Lobster, The Marketplace For User-Generated Content, Strikes A Deal With YouTube

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youtube Lobster, the platform for licensing user-generated content on social networks, has today announced their biggest partnership to date by way of YouTube. Now, users can request a license to download and use YouTube videos from their contributors for a flat, one-time fee. As it stands now, media, creative and advertising agencies are stuck using creative commons content (that, let’s face… Read More

The TC Meetup + Pitch-Off In Denver Goes Down Tonight!

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meetupsjordan It’s here! October, and also, the TC Meetup + Pitch-Off in Denver.
The TC Meetup + Pitch-off is a hoot of an event, with local startups participating in a rapid-fire pitch-off, with exactly 60 seconds to show off their wares to a panel of expert VC judges. After each pitch, the judges hold a quick Q&A and when all the pitches have concluded, they determine a winner.
First place… Read More

TechCrunch Giveaway: SMART kapp 42

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SMART kapp 42 with laptop SMART kapp is giving away one of its smart, modern dry-erase boards to a TechCrunch reader.
What is SMART kapp? Glad you asked.

SMART kapp is a smart whiteboard (a $899 value) that lets you save and share content via an app.
Using the SMART kapp is like taking the simplicity of a regular dry-erase marker and whiteboard, combined with an app.
This 42″ device is like a… Read More

Rhapsody Targets Parents With Launch Of A Music Streaming Service For Kids

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001 As the demand for digital music streaming services heats up, thanks in large part to Spotify’s traction and Apple’s more recent entry into the market, a number of competitors are working to differentiate themselves from the pack. In the case of the 14-year old Rhapsody, the company is today is going after moms and dads by launching a new service which claims to be the first-ever… Read More

Chewing On Life’s Big Questions With Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake

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maxresdefault SoulPancake is one of the more popular channels on YouTube boasting 1.5 million subscribers and more than 210 million views. Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute from the Office) founded the platform in 2009 with the slogan “Chew on life’s big questions.”
The idea behind the platform is to get us thinking about life’s deeper meanings on love, faith, and death – and… Read More

Margaret Cho and Bob Mould in email conversation

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As part of California Sunday’s “The Thread” series, I asked comedian/actress Margaret Cho and punk pioneer Bob Mould, who are old pals, to have an email conversation about whatever’s on their mind. They talked about the changing face of San Francisco, marriage equality, and THC sex lube! From California Sunday:

From: Margaret Cho
To: Bob Mould

Hi Bob! Spending every major holiday together at the end of last year made me think that we’d continue into 2015 — but I realize I haven’t seen you at all! Let’s see, we did Thanksgiving and Christmas at your beautiful home in San Francisco — both occasions where I ate far more than I ever intended — then a fabulous New Year’s Eve show together in Chicago. It’s said that whatever you do on New Year’s Eve is what you’ll do for the entire year, and so I just assumed my year would include you, but it hasn’t!

I must say, I spent much more time with you in 2014, when our friend Jim Short made an animated film of Fred Armisen and me doing our best Bob Mould impressions and you giving your impressions of our impressions — and when we played “See a Little Light” in front of the Larkin Street Youth Center as part of my homeless outreach project #berobin, which celebrated Robin Williams, his philanthropy, and his love of street performance.

I didn’t see you in 2015, but I did see your band, Jason Narducy and Jon Wurster, whom I brazenly stole to back me for my new Showtime special, psyCHO. I had such an electric time performing with them at your tribute show at the Disney Concert Hall. Wasn’t that a crazy night?!!! All of us doing your songbook — Dave Grohl, Ryan Adams, The Hold Steady, No Age, and Britt Daniel — and I don’t know if you knew, but Neil Hamburger was also there to offer me emotional counsel because I was far too excited to sing “Your Favorite Thing” with Jason, Jon, and Grant-Lee Phillips.
It’s the right song because you are my favorite rock star!

I hope everything is amazing, and I’d love to do Thanksgiving and Christmas again, but I’ll be on tour myself, all over the place — Honolulu to Warsaw! Perhaps New Year’s Eve?????

