Make A Bit Of Cloth With This 3D Printable Loom

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When the hackspace where this is being written created their textile room, a member who had previously been known only for her other work unexpectedly revealed herself to be a weaver, and offered the loan of a table-top loom. When set up, it provided an introduction to the art of weaving for the members of all different interests and backgrounds, and many of them have been found laying down a few lines of weft. It’s a simple yet compelling piece of making which  captivates even people who might never have considered themselves interested in textiles.

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The Swidget is a modular outlet that aims to customize your smart home experience

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There’s a new smart outlet on Kickstarter, and it’s modular. Smart outlets are a nice way to make your home automated without adding too much clutter, but they’re usually tied to a specific function or product. That means as soon as they’re outmoded, or if you want the smart outlet to have another use, you’re stuck buying and installing another one. Swidget’s modular setup is a smart, simple idea that theoretically solves this, making smart outlets future-proof.

The Swidget is made of two components: the outlet itself and the swappable inserts, which can be controlled via the Swidget app. Beyond the app, the company also has plans to make the Swidget compatible with Google Home, Nest, IFTTT, and Stringify.

In theory, these inserts could…

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Here’s the schedule for when Legendary Pokémon will come and go in Pokémon Go

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 Ever since the first Legendary Pokémon (read: ultra strong, ultra rare Pokémon that require groups of 10-20 players to capture) appeared in Pokémon Go shortly after the upset that was Go Fest, one thing has remained unclear: were the Legendaries here to stay? Niantic had multiple in-game events/bonuses running in parallel with scheduled ending times, and no one seemed to know if these… Read More

Motorola Unveils the Moto Z2 Force, a Smartphone With Double the Cameras and a Shatterproof Screen

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Motorola has announced a new flagship smartphone that will be available on every major U.S. carrier. Some of the noteworthy specifications include a nearly indestructible screen and dual rear-facing camera sensors. The Verge reports: The Moto Z2 Force is the closest thing to a flagship phone that Motorola has released this year, and it’s got all the hardware specs to show for it: inside is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. It runs Android 7.1 with a promised upgrade to Android O to come. That’s all standard fare for an expensive 2017 smartphone, and the Z2 Force is certainly expensive at around $720. It’s priced even higher on some carriers like AT&T ($810). This version is much thinner than last year’s phone, but that sleek design comes with a significant sacrifice in battery capacity; the Z2 Force has a 2,730mAh battery compared to the 3,500mAh battery in the old Moto Z Force. Between this and the Moto Z2 Play, Motorola sure does seem obsessed with slimming things down lately, and what are we gaining? Oh, there’s no headphone jack on this thing either. Be prepared to go wireless or live the dongle life.

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Latest Chrome update adds Touch Bar customization tools for macOS

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The latest version of Google Chrome (version 60, if you’re counting) is now available for Windows, Linux, and Mac — but the most interesting update for Mac is the addition of Touch Bar support for the newest models of MacBooks, as spotted by 9to5Mac. Chrome 60 now allows Touch Bar users to customize Chrome shortcuts by adding, removing, or rearranging buttons as they please.

You can find this setting by making sure your Chrome version is updated, then heading to View > Customize Touch Bar from the Menu bar. Of course, you can combine laptop controls, such as brightness and volume settings, with the Chrome shortcuts and stack them as you feel comfortable.

Standard Chrome Touch Bar shortcuts

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Blue Apron COO Matthew Wadiak steps down in post-IPO shakeup

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 Blue Apron announced several changes at the executive level today, including co-founder Matthew Wadiak stepping down from the COO role to become a senior advisor. Wadiak’s changing role comes after a painful IPO for the meal kit delivery service, which first had to reduce its original IPO price and has since seen a significant drop in its share price. Read More

USB 3.2 is the latest USB-C specification, because there weren’t enough already

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USB-C has long been touted as the universal standard that will save us all, a single port that can charge your phone, your laptop, your tablet, your Bluetooth speaker, and even your Nintendo console, all through a single common port.

Sadly, the future of charging isn’t quite that simple, with different voltage requirements, specifications for data transfer and power, and more all making it vastly more complicated to ensure that when you plug something into a USB-C port it will actually work the way you want it to.

With that in mind, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group — which counts Apple, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, and others among its members — just announced another USB-C specification: USB 3.2. It…

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This is probably your last chance to get an NES Classic

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Missed out on the NES Classic? Already eagerly looking forward to being disappointed by not being able to purchase a SNES Classic this fall? Well, don’t give up hope just yet. ThinkGeek (which is owned by GameStop) has just put up one last batch of the NES Classic on its website. (Update 3:35pm: The bundles are live!).

There is one catch, though: ThinkGeek isn’t selling the mini retro console as a standalone item for the usual retail price of $59.99. Rather, there’s a choice of six bundles ranging from $139.99 (which gets you the console, three canvas art prints, a Zelda jigsaw puzzle, and a Piranha Plant puppet) to $219.99 (for a bundle that includes a wearable Mega Man helmet, arm cannon, and mug). Still, even…

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How Lost Sphear continues the surprise revival of classic Japanese RPGs

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When Atsushi Hashimoto was a kid, he loved role-playing games. He’d settle in front of the television for hours, controller in hand, lost in quests full of magical spells and powerful evils. He was particularly enamored with the works of Squaresoft, now known as Square Enix, the developer behind 16-bit classics like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. As he grew older, classic-style Japanese RPGs largely went out of fashion, replaced by a combination of big-budget action games and smaller mobile titles. But Hashimoto never forgot about the games that helped define his relationship with the medium. In 2014 he had the chance to bring them back as the director at Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory studio.

Last year, under Hashimoto’s guidance, t…

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Some Android O apps will display incoming emoji, even if your device doesn’t support them yet

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Android users will no longer be able to blame emoji for misunderstood texts. Developers working on updating their apps for the upcoming Android O release can now build in support for “emoji compatibility,” which will prevent emoji from showing up as blank boxes when a user isn’t running the most current version of Android with updated characters. They’ll instead display the emoji through the support library. Google published a piece on how people can incorporate this feature into their apps. Although developers will ultimately choose whether they want to include this feature, it’ll likely be beneficial for them, especially if they plan to use new emoji inside their app.

It isn’t clear whether emoji compatibility is coming to Google’s own…

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ThinkGeek has NES Classics in stock — with a catch

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 If you want a NES Classic Edition (and you should) but don’t want to pay hundreds on eBay (and you shouldn’t), you’re in luck. ThinkGeek has a few in stock that its parent company, GameStop, mysteriously didn’t sell back when everyone was trying to buy them. They’re on sale right now, and will probably run out within an hour. Read More