Hear what founders and investor say about CrunchMatch, a key feature at Disrupt SF

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 Scoring the right meeting at TechCrunch Disrupt SF used to be like finding a needle in a hay stack, But our CrunchMatch program makes it dramatically easier for investors find the founders they are looking for. But don’t take our word for it; Michael Kocan, Managing Partner of Trend Discovery Capital Management, told us, “I get the most value from Disrupt at CrunchMatch.  At… Read More

Medium will now pay writers based on how many claps they get

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Medium plans to start letting more and more authors publish paywalled articles. And to determine how they get paid, the blogging platform has selected a fairly unorthodox method: claps, which are, basically, Medium’s equivalent of a Like.

A couple weeks ago, Medium replaced its “recommend” feature — a little heart button at the end of each article — with a “clap” button that you can click as many times as you want (much like how Periscope lets you send broadcasters an infinite number of hearts). The site wants people to send authors claps to show how much they enjoy reading each article.

Image: Medium

Now, those claps are actually going to mean something. Medium pays authors by dividing up every individual…

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Uber’s new app features give its drivers more freedom to decline trips

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Uber is adding more features to its app that are designed to benefit its drivers. Now drivers will be able to set their arrival times and trip preferences, get notifications if a trip is going to take 45 minutes or longer, and set more preferred destinations.

Prior to this update, drivers could set two destinations a day, allowing them to make a trip only in a preferred area, which is supposed to make commuting to and from home more convenient. Uber has now increased the limit to six destinations.

Setting trip preferences means that Uber drivers can switch to making deliveries for UberEats, the company’s food delivery service, when car riding requests are slow. By getting a notification if a trip is going to take 45 minutes or longer,…

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Anker’s Nebula Mars portable projector review

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If you, like me, spend a lot of time shouldering the nagging anxiety of an ever-depleting phone battery, you’ve probably heard of Anker. The company, a Chinese accessory maker that’s grown into a consumer electronics juggernaut these past few years, is the leading maker of portable USB battery packs. But CEO Steven Yang has big ambitions: he wants Anker, with its reputation for high-quality and low-cost products, to be just one brand of many in a sprawling and trusted ecosystem covering every big electronics category. The company has already launched the Eufy smart home brand, and more recently it introduced the Zolo headphone line.

And now there’s Nebula. Anker is marketing Nebula and its very first product, the Nebula Mars portable…

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Google launches Chrome Enterprise subscription service for Chrome OS

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 Google is launching a new enterprise service for large businesses that want to adopt Chrome OS devices. The new Chrome Enterprise subscription, which will cost $50 per device and year, is essentially a rebrand of Chromebooks for Work, but with a number of additional capabilities. Even though the name would make you think this is about the Chrome browser, this program is actually all about… Read More

Google Maps suggests BlaBlaCar for long-distance rides

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 Google Maps on Android and iOS now has a new transportation option. If you’re living in a country where French startup BlaBlaCar operates, you can now open the BlaBlaCar app and book a ride straight from Google Maps. Google isn’t adding a new tab just for BlaBlaCar. Instead, BlaBlaCar appears as a new option in the public transportation tab. For instance, if you’re looking… Read More

Hulu adds Live TV to Xbox 360

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 Starting today, Xbox 360 will support Hulu’s Live TV service. Hulu launched the highly-anticipated streaming service earlier this May, which provides access to live television as well as Hulu’s library of original and streaming content for just under $40 per month. The service was originally available on iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV and Xbox One. However, Hulu added Live TV… Read More

ESP8266 Based Internet Radio Receiver is Packed with Features

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Have a beautiful antique radio that’s beyond repair? This ESP8266 based Internet radio by [Edzelf] would be an excellent starting point to get it running again, as an alternative to a Raspberry-Pi based design. The basic premise is straightforward: an ESP8266 handles the connection to an Internet radio station of your choice, and a VS1053 codec module decodes the stream to produce an audio signal (which will require some form of amplification afterwards).

