Lyft’s first diversity report shows it — like many tech companies — is mostly white and male

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Lyft’s first-ever diversity report, published Thursday, came with few surprises: The ride-hailing company’s workforce — excluding its drivers, who are independent contractors and whose data was not tallied — is predominantly white and male.

And like many technology companies in Silicon Valley that…

‘League of Legends’ e-sports competition softens controversial rule banishing bad teams, adds player panel

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The world’s most popular e-sport plans to soften a controversial rule banishing bad teams and to add a new panel made up of professional gamers.

The “League of Legends” North American league replaces its two worst performing teams with a pair of upstarts at the end of each year. Under a new plan…

Shares of Snapchat maker likened to ‘junk equity’ as investors fume over lack of voting power

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Los Angeles technology company Snap Inc.’s historic decision to go public last week with an issuance of only nonvoting shares sets a damaging precedent for the stock market, leading investors warned Thursday.

The comments came as a government advisory group comprised of investor advocates began…

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