Dirty Now Does Cables

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PCB makers Dirty made a name for themselves in the prototype PCB biz, with a convenient web form and numerous options for PCB color, thickness, layers, silk screening, and so on. Now they’ve branched out into custom cabling with Dirty Cables.

You can design it yourself by dragging wires and connectors out of a sidebar and arranging them on a workspace, deciding which wire goes to what pin of the connector. Your choices for wires include various gauges and ribbon configurations. You choose a color (they have eleven) select connectors and drag those out too–choose from 17 cable-to-cable and cable-to-board …read more

Listen to your Body

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[John Miller] has the perfect response next time he complains about an ache or pain and one of his friends says, “You should listen to your body!” As you can see in the video below, he already does. Using two 9V batteries and some instrumentation amplifiers, [John] built an electromyography (EMG) rig.

If you haven’t heard of EMG, think of EEG or EKG, but for muscles instead of your brain or your heart. The LT1167 amplifier is well-suited for this application and even has a data sheet showing how to create an EMG circuit. [John] also used some more garden-variety …read more

3D-Printed Rover Rolls Light and Looks Right

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[Rick Winscott]’s RO-V Remotely Operated Vehicle instructable shows you how to make this cool-looking and capable robot. The rover, a 1/10th scale truggy, sports a chassis printed in silver and black PLA. It’s got a wireless router mounted on the back, and a webcam in a 2-servo gimbal up front. [Rick] made his own steering rack and pinion out of 3D printed parts and brass M3-threaded rods which he tapped himself.

The simplified drive system nixes the front, rear, and center differentials, thereby saving [Rick] on printing time, complexity, and weight — he was able to include a second 4000 …read more

Houzz raises a huge $400M round at a $4B valuation

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 If you ask investors in Silicon Valley about Houzz — an app where you browse ridiculously nice homes and check out interesting interior design ideas — they’ll probably quietly mutter that they’re just growing their business. We really don’t hear about Houzz’s business that often. Except now the company says it has raised $400 million led by Iconiq Capital,… Read More

A Goldmine Of Radio Shack Goodies Is Up For Auction

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Where did you buy the parts for your first electronic project? That’s a question likely to prompt a misty-eyed orgy of reminiscences from many Hackaday readers, if ever we have heard one. The chances are that if you are from North America or substantial parts of the English-speaking world, you bought them from a store that was part of the Radio Shack empire. These modestly sized stores in your local mall or shopping centre carried a unique mix of consumer electronics, CB radio, computers, and electronic components, and particularly in the days before the World Wide Web were one of …read more

Hackaday Prize Entry: A 3D Printer Management System

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Since the first desktop 3D printers, people have been trying to figure out a way to manage desktop 3D printers and turn them into tiny little automated factories. One of the first efforts was a conveyor belt build plate that was successfully used by MakerBot until it wasn’t anymore. Octoprint has been a boon for anyone who wants to manage a few printers, but that’s only half the solution.

For his Hackaday Prize entry, [Mike] has come up with a solution that turns a desktop 3D printer into a completely automated factory. Not only does this project take care of …read more

Relive Sonic the Hedgehog’s glory days with this eclectic remix album

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2017 is shaping up to be a big year for Sonic. Later this year, we will see the launch of two new games starring the iconic Sega character, including both the old-school Sonic Mania, and the more modern (and 3D!) Sonic Forces. With all of this going on, you may well be in the mood for a Sonic fix right now. Well, there’s good news: this week, video game music collective Overclocked Remix released a fantastic celebration of the series’s long musical history.

Called Speeding Towards Adventures: 25 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog, the new album features 23 classic Sonic tracks, remixed and reimagined by 30 different artists. As with all of the many OC Remix projects — which include everything from a jazz-inspired Chrono Trigger album to a…

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The Sony A9 inches the mirrorless camera market forward

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 Having a variety of prime, telephoto, macro, sport and the like, all with distinctive shooting characteristics is what give lenses their charm. However, Sony just took Nikon’s spot as number two in the full-frame camera industry — Canon holds pole position. Currently, only 24 full-frame E-mount lenses exist compared to the dozens that Canon has in each category. Still,… Read More

12-Foot Guitar Takes The Stage

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Musical festivals are fun and exciting. They are an opportunity for people to perform and show-off their art. The Boulevardia event held this June in Kansas City was one such event, where one of the interactive exhibits was a 12-foot guitar that could be played. [Chris Riebschlager] shares his experience making this instrument which was intended to welcome the visitors at the event.

The heart of this beautiful installation is a Bare Conductive board which is used to detect a touch on the strings. This information is sent over serial communication to a Raspberry Pi which then selects corresponding WAV …read more

The major difference between the Preacher comic and the AMC show has to do with God

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The big difference between Preacher the television show and Preacher the comic is that on the television show, the protagonist doesn’t walk with God.

Admittedly, that isn’t the only change. The television series, which launched in 2016, kept the characters and some of the conceptual elements from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comics series, but everything else in the first season is swapped around. The second season, which launches on AMC on Sunday, June 25th, is the point where it becomes clear that the setting isn’t what distinguishes the television show from its source material. The real dividing line is preacher Jesse Custer.

