The Picard sweater

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Chicago’s Volante (previously) bills itself as “streetwear for superheroes,” and I love their clothes. They’ve just released an addition to their existing canon of Star Trek-themed, cosplay-adjacent clothes: the Picard Sweater, a stretchy knit tribute to Jean-Luc himself, the perfect thing to wear while you’re watching Wil Wheaton host “The Ready Room,” which airs after every episode.

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Android users can now experience the joy of being negged by Co—Star

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Co Star launches its Android app

Co Star

Today I am going to get to the bottom of things and take myself out to dinner because I have an Android phone and there is finally an Android version of the popular Co—Star astrology app. The FOMO can now come to an end for Android users who have not been able to get the often snarky, always meme-ready insights from one of the most popular iOS lifestyle apps. The app launched today after much anticipation, adding a huge new audience segment to its loyal following.

“There were over 120,000 of you on the waitlist, and yes, we read every single one of your DMs and emails,” the company said in an announcement of the new Android app. “The truth is, Co–Star is just eleven humans, and we wanted to get it right.”

For the uninitiated, Co—Star is…

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Even pokémon are getting in on the ASMR mukbang trend

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The Pokémon Company has released two ASMR videos to kick off your weekend: one featuring a Charmander peacefully snoozing beside a crackling fire, and one with a Chespin munching away on some macarons. “This is a ASMR video for those who need a gentle Pokémon touch in everything!” the description reads. Headphones are recommended for optimal effect, so you can take in the full sounds of the crunching and crackling.

ASMR and pokémon are really a perfect match, because the tingly sensation I get from listening to soft sounds and voices are one and the same as the warm fuzzies I get from looking at cute pokémon. The 30-minute video of Charmander’s fireside slumber can be found on the official Japanese Pokémon channel. I’m bookmarking this…

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Vergecast: Microsoft’s Edge Chromium launches, NBC reveals Peacock details, and our CES takeaways

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The Vergecast is back in the studio after the holidays and CES. The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller get together to talk about the big takeaways from the Consumer Electronics Show as well as a few announcements in tech this week.

On Wednesday, we saw Microsoft release its new Chromium-based version of Edge across both Windows and macOS. The crew discusses whether this is the dawn of — you guessed it — a new round of the browser wars.

Then on Thursday, NBC hosted an event revealing details of its new streaming service Peacock, aka another participant in — you guessed it — the streaming wars.

All wars aside, these three friends are back together to put on an enjoyable episode of The Vergecast that you can listen to…

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Nvidia’s entry-level raytracing graphics card now costs $50 less

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Photo by Stefan Etienne / The Verge

If you’ve been waiting on a deal for Nvidia’s RTX 2060 desktop graphics card, the entry-level model in its lineup of raytracing-capable GPUs, an official price drop has been issued for the company’s Founders’ Edition model (via PC Gamer). It’s now $299 from Nvidia’s store, which is a $50 discount from the original price.

Admittedly, that’s not a huge price cut, and it’s not even the only RTX 2060 at this price point. EVGA makes a model going for this price, too. But the appeal here is that it now costs, at most, a measly $25 or so more than the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. While those cards are fairly comparable (they usually come within 10-20 frames per second of the RTX 2060’s performance in a lot of YouTube comparisons, and are…

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Get Early Bird Tickets To Construct 3D

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Coming up in early February, there’s an event that you shouldn’t miss if you’re into 3D printing, especially in academia. Construct3D is being held at Rice University in Houston Texas on February 13-16. At this event there will be talks, art exhibitions, and sponosr exhibits, all focusing on various additive […]

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Join Us Today For A Live Tour Of The Makerspace At Rice University

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Today at 4:30 pm CST, we will be joining the crew at Rice University to take a live tour of their makerspace! Simply go to our facebook page, youtube channel, or bring up this blog post to join in the fun! Since it is a live stream, you’ll be able […]

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3D Printing With Peanut Butter: Assembling And Testing The Cerambot

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I supported the kickstarter for the Cerambot last year, knowing full well that there was a chance my $350 was simply gone (one should assume this with any kickstarter). However, they delivered! I got my printer and now I have to put in the time and effort to actually print […]

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HP’s Back to Business sale means it’s time to upgrade your office tech

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Spring doesn’t officially start until March, but you might want to start your spring cleaning a little early in the office supply closet. You’re going to need the extra space.

HP is holding a massive “Back to Business” sale on a vast array of its gear. And when we say “gear,” we’re not talking about a few outdated printers and some toner. You can expect to take up to 62% off everything from high-end ZBook Workstations to premium laptops and printers

Given HP’s profile in the modern office, that’s a big deal. There’s hardly a workspace that doesn’t use at least some of their tech if not a whole suite of laptops, printers, and monitors, all synced up and doing the heavy lifting for your workload, day after day.

