still listen to these songs using modern gadgets: but that’s not the case with 8-bit Music Power. The upcoming album isn’t available as a digital download or even on CD or vinyl. Instead, it comes on a cartridge made for the Nintendo Famicom, the Japanese version of the NES.

The 11-song album launches on January 31st in Japan for $30, and features a range of composers behind some classic, beloved games, including Ape Escape on the original PlayStation and NES shoot ‘em up Star Soldier. And since it plays on a device that plugs into your television, 8-bit Music…

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The 20 best deals of Cyber Monday 2015

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Cyber Monday is here. Shopping is going to be a lot easier now that you’re away from family and sitting in front of a computer — the only tricky part is sorting through all the madness. Every store is running dozens (or hundreds, or thousands) of discounts, but not all of it’s worth paying attention to. We’ve sorted through the mess for some of the best Cyber Monday deals on some of our favorite products. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it’s the place to start if you’re in need of a game console, a 4K TV, a new phone, or just something fun to play with.


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It’s official: the next Bugatti hypercar is the Chiron, and it’ll be revealed in March

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It’s no secret that the replacement for Bugatti’s legendary Veyron would be called the Chiron — except that apparently it was a secret, because Bugatti just officially announced the name this morning. “Chiron” has been floating around in the automotive press for many months, so today’s press release just puts a bow on it.

The name comes from Louis Chiron, a decorated Bugatti driver in the formative years of the 20th century. Beyond the name, the company isn’t saying much about the car, although it’s widely expected to look a lot like the Vision Gran Turismo concept car revealed at the Frankfurt auto show in September: in other words, a refined Veyron with striking headlamps. It will feature a quad-turbocharged W-16 engine — like the…

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The Microsoft Band 2 Review

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At the end of October in 2014, Microsoft surprisingly released a late night press release about a new device they were launching. It was the Microsoft Band, which is a fitness wearable that was a key component of their Microsoft Health service. It was their first real wearable, and it was packed with sensors to track everything from your heart rate to your sleep quality. At the Microsoft devices event in NYC on October 6th, Microsoft announced an updated version of the Band, known as Band 2. Its goal is to provide even more health insights, while being more comfortable and stylish than the original Band.

More people chose to shop online than in-store this Thanksgiving weekend

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America is getting tired of buying things the old-fashioned way, with more consumers shopping online than in-store over the Thanksgiving weekend, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Consumers spent some $4.45 billion online on Thursday and Friday, says Adobe, with shopping on mobile devices more popular than ever before. Browsing on tablets and smartphones accounted for 57 percent of online shopping traffic, reports IBM, overtaking desktop devices for the first time. The most popular items included Apple’s iPad Air 2, Samsung 4K TVs, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Sony’s PS4.

Consumers cited avoiding crowds, saving time, and finding better bargains online as reasons for avoiding stores, says the Consumer Technology Association…

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Hunger Games wins Thanksgiving box office ahead of Pixar and Creed

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Black Friday sales have been declining over the past few years, so it’s only natural that some of the money that remains in consumer pockets has gone on movie tickets. What’s better on family holidays than to sit in a darkened room where nobody is allowed to talk? While most in the US were probably stuffed from Thursday’s festivities, the movie box office was dominated by The Hunger Games, with Mockingjay — Part 2 occupying first place for the second week. In second place was Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, opening over the weekend to a big if not truly spectacular box office, followed by the hard-hitting Creed in the third spot.

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First Click: Amazon drones, Clarkson drones, and a preview of the week ahead

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Congratulations, you did it. You survived an event so sinister it’s been branded as “Black Friday.” How’d you do it? Did you hide yourself away in a cinema watching Creed, Pixar’s latest, or the new Hunger Games? Or maybe you phoned it in with Erykah Badu’s new mixtape? Regardless of how you coped, you’ve woken up to “Cyber Monday,” the day you do your holiday shopping online… exactly like every other day. Nevertheless, we’ll be wrapping up all the best deals for you shortly.

It’s bound to be a slow week in tech now that most of this year’s product announcements are available to purchase. Still, there will be plenty of new releases on the entertainment front.