Broadly speaking, the 1990s Vertigo comic Preacher was a road trip adventure. The first season of AMC’s…

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Samsung Pay now supports Discover cards

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Discover card shoppers can finally use their credit card with Samsung Pay on their phones, two years after the credit card company announced that the card would come to the system.

A customer service representative for Discover confirmed that customers can now add their cards to Samsung Pay. Samsung unveiled its mobile payment system in 2015, and Discover announced at the time that support for the card would come in early 2016. However, that functionality was delayed until now, prompting some complaints from users.

Like Android Pay, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet, Samsung Pay use Near Field Communications to securely transmit the card information to a retailer. However, not all retailers have activated their NFC systems, which can leave…

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Headstart wants to better analyze candidates to fit them with the best jobs

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 Nicholas Shekerdemian has a pretty typical startup story: he dropped out of college, met up with a technical co-founder and then ended up starting a company. But Shekerdemian, who at the time was helping match English teachers with Chinese citizens, wanted to start a company that would solve his own problem: actually getting a job at a cookie cutter company where everyone else applies. So… Read More

Essential gadgets for throwing the best SmartBarbecue

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Every summer, when the sun is hot and everyone is drowning in sweat, barbecue invitations go out. While these get-togethers create the perfect setting to catch up with old friends, befriend your neighbors, and meet new people, they also highlight how important it is to have all the best gear. That way you can impress everyone with how you’ve married 21st century technology with the time-honored tradition of cooking hot dogs and hamburgers in 95-degree weather.

Whether you get stuck with grill duty this year, have to mix drinks, or keep running people’s phones inside to charge them, a large dollop of technology can make summer party life a little bit easier — or at least more exciting. (Plus, if you aren’t feeling talkative you can always…

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5 burning questions Blue Apron’s IPO is about to answer

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 Blue Apron will be going public in short order, kicking off the second big major consumer IPO of 2017. It’s nowhere near as big as Snap, but the company at the top end of its IPO pricing will be valued at around $3.2 billion as it looks to raise nearly $600 million. The company’s IPO comes at an interesting time as we approach the midpoint for 2017, which has seen a big wave of… Read More

Coinbase is reimbursing losses caused by the Ethereum flash crash

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 Earlier this week, GDAX, the digital currency exchange run by Coinbase experienced a flash crash in its USD – Ethereum market. Within seconds the price of ETH crashed from ~$320 to as low as $0.10. While the price recovered quickly, the rapid price movement caused many traders to experience margin calls or stop loss orders, resulting in potentially severe losses. While many initially… Read More

This butcher’s twine dispenser helps keep things in place

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This stand stops my spool of kitchen twine from rolling off the counter.

Years ago I bought a loose spool of kitchen twine. My cat constantly knocks it off the counter. I finally finished that spool, and replaced it with this spool on a stand!

Seriously a spool of thread lasts so long, I want a stand for it. I like to keep it on the counter, and not in a drawer.

Thoughtfully, this stand even has a string cutter on top!

Regency Cooking Butcher’s Twine on Handy Dispenser with Cutter for Meat Prep and Trussing Turkey via Amazon

Big discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S8, Steam summer sale, and more tech deals

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This week we already mentioned several big sales, including another T-Mobile BOGO deal for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Steam’s annual summer sale on popular (and sometimes not-so-popular) PC gaming titles. But we’ve also got some new deals to tell you about, the most noteworthy being eBay’s $125 discount on Samsung’s unlocked S8 and S8 plus, which is already only available at limited quantities. (So, you might want to act fast if you want one.)

Also! A reminder that you have three more days to take advantage of Amazon’s deal on the Echo Show, ending June 28th.

This week’s best deals

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8 stories to read while you wait for the next season of American Gods

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The first season of American Gods ended with a bang earlier this week, leaving us with a long wait until we get to see just what happens next for Shadow, Wednesday, and the others. However, like The Handmaid’s Tale, the show is based on a novel, and there’s a number of others about similar things: gods and magic.

Here are eight stories that you should check out while you wait for the show to return.

Image: William Morrow

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

The logical place to start with this sort of list is Neil Gaiman’s companion novel to American Gods, Anansi Boys. Charles Nancy learns that his father, Mr. Nancy (played by Orlando Jones in the Starz series), has died. Soon, he discovers that his father was the trickster…

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New trailers: Game of Thrones, Wet Hot American Summer, and more

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The last two movies I saw were Magic Mike XXL and The Invitation. The former is a tale of male strippers, friendship, and the danceability of “Pony,” while the latter is a terrifying, suspense-driven look at a (fictional) Los Angeles cult.

Where am I going with this? I have no idea, but Jake usually writes about the most recent movies he’s seen in this intro. I guess what these movies say about modern cinema is that there really are a lot of options if you ignore superhero movies.

In that spirit, here are eight non-superhero trailers from the week below.


Mutafukaz is the feature-length companion to a French short and comic book series. It follows a teen pizza delivery boy, Angelino, around the streets of the fictional Dark…

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