Original Content podcast: ‘The Punisher’ arrives with a bang

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The Punisher Marvel and Netflix’s latest show The Punisher stars Jon Bernthal as the bloodthirsty superhero. Bernthal first took on the role in the second season of Daredevil, but now he’s the headliner in a story exploring the aftermath of war and a broader government conspiracy. In the latest episode TechCrunch’s Original Content podcast, hosts Darrell Etherington and Anthony Ha debate… Read More

Attach four fans and eight batteries to your iPad for only $150 today

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iPads don’t have cooling fans, which seems to make sense, given that iPads don’t really generate a lot of heat and fans are kind of bulky and loud. But there are others, like a company called X-naut, who view this as a serious design flaw.

However, X-naut has also taken it upon itself to fix Apple’s failures with its Active Cooling Mount, an iPad case that attaches to the back of your tablet and adds not just one, but four cooling fans to help prevent your iPad from overheating.

The Active Cooling Mount can be powered either by a Micro USB port or through eight AA batteries (although X-naut notes that batteries, a Micro USB cable, and an iPad aren’t included).

All kidding aside, the Active Cooling…

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This man wading into a huge wasps’ nest captures the spirit of Black Friday

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Thanks to online shopping, Black Friday has become a much more peaceful time of year, as people no longer need to physically go to a store and charge into a swarm of angry shoppers who are ready to attack at the slightest provocation. But for anyone who misses that anxiety post-Thanksgiving, this video of a man wading into a massive wasps’ nest in Patterson, Louisiana should bring those feelings of panic right back to the front of your mind.

The video was shot by Louisiana beekeeper and professional exterminator Jude Verret, who used a GoPro to film his removal of the truly gigantic nest. Filled with seemingly thousands of yellow jackets, the nest takes up about half of an outdoor shed. Verret wades inside while wearing a full-body…

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The best Black Friday deals for Apple products

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It’s Black Friday, meaning that some brick-and-mortar stores have already been open since Thanksgiving evening, dealing with hordes of crowds and offering discounted merch. Apple, in the midst of all of this, is doing a one-day Black Friday sale, and a bunch of other places are offering slight discounts on Apple products.

Rather than slashing prices on any of its goods, Apple is offering gift cards up to $150 with the purchase of select products. You can get a gift card of up to $100 when you buy an iPad Pro, iPad, or iPad mini 4. The gift card drops to $50 if you buy an iPhone 7, or even less if you choose an iPhone 6S or an iPhone SE.

Apple is also giving out $25 gift cards with a purchase of the Apple Watch Series 1 in silver or…

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Black Friday 2017: the 24 best deals

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Black Friday — true, proper, actual Black Friday — is finally here, and there are deals everywhere. Too many, in fact, which is why we’ve been rounding up the best deals from every store, website, and company that we can find because you’re a busy person.

Here you’ll find the best of the best, the crème de la crème of Black Friday discounts on TVs, laptops, video games, and more. It’s by no means comprehensive, but they’re the best deals we’ve seen on our favorite products so far.

(We’ll be updating this post throughout the day as more deals are announced, so check back often!)


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The best Black Friday 2017 book deals

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Black Friday is usually more often thought of as a time to buy gadgets and TVs, but there are also great deals on books, the oldest gadget of them all.

Book sales tend to work a little differently than other deals — instead of specific stuff going on sale, you’re looking at category-wide discounts. Fortunately, if you need some ideas as to what books to get, we’ve got plenty of suggestions over in The Verge’s 2017 holiday gift guide.


Amazon has one of the best deals in publishing around for Black Friday — a flat $5 off of any print book order of $25 or more. There are basically no restrictions to the deal: it simply has to be a book sold by Amazon, you have to get your order in before 2:59AM ET on November 27th, and it’s limited…

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10 awesome Black Friday deals from the Boing Boing Store

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To make the day after Thanksgiving a stress-free shopping experience, we’ve selected some of the best items from our online shop to be marked down for Black Friday. Check out our complete collection of Black Friday deals here. The following items are available for the lowest prices anywhere to welcome the holiday season:


TREBLAB X11 Earphones

MSRP: $199 | Normal: $41.99 | Black Friday: $36.99

Buying Bluetooth earbuds is an exercise in compromise, often forcing you to choose between price, battery life, and sound quality. The TREBLAB X11 Earphones are a rare exception — they deliver crystal-clear HD sound with minimal lag, and work in stereo for up to 6 hours straight on a single charge. As an added bonus, they also pair with multiple devices for painless audio source switching. They usually cost $200, but we stock them for $41.99, and you can pick them up on Black Friday for just $36.99.


RevolCam: The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones

MSRP: $59.99 | Normal: $34.99 | Black Friday: $29.99

Step up your smartphone photography game with a RevolCam. It clips onto your device to provide 3 different lens options with a unique rotating mechanism, as well as a detachable LED lamp to light your scene. It uses the magnetic backing to work with nearly any major smartphone, iOS and Android alike. The retail value is $59, and we’re dropping our price from $34.99 to $29.99.


The Complete Computer Science Bundle

Value: $367 | Normal: $39 | Black Friday: $25

Unlike many online coding resources that stop at web development, the Complete Computer Science Bundle covers the fundamentals of programming, data structures, and algorithms. Throughout these 8 courses, you’ll get a lower-level understanding of computing concepts that apply to a wide variety of technology stacks. It’s a $367 value, and we usually have it for $39, but it’s been marked down to $25 for Black Friday.


SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Drone

MSRP: $99 Normal: $64 | Black Friday: $54.40 (use GIFTSHOP15 at checkout)

The SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Drone is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and comes equipped with an HD camera that streams video to your phone in real-time. Aside from FPV flight, it’s capable of amazing acrobatic stunts at the press of a button. This ready-to-fly drone is being offered for 35% off the usual $99 price — just $54.


VPN Unlimited: 3-Yr Subscription

Value: $129 | Normal: $29.99 | Black Friday: $24 (Use BFRIDAY20 at checkout)

Take control of your online privacy with a 3-year subscription to VPN Unlimited. This acclaimed virtual private network service has servers in 53 locations worldwide to provide a fast, encrypted connection for up to 5 devices simultaneously. It works with a wide variety of mobile and desktop platforms, as well as wireless routers. This subscription is typically $130, but