E3: Nintendo Steals the Show

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Although E3 has not yet lived up to the expectations, Tuesday was an abrupt change in the right direction, with Nintendo unloading some of the biggest announcements yet.

Nintendo Direct

The last few days of E3 have been underwhelming in terms of both announcements and gameplay footage, even with some standouts like Final Fantasy VII Remake and DOOM: Eternal. Overall, the pace for many of the presentations has started out strong and waned as the stream continued on. This was not the case with Nintendo’s Tuesday Direct. Amidst the disappointment, Nintendo stepped out and took the prize for one of the most exciting and surprising presentations of E3 2019. Between a Breath of the Wild sequel teaser, Banjo-Kazooie coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and numerous shadow drops, Nintendo put their foot to the gas pedal and kept it there for nearly 40 minutes.