This good-looking bracelet has a phone charger hidden inside

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Most wrist-bound devices are designed to take your hands and eyes off your phone, to allow you to use it less. But the QBracelet wants you to use it more — or at least longer. Inside the bracelet’s clasp, there’s either a Micro USB or Lightning connector, which Q Designs (the new company behind the bracelet) says will give you 60 percent more charge on your device. When you’re in a pinch, just take off your bracelet and plug it in. The $99 ($79 if you pre-order) metal band comes in brushed and matte black, polished and matte silver, and polished gold, and to most people it won’t look like much — at least not until you stick it into your cellphone.

Q Designs is but the latest company to try to find a little more utility in fashion. Its…

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From the electrophone to Beats: check out this interactive history of the headphone

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Did you know that the first headphone was invented back in the 1890s? Since then, headphones have evolved and developed into the personal audio devices we all use today. Headphone maker Ligo has put together an interactive guide to the 120-year history of the headphone, complete with period-correct background music for each decade. Plug in your own headphones and take trip through the history of tuning out everyone around you.

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Square Announces Analytics Tools For Merchants

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Square Analytics With competition in mobile payments heating up, Square continues to expand its offerings for small businesses to other areas where local merchants are missing out compared to big retailers and franchises. Today the company is launching Square Analytics, a set of tools that tie in to its suite of register tools, which already includes Inventory, Invoices, and the recently launched Appointments. Read More

FeeX Raises $6.5M Series B To Identify Hidden Fees In Users’ Retirement Accounts

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money FeeX, a service that helps users find and avoid hidden fees in their retirement accounts, announced today that it has raised $6.5 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Horizons Ventures, with participation by returning investor Blumberg Capital. This brings FeeX’s total funding so far to $9.6 million. Read More

Ferguson’s “free speech zone” is a padlocked no-man’s-land

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Man arrested for briefly failing to keep moving #Ferguson/Jon Swaine/@jonswaine

The ACLU was denied an emergency injunction against Ferguson’s cops’ illegal “no standing on the sidewalk” rule because Ferguson promised to erect a “free speech zone,” but the only thing on that site is a fenced-off, locked-up pen that no one is allowed to use.
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Apple Patents A Way For Your iPhone To Remember Where You Parked Your Car

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carplay 2 Apple has a new patent application (via AppleInsider) that could indicate some additional functionality it’s building for its automotive-focused mobile features – the tech described offers a way for your iPhone to automatically record where you park your car, and then provide directions back to the vehicle, even if you have only intermittent GPS signal or any cell reception. The… Read More

European Facebook Class Action Suit Attracts 60K Users As It Passes First Court Hurdle

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class_action_app_english Some developments around the class action suit filed against Facebook in Europe earlier this month over alleged privacy violations: the Austria-based Europe vs Facebook group organising the suit says that the Vienna Regional Court, where the suit was filed, has reviewed the case and has now given Facebook Ireland four weeks to respond. Ireland is the HQ for Facebook’s… Read More

Cross-Platform Development Platform Xamarin Raises $54M Series C

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xamarin_monkey Xamarin, the popular service for building cross-platform native applications, today announced that it has raised a $54 million Series C round led by a combination of new and existing investors. As far as we are aware, that’s the largest round ever raised by a mobile app development platform. The company tells me that the biggest new investor in this round is Insight Venture Partners. All… Read More

Alfresco Raises A Fresh $45M To Fuel Open-Source Enterprise Content Management

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Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.22.21 Alfresco, an open source, enterprise content management startup, is today announcing a new round of funding of $45 million —  a Series D round that is more than twice as big as all of its previous rounds put together. The UK-based company competes against legacy services like Documentum (which was co-founded by one of Alfresco’s co-founders, John Newton) and Sharepoint to help… Read More

Soundcloud Launches Ad Platform And Preps Ad-Free Subscription Service

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OSC_Master_v01 Soundcloud has launched advertising on the platform for the first time. It’s understood that it will also start a new paid subscription service in the “coming months” to let listeners opt out of ads. It also appears to be in licensing talks with music labels over royalty payments and potential equity stakes – luring labels with promises of revenues and equity,… Read More

Spotify Pushes Popular Playlists With A New Tastemaker Tab

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Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 17.13.52 Spotify, now with 40 million users, looks like it’s adding another new feature that it hopes will help get the long tail of those registered music listeners more active on its platform. A tab has appeared called “Tastemakers” — a list of people whose names may not at all be familiar to you, but who have achieved some kind of popularity already on Spotify for… Read More

MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 3K Review

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MSI has several lines of gaming notebooks catering to different types of users. At the high-end is the GT series that supports the fastest mobile CPUs and GPUs while the GE series caters more towards the cost-conscious buyers. Somewhere in the middle is the GS line, which offers similar (or slightly higher) specifications to the GE series but delivers everything in a refined and more attractive chassis. Read on to find out how the GS60 with a 3K display compares to the other gaming laptops.

Geek Reading August 20, 2014

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I have talked about human filters and my plan for digital curation. These items are the fruits of those ideas, the items I deemed worthy from my daily reading. These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques. You will note that some of the formatting has changed, and that is due to the change in my process.

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