US National Archives To Upload All Holdings To Wikimedia Commons

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wikipedia Ever since the National Archives and Record Administration launched the Open Government Plan in 2010, it has increasingly been uploading content to Wikipedia to digitize and gain a wider reach for its holdings. But all this time, uploading its digitized holdings to the Wikimedia Commons was a side project. Now, as mentioned in the 2014 Open Government Plan published earlier this month, the… Read More

Court Allowed NSA To Spy On All But 4 Countries

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EDWARD-SNOWDEN_2599507b A court permitted the National Security Agency to collect information about governments in 193 countries and foreign institutions like the World Bank, according to a secret document the Washington Post published Monday. The certification issued by a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in 2010 shows the NSA has the authority to “intercept through U.S. companies not just the… Read More

GE takes on Philips’ Hue with a lower-priced connected light bulb

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GE has been stepping into the smart home market, and its newest entry is a connected LED light bulb called Link. Link bulbs are basic, single-color lights primarily meant to allow homeowners to control lighting straight through a smartphone app. But more importantly, Link bulbs are also some of the least expensive connected options out there. The bulbs will sell through Home Depot and are available from just below $15 to just below $25, depending on the type. Because of its lower pricing, GE is calling Link the “first commercially viable connected bulb.”

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Texts and Facebook messages blamed for bank run in Bulgaria

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A coordinated effort to create panic about the health of Bulgaria’s banking system has led the European Commission to extend a credit line of 3.3 billion lev ($2.3 billion USD). That money is being used to stabilize and safeguard the country’s banks after customers received mysterious text messages last week urging them to withdraw funds quickly. Bugarian President Rosen Plevneliev and other government leaders have sought to avert a crisis by emphasizing that all money stored with the country’s banking institutions is safe.

Corporate Commercial Bank was the first victim of last week’s bank run, and withdrawals became so widespread that Bulgaria’s fourth-largest lender was forced to shut down and cede control to the central bank. Just…

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High-Skill Immigration Reform Is Dead This Year – Again

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Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 1.25.52 PM High-skill immigration reform failed to become law in 2013. The Senate managed to pass a comprehensive bill around a year ago that went precisely nowhere in the House. When the new year kicked off, there was some optimism that we could get something done. Misplaced optimism, really. With this Congress, having a positive outlook is something akin to masochism. Read More

Docker containers with Gradle in 4 steps

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Do you need to create a Docker image from your Java web app? Are you using Gradle? If so, then you are only four steps away from Docker Nirvana.

For this example, I’m going to use a simple Spring Boot application. You can find all the source code in my Github repository dubbed galoshe.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Spring Boot in action, then you’re in for a treat, especially if the words simple and Java web app in the same sentence make you flinch. That was certainly my long standing reaction until I took a serious look at Boot.

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Emojli is a chat app that only lets you send emoji

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Emoji is the true language of the internet, spanning all borders and allowing any dispute to be resolved through a series of tiny, bizarre, and occasionally incomprehensible glyphs. That makes it, perhaps, the prefect way to communicate over the internet too, and so the upcoming app Emojli intends to make it the only way to talk. On Emojli, your username and messages will consist entirely of emoji. As its creators put it, that means no hashtags, memes, or trolls — just pure, fun, weird communication.

At first, Emojli will only be an instant messaging app in the vein of Yo or Snapchat, but its creators tell us that Emojli could go elsewhere from there. They plan to launch in late July or early August, and you can already head over to E…

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Litecoin Slumps As Bitcoin Recovers Some Of Its Former Luster

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banker-bitcoin During the height of the 2013 Bitcoin bubble, Litecoin soared, crossing the $40 mark late in the year. Since then, mostly tracking Bitcoin, Litecoin’s value has faded. Today, you can buy a Litecoin for just under $9.
That cryptocurrencies are dealing with post-bubble excesses is hardly news. What’s more interesting is that Litecoin, which largely followed Bitcoin’s price… Read More

What happened to the man clinging to the back of a fast-moving car?

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North Carolina drivers were surprised to see a man clinging to the back of a car going 60 mph on a freeway yesterday. One family shot a video of the incident. “The family says they saw the man on the back of the car break the back windshield and climb inside. They say a woman was driving the car with a child in a car seat inside.” No one knows what happened to the car or its passengers. (Via Arbroath)

Google Glass will be banned from most UK movie theaters

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Google Glass went on sale in the UK last week, and it’s already encountering some pushback. According to The Independent, Google Glass will be banned from most movie theaters in the country, with a rule being put in place to bar them from theater auditoriums even when movies aren’t playing.

The decision was made by the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association, a trade group that says it represents 90 percent of UK theater operators. “Customers will be requested not to wear these into cinema auditoriums,” Phil Clapp, the CEA’s chief executive, tells The Independent, “whether the film is playing or not.”

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