Top Eight JavaScript Automation Testing Frameworks In 2019

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We are progressing towards an era of automation. Every company — whether it is a startup or a large-scale enterprise — is striving to incorporate automation testing in their release cycles as efficiently as they can; testing drastically reduces the effort involved in validating repetitive test scenarios. JavaScript is no longer referred to as a developer-only programming language. With the increasing demand for automation testing, JavaScript testing frameworks have emerged to fulfill different purposes. Some are fit for unit testing, while others are made for E2E(End-to-End) testing. It is no wonder that automation testers throughout the globe have become fond of these JavaScript automation testing frameworks.

The variety of JavaScript automation testing frameworks made available for automation testers has become a cause of confusion for many. It is only natural; the more options you have in front of you, the more time it will take for you to decide which JavaScript automation testing framework fits the best for you.