Whether you’re managing the hardware for a company or just your own business at home, this might be just the right time to replace or upgrade that equipment. We’re seeing deals like $750 off an HP Pavilion 15Z Touch laptop, equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor and 256 GB of SSD storage. Other laptops include an HP 340S G7 Notebook, fully customizable with a 14″ screen for just over $435. For laptops especially, you won’t find these prices again for a long time.

There’s also a number of printers on deep discount. For light desktop duty, you can get the HP Envy 5055 – easy to set up and capable of printing 10 pages per minute. That one is more than 50% off. Read the rest

This TheraGun alternative has warm-up technology built-in

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You can do all the pre-workout stretching in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’ll escape stiff muscles and nagging pain after a particularly grueling gym session. When those knots and their accompanying aches and soreness start barking, your options usually boil down to either a deep tissue massage or just grinning and bearing it.

Since no one wants to live with pain, we recommend option 1. And rather than spending up to $100 for a one-hour massage therapy session, the Evertone Prosage Thermo Percussion Massager ($149, currently 25% off) can work out all that tension and muscle ache on your schedule.

Originally designed for professional athletes, this Kickstarter-funded massage gun tackles tight, sore muscles with a combination of high-impact percussion and Theralite heating that breaks up stiffness and knots while speeding up recovery after workouts.

With variable speed settings and interchangeable heads, the Prosage Thermo penetrates muscle tissue with up to 3,200 percussions per minute, alleviating lactic acid buildup as it improves blood flow.

Meanwhile, the Theralite heating can either be used to warm up and activate muscle fibers before your workout or soothe pain and reduce spasms in muscle, joints, tendons, and ligaments after strenuous sessions.

The Prosage Thermo offers up a full body massage without keeping a professional massage therapist on staff. Right now, it’s also $50 off the regular price at $149. Read the rest

This website builder app lets anyone create a website with zero code

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We’ve all got a perfect website in our minds. In the past, the problem has been the barrier of language – specifically, the computer languages used to create those glittering, animation-filled pages you flock to.

Now, Mac users have an alternative. Blocs 3 is a website builder that can provide an easy visual interface for anyone to design a site without sacrificing clean code underneath it all.

Anyone can pick up this software and have their first page in minutes. It boils down and translates the code you need into pre-determined sections that can be modified in any number of ways. Add your own text and images, adjust the background and effects, plug in your links and go. These sections can be “stacked” like the namesake blocks of the program, making it easy for you to understand and work with the hierarchy of your site.

The end result will have CMS integration, server-side PHP functionality and all the user interactions you need for a business or personal site.

You can pick up Blocs 3 for Mac now at 60% off the MSRP. Read the rest

Tiny protest signs for your cocktails

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I’m absolutely charmed by Fred & Friends’ Pick-its, clever little picket signs made for boozy beverages.

Unite with your fellow party-goers to take on the establishment and CHOOSE BOOZE! PICK ITS will mix it up and make a statement with 12 clever sayings fit for any picket line. This set of 24 cocktail picks is perfect for your next martini march or spritzer sit in.

A pack of 24 (12 different sayings) is available for just $5.

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Ten minutes of collapsing water towers

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As an antidote to the madness and mayhem I subjected you all to with my idiots with chainsaws post, here is ten minutes of controlled demolition of decommissioned water towers.

This is a great example of professionals knowing what they’re doing as these demolition engineers land the towers between buildings, next to parked cars, etc. So many amazing things here: the crunching, booming sounds of the crashes, the great, billowing clouds of rust that plume from the tanks as they crack open, the grace (or not) of the descents.

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Watch the gloriously brutal trailer for Danzig’s horror movie directorial debut “Verotika”

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Famed “Mother” crooner and former ex-lead-singer of the Misfits Glenn Danzig has finally directed his first film, and of course it’s a horror anthology. The movie’s called Verotika, and while I’m slightly disappointed he didn’t name it Die Die My Darling, this absolutely bonkers minute-long trailer makes up for it.

The trailer doesn’t really tell you what the movies about, per se, but it definitely gives you some gorey, self-indulgent, eerily terrifying B-movie vibes—though whether it’s genuinely terrifying, or just terrifyingly bad, well, the reviews so far lean towards the latter. Alex McLevy at the AV Club caught the film last summer at the Cinepocalypse Film Festival in Chicago, and his review is a work of art in and of itself:

Within the first 60 seconds, a narrator pokes out a woman’s eyes with her fingers, and it works all too well as a metaphor for what this movie puts the audience through.


This wasn’t quite the willful misunderstanding of a Tommy Wiseau, but it wasn’t far off.


Glenn Dan-zigged where he should have Dan-zagged, and for that we should all be profoundly grateful.

Verotika will be available on Vimeo on-demand starting February 25, with a 3-disc collector’s set to follow in March. Read the rest

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