From: Bob Mould
To: Margaret Cho

Margaret! It’s been a while since we’ve been able to hang out! Yes, we certainly spent much more time together in 2014. I have the fondest memories of our holiday get-togethers. Christmas was a riot — many of my friends who were there still regale me with the stories you told. The most popular one was about a sensual lubricant that might have contained THC? I don’t think I was in the room when the story started, but I walked in for the end of it, which had something to do with analgesic qualities. I was also happy when you were reunited with an old friend (a new acquaintance of mine via my next-door neighbor). I guess that’s the way San Francisco used to be (and apparently still can be) — those random reunions that can’t be planned.

You and I have waxed nostalgic about “old” San Francisco, especially the punk rock days of the ’80s. I remember my first trip there in July/August 1981. I was a wild punk rock kid from Minnesota, touring around North America in a pimped-out van my late father drove out to me from my childhood home in northern New York State. My bandmates in Hüsker Dü and I spent two weeks camped out at Jello Biafra’s spacious apartment near Dolores Park. We lived on Biafra’s generosity and on food stamps that bought us lots of generic items at the Safeway on Market.

Fast-forward 34 years and things are so different in San Francisco. That van would look so out of place next to the gigantic, gleaming tech buses that pick up hordes of newly arrived tech workers in front of the Whole Foods that’s now across the street from that Safeway (which has actually been remodeled and feels a little suburban). All the clubs of that era (Mabuhay, Valencia Tool & Die, The Vats!!!) are long gone. You were there — what do you remember about those days? And what do you think of the incredible changes that are happening across the city?

The Thread: Bob Mould and Margaret Cho

Insider: Oracle has lost interest in Java

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There has been a lot of scuttlebutt lately about Oracle and a supposed de-emphasis on Java within the company. The rumblings are getting louder.

From the apparent dismissal of Java evangelists to an email alleging a shrugged-shoulders attitude about Java, Oracle’s commitment to the platform has come into question. This is happening despite a road map that commits to a modular Java 9 release in a year and a planned emphasis on enterprise Java at next month’s JavaOne conference.

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Grails gets cozy with AngularJS for better JavaScript

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The Grails Web application framework will be paired with the AngularJS JavaScript framework to help developers build SPAs (single-page applications).

Version 3.1 of Grails, due by the end of this year, will feature an AngularJS profile with targeted plug-ins and code generation capabilities for rapidly building SPAs, said Graeme Rocher, who leads the design and development of Grails.

“With front ends typically being created using native clients or JavaScript, single-page frameworks such as AngularJS have become popular,” Rocher said in an email. “Many Grails developers are looking to SPA frameworks to increase their productivity for client-side development of JavaScript applications.”

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Netflix and Lego will introduce two new kids’ shows in 2016

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Netflix is expanding its portfolio of children’s programming with two new series made in collaboration with Lego. Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One and Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship are coming to the streaming service during the first half of 2016. The series were announced alongside five other kid-oriented series, all of which are arriving on Netflix between the end of this year and 2017.

Netflix has been making a concerted effort to broaden their programming base with series like Dinotrux and exclusive licensed content from YouTube stars while prestigious shows like Orange Is the New Black and Grace and Frankie pull in adult viewers and Emmy nominations. Its partners at Lego are still trying to ride the wave created by last…

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Gogoro’s electric scooters just got a major price cut and a new, cheaper model

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Taiwanese firm Gogoro makes some of the most futuristic electric scooters we’ve ever seen, but they’re certainly not cheap. So, in a bid to attract new customers in Taiwan (where the company is running its pilot program), Gogoro has cut the cost of its current models and introduced a new, cheaper ride named the Gogoro Lite. Customers can now buy the standard scooter at NT$72,000 (around $2,199), while the high-end Gogoro Plus will start at NT$82,000 ($2,504) and the new Gogoro Lite will be available from NT$62,000 ($1,893). However, these figures include the maximum government subsidies available for each model (around NT$26,000), a saving that was not included in previous prices. We’ve asked Gogoro for the non-subsidized prices and will…

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Up close with LG’s dual-screen, dual-selfie camera phone

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LG announced the new V10 smartphone late last night, and we just got our first close look at the brand new device here in New York. It’s the first phone in a new series of “V” phones, and it comes with a fairly new design. Gone are the curved displays that the company has been pushing over the last year, and in their place is a bonafide 5.7-inch phablet. It’s the spiritual successor to LG’s G Pro series, and there’s a host of reasons why LG thinks this could be the perfect phone for people who need to do more with their device than the average user.

