Apple Explores Ways To Automate Notifications And Alarms Based On Feedback From Wearables

health_hero Apple had some new patent applications related to wearables published today (via AppleInsider) and they all deal with a system in which the iPhone acts as a hub that collects data from sensors in wristbands and other types of accessories to automatically track user activity level and set alarms, notifications, and other device settings based on what it sense about a device owner’s… Read More

Twitter Acquires SnappyTV To Expand Offerings For Live Media Partners

snappytv-twitter Twitter announced today that it is acquiring SnappyTV, the service for clipping, editing and sharing clips from live broadcasts in near real-time. Already, Twitter says that it works with SnappyTV with a range of its broadcast and media partners, and this will help it continue to invest in those partnerships and support that important client group. SnappyTV has helped Twitter provide video of… Read More

Netflix Signs Exclusive Deal With Chelsea Handler For 2016 Talk Show

chelseahandler Netflix has just announced an exclusive deal with the beautiful and brilliant Chelsea Handler for an upcoming series of talk show programming featuring the comedienne herself, of course. Both the network and Handler are keeping mum about how the show will be formatted, but they did explicitly state that it will “still encompass Chelsea’s unfiltered opinions on topical… Read More

A first look inside the ambitious Harry Potter theme park opening next month

Muggles of every stripe will soon be able to visit Diagon Alley and partake in the wizarding world’s commercial wonders. The new expansion to Universal Orlando’s Harry Potter-themed area comes replete with iconic locations like Ollivander’s wand shop and The Leaky Cauldron. Frothing mugs of Butterbeer and plushies modelled after the franchise’s more recognizable creatures will of course be available for impulse buyers. And for those looking to add magic into their lives, “interactive wands”…

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Apple Literally Brings Some Muscle To Mobile Camera Lens Design In New Patent

iPhone-5s-camera-flash Apple has a new patent (via AppleInsider) that describes something somewhat far-fetched sounding – an actuator for an iPhone camera lens (the part that controls autofocus) that uses artificial muscle material instead of traditional motors to change focus and aperture size. It’s not as sci-fi as it sounds: Artificial muscle material tech has recently become compatible with mass… Read More

Streethub Launches Its Click And Collect iOS App For London Boutiques

2cc Previewed last year, a new app hopes to entice people out of their homes to local stories in London, starting off with boutique fashion and gift stores. StreetHub’s iOS app lets shoppers either ‘click and collect’ directly from local stores, taking a rev-share on purchases or will delivery the item to their location inside 90 minutes.
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LinkedIn Launches Its First Standalone Job Search App

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 13.42.35 LinkedIn says that today 40% of its 300 million users access the site on mobile devices, so its bid to tap into the wave of users accessing the site via smartphones and tablets continues apace: today the company is launching LinkedIn Job Search, an iOS app that will let people search and apply for jobs on the social network. This is LinkedIn’s first standalone app dedicated to… Read More

Puppet Labs Raises $40M More To Take Its IT Automation Business Global

11189803153_2a7421916d_b Puppet Labs, whose IT automation software is used by the likes of Google, Twitter, Salesforce and AT&T among 18,000 others, is today announcing another $40 million in venture backing, money that it will be investing in “engineering, product and international expansion,” CEO and founder Luke Kanies tells TechCrunch.
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The 10 best designs for the Moto 360 watch face

While Motorola prepares for the release of its Moto 360 smartwatch this summer, hundreds of designers have been battling it out in a contest to win one of the Android Wear-powered devices. A total of 1300 entries have been submitted to a panel of judges in the competition, providing some stunning examples of watch face design for this very modern smartwatch. With a judging panel full of Motorola’s UX and UI designers for Moto 360, and even its design chief Jim Wicks, it’s not an easy…

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Why is Node.js so Popular?

I am pretty sure you have heard about Node.js. Basically EVERYONE is talking about it right now; everyone wants to learn it, web development trends seem to be moving towards it and even huge sites like LinkedIn, eBay and PayPal have their entire infrastructure based on it.
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Basically EVERYONE is talking about it right now….

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