Besides the excellent documentation (PDF warning), where this firmware really shines is the sheer number of features that have been added. It includes a web interface that …read more

Western Digital releases a massive 20TB desktop storage system

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Western Digital has announced a new 20TB version of its My Book Duo storage system, the highest capacity system it has ever made. The new RAID-optimized system features speeds up to 360 MB/s sequential reads, and comes with a USB-C port and two USB 3.0 ports.

The My Book Duo also comes with 256-bit AES hardware encryption to lock down all of your important files. At $849, it’s not exactly cheap, but you will likely be able to store all of your content in one location, and that may be worth it for some people. You can purchase the 20TB Western Digital My Book Duo from the company’s website today.

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The top 7 startups from Y Combinator S’17 Demo Day 1

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 A stem cell cryobank, self-flying personal planes, and an augmented reality data platform were amongst the highlights of the prestigious Y Combinator startup accelerator’s Summer 2017 Demo Day part 1. You can read about all 50 startups that launched today in verticals like AI and biotech, and check back later for the full list and favorites from day 2. For now, based on investor buzz… Read More

Nintendo adds PayPal support to the Nintendo Switch

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 Nintendo has added a new payment option for eShop purchases on the Nintendo Switch and on its website. Starting today, you can now link your Nintendo account to your PayPal account and pay for future purchases using your PayPal balance or any payment method already linked to your PayPal account. This update is only about the Switch. If you’re still using a WiiU or Nintendo 3DS,… Read More

Ali Alamedy’s startlingly detailed dioramas

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Enjoy this video of an Iraqi artist’s intricate and realistic dioramas, depicting city scenes from around the world, crafted in exile: “When I tried to make a tiny bellows for the old camera, it had to be very very small. Each fold less than a millimeter thick, and I needed about 124 folds.”

It’s presented by Veena Rao at The New York Times.

Mr. Alamedy was born in Karbala, Iraq, in 1982, during the Iraq-Iran war. At the time, his father was imprisoned under Saddam Hussein for political reasons, and Mr. Alamedy wasn’t able to meet him until he was 9 years old. His mother taught him to read at a young age and reading quickly became his favorite hobby, as well as a way to escape to calmer and more secure places. Mr. Alamedy credits the novels he read as a primary reason he started building miniatures, “to recreate some of those scenes just as I had imagined them to be in my childhood.”

Latch’s new smart lock can be unlocked with an iPhone

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Latch is introducing a new smart door lock today that can be controlled with an iPhone. It’s called the Latch C, and in addition to iPhone control through Apple’s HomeKit platform, it has all the same smart features as the original Latch door lock: a built-in camera to see who’s at your door, the ability to use passcodes and cards instead of a key, and a recorded log of who’s come through.

The Latch C is much smaller than the original Latch lock, called the Latch M, because it’s designed for a different type of doorlock. Where the Latch M was built for tall mortise locks, the Latch C is meant for simpler cylindrical deadbolts, which aren’t attached to the knob. That allows the unit be a lot smaller while still offering the same features…

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Sonic Mania is good because it’s simple

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One of the first things that struck me when I launched Sonic Mania is that it doesn’t have a tutorial level — and that’s because it doesn’t need one. After years of Sonic games piling on power-ups, abilities, characters, and weird bandanas, Sonic Mania reaches back in time, sheds that accumulated baggage, and returns to its bare-bones, 16-bit roots. The best part of Sonic Mania is how simple it is.

Instead of seeing how many gameplay mechanics it can stuff into a single game, Sega has pared things down to the bare essence of the series: running fast. Building and maintaining momentum are once again the focus of the game, and a dazzling mix of levels old and new are all built around that…

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The 16 best trailers of Gamescom 2017

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Gamescom — the massive video game convention that takes place annually in Germany — officially gets underway today. But for those of us not attending, there’s already plenty to get excited about, thanks to a deluge of trailers. Gamescom typically isn’t the place for major reveals, so few of the games on display are brand-new. But it’s still a great chance to get a deeper look at some of the blockbusters launching later this year and next, as well as some of the quirkier indie releases and a surprising number of new Final Fantasy XV titles. Here are 16 of the best.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

The next Assassin’s Creed adventure was officially unveiled a few months back, and since then we’ve seen plenty of this Egyptian take on the series….

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