Google To Test Mobile-Optimized Web Pages In Indonesia

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google-search-android-phone-hand Google announced today that it will begin running tests of a new way to deliver search results to mobile users with slow connections. The company’s pilot trials will initially take place in Indonesia, a country where the Internet is playing a greater role in people’s lives – especially among younger users – but is still plagued by slow mobile connection speeds,… Read More

How Old Do You Look? Microsoft Built A Robot That Tries To Guess Your Age

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Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.38.34 AM How old do you look? Old for your years? Young enough that you get carded every time you try to buy a beer? Now, how old do you look… to a computer that does nothing but guess ages? As something of an experiment, Microsoft’s machine learning team has built a site that takes any photo you throw at it and tries (with varying success) to guess the ages of those it portrays. They say… Read More

The Worst Business Mantra Is ‘Spend the Company’s Money Like It’s Your Own’

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Make It Rain What do a teepee, cosmetic surgery and hot tub supplies have in common? They all appeared on corporate expense reports in 2011. Yes, it turns out that when companies tell employees, “Spend company money like it’s your own,” some people listen too well. When the average American household carries $15,611 in credit card debt, let’s face it: you don’t actually… Read More

Tidal launches new Discovery feature and promises to promote unsigned artists

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Jay’s new music service, Tidal, has come under fire for being an out-of-touch attempt to get some of music’s biggest names even more money. The star-studded launch event, where many very wealthy celebrities gathered to talk about why their music should no longer be free, rubbed many people the wrong way. But today Tidal is trying to reinforce its status as a platform by artists and for artists, launching a Discovery section that it says will make it easy for unsigned acts to reach the audience they deserve.

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Warby Parker Now Worth $1.2 Billion, Focusing On Building More Brick-And-Mortar Stores

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Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.32.11 AM The e-commerce eyeglasses retailer Warby Parker has raised $100 million to expand physical store locations from 12 to 20 by year’s end and to work on technology that will allow customers to conduct eye exams on their mobile phone.
Global investment management firm T. Rowe Price led the round, along with participation from Wellington management and from previous investors Tiger Global… Read More

Microsoft’s Project Oxford Gives Developers Access To Facial, Image And Speech-Recognition APIs

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How Old Do I Look? Microsoft quietly launched a set of new machine-learning APIs in beta under the “Project Oxford” moniker yesterday. These new APIs allow developers to add face detection and recognition features to their apps, as well as speech recognition with the ability to understand the speaker’s intent. The project also features a vision API for automatically categorizing images and… Read More

Should You Back A Kickstarter If The Team’s Last Project Failed?

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FlexPVA group of HAXLR8R graduates say that their modular electric vehicle development kit, FlexPV, will be able to turn almost anything into a motor vehicle. The Kickstarter campaign for FlexPV is replete with crisp graphics and slickly produced videos that show users clamping motor, battery, and control modules to a scooter, a bicycle, and even a […]

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NeonMob Is A Platform For Creating, Trading, And Collecting Digital Art

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Screenshot 2015-04-30 12.07.53 Digital art is gaining popularity, with companies like Curioos dedicating entire marketplaces to the medium, but the idea of scarcity when it comes to the internet is relatively new. NeonMob is looking to change the way we think about that with a platform dedicated to digital art collectibles. The company offers tools to creators so that they can build out a collection of art —… Read More

Nielsen Will Begin Measuring Video Ads On Roku

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Roku 3 Voice Search In further proof of the rise of streaming video services and the cord-cutting trend in general, TV measurement firm Nielsen today said it would begin to track viewing data and audience demographics across Roku’s 10 million+ devices, including its media players and Roku TVs. The move is being heralded as an industry-first by the two firms, as it will allow advertisers to measure… Read More

I Used 3D Hubs to Print a Phone Dock. Here’s What Happened.

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wedgeLast week, Make:‘s Matt Stultz wrote about the new collaboration between MakerBot’s design community, Thingiverse, and the Amsterdam-based 3D Hubs. Eventually, the collaboration could bring together Thingiverse’s 700,000 designs with 3D Hubs’ 15,000 printer locations — though for now, the feature is available only for parts developed by a handful of pre-selected designers. In March, I used 3D Hubs to print […]

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Marie Antoinette’s Watch: Adultery, Larceny, & Perpetual Motion

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John Biggs’ book about Marie Antoinette’s legendary timepiece is now available. I’ve been waiting for this for years (but not 200 years.)

Across continents and into and out of the hands of royalty, revolutionaries, smugglers, thieves, and the world’s greatest tech engineers, was Marie Antoinette’s watch, the “160,” worth an estimated $40 million in today’s dollars. Read the rest

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