Canada’s music copyright extension will cost Canadians millions

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Michael Geist writes, “Randy Bachman found himself embroiled in a public fight with Prime Minister Stephen Harper last year when Harper used his song ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ as a theme song for a major speech. Bachman said he probably would not have granted permission to use the song, since ‘I don’t think he’s taking care of business for the right people or the right reasons.'”

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Microsoft Band gets more app integrations, smarter coaching

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Microsoft is today announcing an update to its Band wearable that adds integration with bike-tracking apps Strava and MapMyRide, as well as further insights based on the information captured by the Band’s various sensors. The Strava and MapMyRide integration follows the addition of a Bike Tile that came in February and lets users share their tracked rides to those networks.

The new insights are visible on the Microsoft Health Web Dashboard, a website that lets users review their activity captured by the band. The Health platform can now provide comparisons with other Band wearers based on height and weight, so users can easily see how they stack up. (Microsoft notes that this data is anonymized and is used in an opt-in program, so those…

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Marley Spoon, The Cook-At-Home Food Delivery Service Backed By GFC, Launches In U.S.

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BOX-unpack “I think more and more startups will take some portions of the massive billion dollar supermarket industry. And there are many ways into it,” says an upbeat-sounding Fabian Siegel, co-founder Marley Spoon. After debuting in Germany last year, followed by the Netherlands and U.K., the Berlin-headquartered cook-at-home food subscription and delivery service sees its U.S. launch today. Read More

Winklevoss Twins, Activate! Join Them For A Chat About Bitcoin At TechCrunch Disrupt NY

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winklevoss TechCrunch Disrupt NY is two weeks away and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss on stage on May 6th at 12:20pm. The pair will talk to us about their bitcoin investments, their new exchange, and bitcoin regulation in New York and beyond. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are bitcoin bulls and VC investors in bitcoin-based companies. At one… Read More

German Online Loans Platform Smava Raises $16M

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euros Here comes some more funding for a European financial tech company specialising in online loans. Germany’s Smava — a peer-to-peer lending platform where investors provide the funds to loan money to borrowers — has raised $16 million in funding led by Phenomen Ventures, along with existing investors Earlybird and Neuhaus Partners. Phenomen’s track record in… Read More

Has Lomography made the best instant camera yet?

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Look, I know today’s digital cameras are amazing. I know you can get 50-megapixel sensors, hybrid viewfinders, and see-in-the-dark video capabilities, and I know it’s easier than ever to share the stunning results. But there’s one thing these cameras just don’t do: produce a physical product right there on the spot.

For that, you need instant film. And while that used to mean digging your parents’ Polaroid out of the loft, these days you can go for something newer. If you do, that’ll probably mean going for something that shoots Fujifilm’s Instax format. Most of the cameras that use Instax are cheap, toy-like devices, but Fujifilm itself raised the bar last year with the gorgeous Mini 90, an instant camera that took cues from the…

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Makerbot’s Saddest Hour

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makerbot-mill In the process of growth, startups change. They change from scrappy three-person operations to behemoths with new employees rolling in daily. They go on hiring sprees and the founders no longer know the people sitting at cubicles outside their offices. Bigger companies – Google and the like – start sniffing around. And those changes add up – going from 50 mph to lightspeed is… Read More

Mesosphere Brings Support For Google’s Kubernetes To Its Operating System For The Data Center

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Screenshot 2015-04-21 at 11.13.31 Google would like its Kubernetes project to become the standard for interacting with large computing clusters and containers. Mesosphere, which also has a strong focus on containers, is trying to establish its technologies as the default operating system for the datacenter. At first, those two projects may seem as if they should be at odds with each other, but as both Google and Mesosphere… Read More

First Click: Tesla’s a battery company, not a car company

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If you didn’t know better, what product do you think a company named after Nikola Tesla would make? The inventor made famous by his pioneering work in the distribution of electrical energy, and infamous for his attempts to wirelessly transmit power across great distances.

You probably wouldn’t say cars.

Bonus points if you said “death beams.” As noted in Tesla’s obituary, the man claimed on his 84th birthday to have invented a directed-energy weapon measuring just one-hundred-millionth of a square centimeter. Yet even at that size Tesla said it was so powerful that it could destroy 10,000 airplanes at a distance of 250 miles and instantly wipe out an army of one million soldiers.

Jeremy Welch, cofounder and CEO at Chrg, says Telsa…

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Russia’s Is Selling Its Zappos Clone To KupiVIP

See the original posting on TechCrunch Some downsizing underway for, the e-commerce portal commonly referred to as the Amazon of Russia. The company has sold — the “Zappos of Russia” that it acquired three years ago — to online fashion retailer KupiVIP. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed by the companies. According to reports, they don’t sound great. Russian finance… Read More

Zomato Buys NexTable To Rival OpenTable And Yelp In Reservations

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Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.30.40 Just one week after Zomato raised a round valuing it at more than $1 billion and acquired a point-of-sale startup, the India-based restaurant services company has made another acquisition. Zomato has acquired NexTable, a U.S.-based restaurant reservations and table-management platform that competes against the likes of Priceline’s OpenTable and SeatMe from Yelp. The service will soon… Read More

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