How hard is Angelina Jolie’s wig working in the trailer for By The Sea?

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Today the first trailer for Angelina Jolie-Pitt’s directorial follow-up to Unbroken was released. It’s a period piece set in the ’70s about a couple whose marriage goes through some turbulent shit when they relocate to the south of France. Did I mention that Jolie-Pitt and her husband, famous actor Brad Pitt, play the married couple? And that they, too, live in the south of France? (With a vineyard, of course; and I’ve tried their rosé, of course; because when someone offers you “Brangelina rosé” you don’t say no.)

To get into character for this emotionally taxing role, Angelina must partake in that most hallowed of Important Actress rites of passage: the Hardworking ’70s Wig. The load the HSW bears is no trifle: it must be ’70s enough…

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Ariana Grande and the Galaxy Note 5 just dropped a new music video

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Ariana Grande has a new music video for a single called “Focus.” This is its story.

SCENE: Samsung marketing team crisis management meeting after Drake performed the most viral song of the year whilst holding an iPhone in each hand.

Man 1: Okay I’m tired of negativity, let’s have some solutions.

Man 2: We just need to do the exact same thing but with a different celebrity, right?

Man 1: Yes, but who is famous other than Drake… Adele?

Man 2: Flip phone.

Man 1: Justin Bieber?

Man 2: He’s with Drake now.

Man 1: Ariana Grande?

Man 2: Yes, that is a person.

Man 1: What if she used the stylus and she wrote a sexy note on the Note 5… with the stylus?

Man 2: It’s called an “S Pen,” but yes, perfect. What if, and bear…

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In A Rare Move, Apple Discounts The Apple Watch With New iPhone Purchases (In Some Stores)

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watch Outside of the deals they give students and the occasional Black Friday hook up, Apple… isn’t exactly known for throwing around discounts. So here’s a wild one: Apple is experimenting with giving people $50 discounts on Apple Watches if they buy one at the same time as a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. MacRumors has the scoop, but here’s what you need to know They’re… Read More

The 2015 Extra Life gaming marathon – play games, help kids

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It’s fall and my buddy Marcus is at it again. The Extra Life 2015 Video Game Marathon is just a couple weeks away and gamers across the country are preparing to play for 24 hours straight, raising money for Children’s Hospitals in their hometowns.

Come on – it’s the perfect excuse to pull an all nighter and finish exploring all the HALO5 content, or finally get your Guardian up to 300 Light level. Do that, get a couple sponsors and 100% of the funds go to your local Children’s Hospital.

Join Marcus’ team TH3 M0TL3Y CR3W here or sponsor Marcus. I’ll likely join him for a few hours.

‘The Peanuts Movie’ to use Snapchat’s ad format that animates selfies with Snoopy and Woodstock

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20th Century Fox’s “The Peanuts Movie” will be the first advertiser to take advantage of a brand-new ad format on Snapchat.

The popular entertainment app’s tens of millions of U.S. users will be able to animate selfies on Saturday to make it look like they’re gobbling up candy corn as Snoopy dances…

The latest Homestar Runner Halloween special finds new ways to scare us

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The latest Homestar Runner Halloween special is finally here. But Strongbad and the gang are maybe just a little jaded about conventional horror. Zombies? Gore? Lame. Thus, Strongbad dreams up a brand new kind of haunted house, and its… unique. Instead of ghouls and goblins, you have dads in cycling gear even though they’re not even that into cycling. Shudder. The Brothers Chaps clearly put a lot into this special, with appropriate hilarious costuming and scary gags that might actually work in real life. Take a look.

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The Vergecast 177: Apple TV, universal remotes, and the joy of dropping phones

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It was a good week to arguing about the state of television, with both Apple and Roku releasing new content delivery boxes. A trio of original Verge editors — Nilay Patel, Chris Ziegler, and Ross Miller — are joined by Helen Havlak in the Hype seat. In between heated debates about universal remotes and IR blasters, our Fab Four find time to talk about HTC’s One A9 and — quite literally — toss around the new “drop-proof” Droid Turbo 2. Don’t worry, you’ll hear it.

We have a whole network of podcasts now! You can find them all in iTunes. They include the all-new Ctrl-Walt-Delete podcast with Walt Mossberg and Nilay Patel, which dives deep into tech; Verge ESP with Emily Yoshida and Liz Lopatto, which blurs the lines between science and…

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ESPN shuts down Grantland as it struggles with a grim financial outlook

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ESPN announced this afternoon that it was shutting down Grantland, the website founded by former ESPN star Bill Simmons, which mixed literary sports writing with wider coverage of politics and culture. The move will impact around 40 employees, and comes on the heels of cuts across ESPN that laid off another 300 employees. Why is ESPN, the reining king of cable television and still a very profitable enterprise, suddenly cutting its staff to the bone? The answer is that its long-term outlook has shifted dramatically in the last few years, leaving it with a declining subscriber base and ballooning content costs.