Rihanna’s 8th studio album Anti is expected to debut any day now. As of 10AM…

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TechCrunch Disrupt London Is Next Week — Here Are Our Battlefield Judges

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disrupt-london-2015-green-1050 TechCrunch Disrupt London is next week! (December 7th-8th, Agenda, Tickets). The conference will see our now traditional set-up of a single stage and a Startup Alley. We like to keep things simple! We’ll start each day with panels and one-on-one discussions featuring TechCrunch writers and editors, special guest speakers, leading venture capitalists and entrepreneurs addressing the issues… Read More

Cyber Monday just got smart: save 25% off all eLearning in the Boing Boing Store

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Celebrate Cyber Monday with some brain food. Save on any eLearning deal in the Boing Boing Store today using coupon code: CYBERMONDAY25. Below are a couple of our favorite eLearning offers: 

eduCBA Tech Training Bundle: Lifetime Subscription:

Welcome to your personal online classroom, where you can finally study at your own pace, on your own time (and pajamas are encouraged). With more than 500 courses currently offered, and more coming, eduCBA delivers course on all things tech. From coding to design, one purchase will grant you access to endless growth potential in the field of your choice. Never stop adding more skills to your toolbox— get lifetime access to eduCBA’s growing library.



Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle:

Give your company a competitive advantage, and yourself a career boost by mastering business intelligence techniques and software. This is no mere introduction–this is 130+ courses on everything you need to know to handle data like a pro.

Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification:

Skip the technical jargon and get right to taking amazing, professional-quality photos with this complete training. The Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course includes 22 modules filled with tutorials on how to profit off of your photography, or simply capture your memories in the manner they deserve.

Amazon Web Services Certification Bundle:

Companies are choosing cloud computing as their tech solution. Why? Flexibility, convenience, and enormous amounts of money saved.  Be at the forefront of this rapidly expanding industry by gaining two certifications that say to potential employers “you need me on your team, now.”

Project Management Certification Bundle:

No matter your career path, project management skills will fuel your growth and success. Dive into 6 detailed courses to work towards passing this globally-recognized certification!

Interactive Coding Bootcamp:

Become a job-ready developer by building a portfolio of real-world apps and interacting 1-on-1 with the best mentors in the field. This training is as robust as it gets, including live instruction and job-hunting assistance, on top of 33+ hours of top-notch video courses (some from Stanford, Harvard, etc.).



Swatch partners with Visa to bring NFC payments to its analog smartwatch

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Swatch has announced that it’s bringing contactless payments to its forthcoming Bellamy smartwatch in the US next year. The Swiss company, which is the largest watchmaker in the world by revenue, originally unveiled the analog Bellamy in China this October. The watch doesn’t connect to the internet, but uses a near-field communication chip (NFC) to make payments at contactless terminals. Swatch has already signed an agreement with China’s only domestic bank card company, the state-run UnionPay, but has now struck a deal with Visa to bring the Bellamy’s “pay-by-the-wrist” function to the the US, Brazil, and Switzerland.

Swatch says the Bellamy will be available to consumers in “early 2016,” but has yet to announce specific launch dates….

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Star Wars hype comes full circle with these new retro posters

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Things that have appeared in promotional material for Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

  • X-Wings
  • Han Solo
  • TIE fighters
  • Princess Leia
  • Stormtroopers
  • The Millennium Falcon
  • A shadowy bad dude with a black cloak and a red lightsaber
  • Star Destroyers
  • A mysterious spherical battle station that could conceivably bring death to stars

Things that have not appeared in promotional material for Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

  • Battle droids
  • Naboo
  • Midichlorians
  • Clone troopers
  • Pod racing
  • The word “younglings”
  • Jar Jar Binks*

So while we can’t yet know whether The Force Awakens will be an empire-strikingly triumphant return to form for Star Wars, it’s clear that Disney really, really wants you to think of it a true successor to the…

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The New Wave Of Selling On Mobile And Social

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mobile-ecommerce-shopping The holiday season is here, and shoppers and merchants alike are gearing up for the busiest shopping season of the year. How will technology impact retail this season, and what’s new in 2015 about the ancient “art of the sale”? eMarketer predicts a happy holiday season for retailers this year, with US retail sales in the months of November and December increasing 5.7 percent… Read More

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