Fujilm’s New X30 Compact Camera Gains A Real Time Viewfinder, Second Lens Control Ring

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X30_Black_Front_Left The new Fujifilm X30 revealed today extends the company’s premium compact with new features that include a brand new electronic viewfinder that can provide real-time feeds of what you’ll capture when you hit the shutter, including exposure previews. There’s also a new tilting 3.0 LCD display on the back, and a longer lasting battery that’s good for 470 shots per… Read More

Funding Circle Buys LeapPay To Get A Jump On Loan Approval Times

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2903513401_d367bb3836_b Funding Circle, UK-based the peer-to-peer loans platform that recently raised $65 million for a platform that bypasses banks and lets small businesses connect with individuals for funding, is putting some of that funding to use. It has acquired a semi-stealth startup called LeapPay to speed up the turnaround time it offers on loans, and also to keep expanding its business in the U.S. Read More

Rogers And Shaw Team Up To Launch A Netflix Competitor For Canada Called ‘Shomi’

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Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.36.57 AM Canadian cable giants aren’t just going to watch their audience slip away to streaming services – two of the nation’s biggest providers have joined forces to launch shomi, a new subscription-based service that provides access to shows on-demand, with apps for tablets, phones, web, Xbox 360 and set-top boxes at launch. The shomi service will be available only to Rogers and… Read More

Ifinity Unveils Battery-Less Beacon Tech

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video_teaser_A Innovation in the beacon space — the micro-location technology that lets your smartphone trigger events based on how close you are to a beacon transmitter — doesn’t seems to be letting up any time soon. Polish startup Ifinity appears to be well on its way to solving one of the potential headaches of beacons: the need to periodically replace each transmitter’s battery. Read More

Republicans use cropped frame from Foley execution footage in campaign ad

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Bravo, Allen Weh! It’s not even been a week.


Weh, a Marine combat veteran and onetime New Mexico Republican Party Chairman, appears to be the first candidate this cycle to use Foley’s gruesome execution as campaign fodder, portraying the murder as one consequence of a rudderless American foreign policy mismanaged by President Obama and Udall.

Foley himself is cropped out of the web video, leaving only the stark image of the black-clad jihadist, clutching a blade in the Syrian desert.

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World Health Organization calls for ban on indoor vaping and fruity e-cigarettes

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The World Health Organization (WHO) today published a report calling for a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes indoors, as well as restrictions on e-cigarette advertising and sales to minors. The report also calls for regulations on the contents of e-cigarettes and raised concerns over the interests of major tobacco companies, which have begun to command a greater share of a market that saw $3 billion in sales last year.

Today’s report comes two days after the American Heart Association (AHA) weighed in on the debate, saying in a statement that e-cigarettes could be used to help people quit smoking. Health experts are divided on the benefits and potential pitfalls of using e-cigarettes, with some saying they could save lives by…

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Verizon announces initial rollout of VoLTE, HD voice for the “coming weeks”

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It’s been many years in the works, but Verizon is today announcing its first official rollout plans for its voice-over LTE, or VoLTE, service. VoLTE, which has already been launched in limited markets by AT&T and T-Mobile, utlizes LTE data networks to carry voice traffic, unlike traditional cellular networks that have different streams for voice and data services. Verizon’s launch of VoLTE, set to begin in the nebulous timeframe of “the coming weeks,” will be nationwide, unlike the limited rollouts by AT&T and T-Mobile. But the carrier is restricting it to select devices and requiring customers to opt-in to use VoLTE before it making it more widely available across its 100 million-plus customers.

Verizon’s VoLTE service will work…

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Zuckerberg-backed Panorama Teams With Harvard To Open Source Its Student Survey

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Exam Panorama Education, the Y-Combinator education startup backed by the likes of Mark and Pricilla Zuckerberg’s Startup:Education, Google Ventures and other notable investors, is today announcing a partnership with Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education that speaks to how the startup is evolving its core business model. The pair have teamed up to launch Panorama Student… Read More

Apple Patents Flexible Display Tech That Turns Screens Into Buttons, Microphones And More

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ipad-air-display Apple has a new patent granted by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider) that describes various control mechanisms that could be used with flexible displays, to replace components such as physical buttons with more durable and resilient alternatives, and to create alternate means for detecting sound output, providing haptic feedback and even performing other tricks like making it easier to open… Read More

OCZ ARC 100 (240GB) SSD Review

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OCZ launched the Barefoot 3 platform and the Vector SSDs in late 2012, and with their new direction OCZ has been trying to change their image to become a premium manufacturer of high performance SSDs rather than a budget brand. The Vector remained as the only Barefoot 3 based product for months until OCZ introduced the Vertex 450, a not exactly cheap but more mainstream version of the Vector with a shorter three-year warranty. Now, almost two years after the introduction of the Barefoot 3, OCZ is back in the mainstream SSD game with the ARC 100. Read on to find out what has changed and how the ARC 100 performs.

Spotify is finally free on Windows Phone

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Spotify refreshed its Windows Phone app earlier this year, but one important feature was missing: free ad-supported streaming. A new update today includes the missing feature, allowing Windows Phone users to stream playlists and music in shuffle mode. The update brings the app largely up to the same functionality as the Android and iOS versions, and Spotify is also improving the search experience and other “additional improvements throughout the app.” While the streaming is ad-supported, Spotify users can still choose to subscribe to Premium to avoid ads and sync playlists offline. The latest update to Spotify for Windows Phone will be available in the Windows Phone Store shortly.

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After leaving Microsoft, a glum Steve Ballmer binged on ‘The Good Wife’

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The Wall Street Journal has published a fascinating look at the post-Microsoft life of former CEO Steve Ballmer, who spent 34 years at the company before stepping down in February and later buying the LA Clippers basketball team. Ballmer reportedly watched 100 episodes of The Good Wife in two weeks at home in an “atypical glum mood” before deciding what to do with his new-found free time.

“Steve is my favorite. I would have considered a lower bid to get him as the owner.”

But once he’d settled on buying the Clippers following the fallout from racist remarks made by previous owner Donald Sterling, Ballmer was by no means confident he’d get his team. “Oprah? How do I compete with her?” he reportedly asked his advisers after finding out…

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PawTrack Is A GPS Tracker Just For Cats

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pawtrack3 With so many GPS pet trackers out there, is there room for yet more? The pet products industry is estimated to be worth $58.5 billion and there are more than 170 million pet dogs and cats in the U.S. alone, and as long as pets keep getting lost, companies will keep figuring out ways to help frantic owners find them. One of them is Pawtrack, which makes a GPS collar specifically for cats. Read More

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