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An early look at LG’s new Watch Urbane with LTE

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LG has been making Android Wear smartwatches since day one, and it’s kept busy. It’s put out three smartwatches so far that run the year-old operating system, and as of today, it’s announcing a fourth: a second edition of the Watch Urbane. The original Watch Urbane was introduced in November to lukewarm reviews — it’s a pretty chunky device without a lot of style — but now the new Watch Urbane is here to address that and push the platform forward even farther.

This time around, LG has given the Watch Urbane an ever-so-slightly larger 1.38-inch display (up from 1.3 inches) with a higher resolution, of 480 x 480 pixels. Even with the bigger screen, the watch’s body is actually getting substantially smaller. The excess metal at the top and…

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Puppet Labs Announces Application Orchestration Service

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puppet-labs-string Puppet Labs has long allowed IT admins to manage and scale their infrastructure. Today, ahead of its user conference in Portland next week, the company is announcing a new product that will also make it easier for organizations to deploy and manage applications on top of their infrastructure. Puppet Labs Orchestration now allows Puppet users to model their applications and application stacks… Read More

Website Builder Weebly Gets A Revamp And Its First App Center

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Weebly Editor Weebly is launching the third generation of its product today, which it calls Carbon — CEO David Rusenko described it as the “first big step” in a new direction. Until now, Weebly has been known as an easy-to-use tool for building websites and online stores. It’s been successful too, with 30 million people creating sites on the platform, and 250 million visitors to… Read More

Amazon’s Supply Re-ordering Service Gets Integrated In Nearly A Dozen More Household Devices From GE, Samsung, Oster And More

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amazon-dash-2_large Amazon this morning a significant expansion of device partners who will support its Dash Replenishment Service – the initiative that enables connected household devices to monitor their supply levels and automatically re-order when those supplies run low. For example, printers can re-order ink just before you run out. Your Brita water pitcher can re-order a new filter as the old one… Read More

Last chance to grab gorgeous Wendy Pini art book

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Though famous as the co-creator and illustrator of Elfquest, artist Wendy Pini’s career stretches from 1960s zines to cyber-horror, with many strange and wonderful detours along the way. A kickstarter campaign is ending later today for three art books about her career, and I’d like to bring your attention to the one that isn’t going to have (many) elves in it.

Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini, a massive, deluxe hardback volume , is yours for a $50 pledge. Not everything in it will be Omni-esque retro space fantasy like the above and the below, but I’m hoping for rather a lot of that.

Only 500 signed and numbered copies will be printed, by art book publisher Flesk: 306 pages, 9×12 inches, with “premium quarter binding with special onlaid plate on the front cover boards with slipcase.”


The Kickstarter’s already surpassed its goals, but this is going to be the best of the set and it’s not getting quite the same attention as the other two volumes on offer.

Adds Elfquest co-creator Richard Pini: “This is stuff either no-one has ever seen, or hasn’t been seen in over 30 years, and never in print.”

Here’s the official blurb:

The term “line of beauty” describes, in one sense, a certain way of arranging lines and shapes in a drawing or painting to suggest motion, dynamic balance and grace. But in a deeper sense it can also speak to the visionary spirit that drives the creation of a piece of artwork. Whatever that spirit is, Wendy Pini demonstrates that she has had it from the moment she was delivered into this world. Given up for adoption at birth, she has been on a quest ever since for those things most of us take for granted—family, tribe and community. The search has taught her about love and loss and, above all, the power that comes from hearts and minds united in a single dream.

The title is an allusion to Hogarth, whose love of serpentine curves as the heart of structural beauty (cf. classical ratios) is echoed often in Wendy’s work.


Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini / Elfquest [Kickstarter]

This woman got mad that a restaurant doesn’t serve dog meat so she read an angry script at steakhouse diners

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The leader of this protest group walked into a restaurant somewhere in the US and asked the hapless restaurant hostess why “dog meat” wasn’t on the menu. The flustered hostess didn’t have an answer for her. The protestor then walked into the middle of the dining area and yelled to get the patrons’ attention.


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