Yelp users can now message businesses directly

Yelp has announced that its users can now message business owners directly with any questions or feedback they have. “While some customers prefer to pick up the phone, others would much rather communicate via a keyboard, so this feature adds one more way to reach out to businesses,” the company said in a blog post yesterday. If you’re hunting for information that’s not readily available on the listing page, a new “message the business” option will let you fire off a quick note. It also offers a last-ditch chance to resolve a bad experience you’ve had somewhere before posting a review about it for the whole world to see.

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Apple Adds A New Entry-Level iMac For $1,099

21.5-inch 2012 iMac - Front Apple has a new iMac model today, an entry-level machine that brings the price of entry to the all-in-one desktop to $1,099, or $200 less than was the case just yesterday. The new version has a 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive and Intel HD Graphics 5000 on board. Configuration options allow you to scale the drive up to either a 1TB HDD or Fusion… Read More

Moving Data From Cloud To Cloud, Zerto Raises $26 Million

clouds With the new $26 million late-stage financing for disaster recovery and data management software provider, Zerto, businesses can now join the meta-cloud. Zerto sells a virtualization service that businesses can use to port their data and work between private and public virtualized infrastructure. Developing its technology since 2009, the Herzliya, Israel-based startup has now raised more… Read More

LG 34UM95 Monitor Review

21:9 monitors have done a good job of filling a couple niche positions in the marketplace. For someone that wants a single display to watch movies and use with a PC, the aspect ratio can work well. With many games, the wider field-of-view enhances the game with more information on screen at once and a more immersive experience. Where they have fallen short is with their vertical resolution of 1080 pixels. Running two applications side-by-side makes everything feel cramped. For regular office work a 27” display for the same price has provided a better user experience, but what happens when we shift to a 1440 display? That’s what we aim to find out as we review LG’s new 34″ display.

How to Declare Modules in Node.js

This article was originally written by Edwin Dalorzo at the Informatech CR Blog.

One of those aspects of Node.js that took me a while to fully understand initially is how to properly declare modules. At first it looks kind of obvious and intuitively simple, but later, you realize you can expose different types of objects like functions, constructors, properties or entire object instances. So I…

Ostrovok Raises New $12M Series C Round To Expand Outside Russia, the Russian accommodation booking startup, has announced a $12 million financing round investment led by Vaizra Capital Russia, a fund backed by Vyacheslav Mirilashvili and Lev Leviev, co-founders of Vkontakte, Russia’s largest social network. The cash will be used to expand the service more internationally and develop the product. Previously, it had raised $38.6 million… Read More

Agile Decompiled: Pair Programming

Pair Programming is a practice which is associated with agile development but is in fact a practice from the Extreme Programming movement. If you are not familiar with pair programming then the idea is two people share a computer, mouse and monitors and pass control back from one person to another as part of the development process.
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