Forget Self-Destructing Messages, Buzz’s New App Offers Self-Destructing Connections

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banner Today, there are a variety of apps to choose from if you just want to privately chat with friends or even place phone calls without having to give out your real phone number – for example, Google Voice, Burner, kik, Viber, Whatsapp and others are popular choices. But these apps aren’t fully private. Users still have to provide a phone number or email when creating an account, or,… Read More

Legion Analytics Offers A Pandora-Style Interface For Finding Sales Leads

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Jamasen Rodriguez, Sinan Ozdemir The founders of Legion Analytics say they’re offering a better way for salespeople to find new customers. The startup is part of Y Combinator’s new fellowship system, an eight-week program for “very, very early” stage companies who receive a $12,000 grant and fly in for office hours and mentorship. What’s wrong with the current lead generation process? CTO… Read More

This Nexus 6P bend test is horrifically unfair, mildly entertaining

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If you want a scientifically rigorous analysis of the Nexus 6P’s durability, this isn’t it. Please close this window and advance with the productive parts of your day.

But if you’re after a gruesome tech-destruction horror show, hit play.

The annual YouTube tradition of buying and then promptly destroying the latest and most expensive smartphones has extended to Google’s new flagship Android smartphone, and the results are not pretty. The tester in this video scratches the Nexus 6P’s display with implements of varying hardness to determine the exact point at which it starts to pick up scratches. He then takes a razor to the lens cover and a flame to the display before culminating in the bend test made famous by last year’s iPhone.


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Online Holiday Sales To Hit Record $83 Billion, Mobile To Drive Majority Of Visits For First Time

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Google Shopping Some big-name brick-and-mortar retailers have made the decision to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day, but that decision – nor all those Facebook pledges to not shop on the holiday – will make much of an impact on this year’s holiday season sales. It could be that consumers will just be shopping online, not in-store, as it turns out. According to recent forecasts, e-commerce… Read More

The Apple TV Is Now Available In Stores

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Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.42.40 AM The Apple TV, complete with a brand new remote and its own app ecosystem, is today available in retail stores. You can pick up the $149 set top box at your local Apple Store, and 9to5mac reports that Best Buy and Target are carrying the device, as well. If you’re ahead of the game, you likely already pre-ordered an Apple TV went they went on sale online last week. The new Apple TV… Read More

Cleveland’s Thinkbox Is a Big Bet on University Makerspaces

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Tool organizer at think[box]Earlier this week Case Western Reserve University unveiled thinkbox, their new seven-story makerspace in Cleveland, Ohio. A local high school follows their lead with their own makerspace in the works.

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Japanese pop-music girl group plays klezmer-inspired music

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Susan Delson of the Wall Street Journal profiles the Japanese sister duo Charan-Po-Rantan, featuring accordion music that “glides from klezmer to Balkan beat to zydeco, from French chanson to blues and boogie.”

The music of Charan-Po-Rantan is rooted in the accordion, not a common instrument in Japan. But it was the one that Koharu set her sights on when, at age 7, she attended a performance of Cirque du Soleil.

“I told my mom, I want that thing that stretches in and out,” Koharu recalled.

New trailers: The Peanuts Movie, The X-Files, Netflix’s The Ridiculous 6, and more

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It’s the end of October and time to watch a bunch of scary movies — just don’t expect too many scary trailers, I guess the window for that is over. This week’s trailers are mostly comedies, with some dramas and just a touch of spookiness thrown in. There are seven of this week’s most interesting new trailers down below.

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This is your next jam: Blood Orange, Weezer, Jeremih, and more

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Welcome back to The Verge’s weekly musical roundup. Jamieson is out this week, so I, Lizzie, will be taking over. Hope you like sex music!

The songs here are mostly good party songs, but there’s at least one pretty serious song and one weird long song that you probably only need to listen to once. Everything in moderation!

I hope you like me, I mean, these songs. Jamieson will be back next week.

Weezer, “Thank God For Girls”:

“DO YOU LIKE WEEZER?” the boy in the bar yells. Do I like Weezer? Do I like Weezer? Weezer is not a band one likes, Weezer is the musical version of a family crest — something you can use to identify yourself (as a person trying hard to maintain a delicate balance of despair and nonchalance) or something you…

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Jeremy Clarkson takes thinly veiled shot at BBC in new Amazon commercial

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Jeremy Clarkson’s headed to Amazon Video next year with a new car show that also stars his former Top Gear cohorts Richard Hammond and James May. But before that as-yet-untitled program launches, he’s doing a bit of advertising for his new employer — and trolling his old one in the process. In a new commercial that’ll debut during the Rugby World Cup on ITV, Clarkson has plenty of good things to say about Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. The streaming device has “everything you could possibly want,” extolls Clarkson, who admits he’s had a lot of time to lounge and binge on videos since becomingly “suddenly un-busy” after the incident that ended his working relationship with the BBC. While browsing through the Fire TV Stick’s content options,…

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Amazon Prime Music Adds Support For Android Wear, Offline Playback From SD Cards

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Amazon_Prime_Music_logo Amazon today rolled out a small, but useful benefit for Amazon Prime members who use the company’s Prime Music streaming service. Though the service already offered the ability to download songs for offline playback, it’s finally addressing one of users’ top requests: you can now download songs directly to your phone’s SD card, in order to free up internal storage… Read More

The Apple Pencil will need an adapter to charge from a Lightning cable

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The default way to charge Apple’s stylus for the forthcoming iPad Pro is a bit awkward. The stylus, otherwise known as the Apple Pencil, has a male Lightning connector hidden under a cap at one end. Users are supposed to plug the device in to the bottom of the iPad Pro and leave it sticking out like a little antenna. This isn’t uncommon for styluses and the Pencil does charge fast (30 minutes use after a 15 second charge, says Apple), but it’s not handy for every situation. However, according to leaked training documents published by 9to5 Mac, Apple will be remedying this by offering users an adapter, letting them plug the Pencil directly into any Lightning cable to charge.

The training document showing a lightning cable on the…

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