The current trouble at ESPN dates back to 2012, when the company was renegotiating its contracts with cable providers. It wanted…

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Sandra Bullock will star in a gender-swapped Ocean’s Eleven reboot

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Reboot fever is far from over in Hollywood. Indiewire reports that Sandra Bullock is now set to star in an upcoming reboot of Ocean’s Eleven, this time with an all-female cast. Hunger Games director Gary Ross is reportedly attached to direct, though details concerning the plot are being kept a secret for now.

The new film was reportedly borne out of a collaboration between former trilogy star George Clooney, Ocean’s director Steven Soderbergh, and late producing giant Jerry Weintraub, certainly a well-connected and powerful Hollywood trio. However, no release date has been announced and casting is far from over. Ross will likely start working on the new film after his next movie, The Free State of Jones, is complete.

Let the fan…

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Facebook kills off its experimental sidebar status updates

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In April, Facebook began testing sidebar status updates — quick, disposable messages that in some ways mimicked the carefree away messages of social networks past. But the company quietly killed off the experiment last month, Facebook tells The Verge. “We listened to feedback and learned a lot about how people want to use the sidebar to stay connected with friends,” a spokeswoman said in an email. “We decided to stop working on this feature — it’s no longer available and people’s sidebar will change back to the original experience. We appreciate everyone who tested the feature and gave us feedback.”

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The internet is so toxic it can’t even appreciate The Joy of Painting

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Twitch, home to lots of gamers who enjoy watching other people play games, just launched a new hub to showcase creative professionals. The hub’s marquee launch event is a non-stop livestream of all 403 episodes of The Joy of Painting — that warm, gentle, magical local access TV show starring Bob Ross. But Twitch made a big mistake. It took Ross, an earnest soul at the rank of Mister Rogers, and threw him into a pit with internet commenters.

Twitch chat, like so many other live public spaces on the internet, is often garbage. But I watched the Ross livestream last night for hours, and it was mostly peaceful. The messages that weren’t automatically filtered out were filled with inside jokes, innocuous emoji, and a mixture of ironic and…

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PewDiePie urges fans to sign up for YouTube Red to defend creators from ad blocking

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Felix Kjellberg, who goes by the online moniker “PewDiePie,” asked fans today to sign up for YouTube’s new monthly subscription service, YouTube Red, to better support online video creators. YouTube Red costs $10 a month, and Kjellberg said in a blog post on his website that smaller video channels on the platform are suffering due to rising rates of ad blocking. On YouTube, he noted that, according to his Google analytics, around 40 percent of users are utilizing ad block software when watching his videos. According to analytics company PageFair, which publishers use to measure the cost of ad blockers, the rate of ad blocking has risen 41 percent globally.

Kjellberg gained fame on YouTube through so-called let’s play videos, which…

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This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: GoPro, Sonos, And Flosstime

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gadgets151030 Another work week has come and gone, and today marks the beginning of a fresh weekend. And what better way to start it than with a listen to the old TechCrunch Gadgets podcast. We’re discussing GoPro’s disappointing earnings, the new Sonos Play:5 speaker, and the Flosstime smart floss dispenser. This weeks episode of the TC Gadgets Podcast features John Biggs, Matt Burns, and… Read More

Amazon To Exit Daily Deals With Closure Of Amazon Local

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amazon-local-shutdown Amazon is exiting the daily deals space. According to a message now being displayed on the Amazon Local homepage, the company’s deals platform is closing up shop on December 18, 2015. At that point, Amazon will stop selling deals via the website and in the Amazon Local mobile app. Customers who have already bought deals, however, will still be able to use them, the company notes. Read More

The Japanese cat collecting game Neko Atsume is finally in English

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Cat collectors rejoice: the cult favorite mobile game Neko Atsume has finally made its way to Android—and soon, to iOS—in English under the name Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector.

Originally created by the Japanese company Hit Point, the game had been available solely in Japanese since its launch, but the idea of collecting a coterie of cats in a digital backyard proved so adorable that it acquired a community of international fans anyway. Devoted players quickly created guides to help non-Japanese speakers navigate the menus, acquire fish and attract a wide range of kitties to romp around inside their phones.

“When we made the game we weren’t thinking about foreign users — we were only thinking about the Japanese audience,” Neko Atsume project manager Yutaka Takazaki told the Verge. “It’s very helpful that the community is helping each other out.” The English version also localizes the names of the cats to more typical English pet names, like Snowball, Smokey, and Shadow. If you’ve been holding out because the Japanese version seemed too complicated, now you have no excuse.


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