Snap sets up Spectacles tech office in China

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Snap Inc., the Los Angeles start-up behind Snapchat and video-taking sunglasses Spectacles, has opened a small technology office in Shenzhen, China.

Its nearly 20 employees are focused mostly on the development of Spectacles, Snap said. The sunglasses are assembled elsewhere in China by manufacturer…

L.A. County hacking investigation results in charges against a man in Nigeria. Now what?

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Los Angeles authorities tracked down a suspected computer hacker who allegedly had access to private information stored by the county about 750,000 people. But getting the chance to prosecute him presents a new challenge.

The alleged hacker, Austin Kelvin Onaghinor, 37, is in Nigeria. Prosecutors…

Uber’s self-driving cars put tech’s ‘move fast, break things’ credo to the test

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Uber became the dominant ride-hailing company in the U.S. by operating under the principle that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. 

In city after city, the San Francisco company launched without first consulting local regulators, often in violation of rules governing taxi companies….

California adopts nation’s first energy-efficiency rules for computers

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The California Energy Commission has passed sweeping energy-efficiency standards for computers and monitors in an effort to reduce power costs, becoming the first state in the nation to adopt such rules.

The regulations promise to reduce energy consumed by computers by about one-third, saving ratepayers…

That ‘holiday gift exchange’ Facebook post is technically an illegal scam

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Sorry to be a grinch, but that viral Facebook post going around about a gift exchange is against the law.

You’ve probably seen something like this in your newsfeed:

Sometimes the message varies: You’re sending a bottle of wine or a book or it includes the men on the holiday fun. But the gist is…

Amazon’s first drone-powered delivery takes 13 minutes from purchase to drop-off

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Drone delivery has begun.

On Dec. 7, a bag of popcorn, along with an Amazon Fire TV stick, left a Cambridge warehouse in the U.K. and 13 minutes later, both were accepted by an Amazon customer, one of two who had agreed to be part of the test program.

A video posted by Amazon shows a fully autonomous drone,…

Snapchat comes around to embrace group chat

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Snapchat users can now exchange messages within groups of up to 16 people, satisfying one of the biggest demands from the app’s community.

Snapchat maker Snap Inc. had avoided group chat for several years because one of its core features is making people think through to whom they are sending a…

Stanford class pulls students out of the tech bubble and into the real world of government bureaucracy

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They’re some of the brightest students in the country — a group of wunderkinds known for hacking their way through any problem thrown at them. So what could possibly stump a Stanford University student?

Government bureaucracy, it seems.

In a lecture hall nestled in Stanford’s Environment and Energy…

Without these ads, there wouldn’t be money in fake news

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It’s never been easier to launch a wildly profitable online media empire. Whether you’re an aspiring mommy blogger or political pundit, $10 gets you a URL and online storage. Fill out a short form and copy-paste some code to get ads on your website.

Lure in some readers and you’ll have no trouble…

Qualcomm gets into chips for computer servers, challenging Intel’s stronghold

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Qualcomm is taking the wraps off its two-year effort to build computer server chips, challenging Intel’s stronghold in the fast growing data center market.

The San Diego smartphone semiconductor giant said this week that its new server chip, called Centriq 2400, is now being tested with key customers…

How to protect your Android phone from the Gooligan virus

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Cybersecurity experts are warning that a new type of malicious software known as Gooligan has infected more than 1 million Android devices worldwide and is spreading at a rate of 13,000 devices a day. The malware has the ability to affect Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive and related services.

Pebble smartwatch maker will shut down and sell its intellectual property to Fitbit

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Pebble Technology Corp., one of the first companies to manufacture smartwatches, said it will shut down and sell its software and intellectual property to Fitbit Inc., which also plans to hire some of Pebble’s “key personnel.”

“Due to various factors, Pebble is no longer able to operate as an…

Parents, put the phone down – after you read this

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OK, kids, a quick moment to gloat: As it turns out, it’s not just you; it’s us parents too. We just can’t stop staring at screens. That’s the result of a new national survey suggesting that parents spend nine hours a day plugged into tech, with only an hour and a half of it dedicated to work and…

When it comes to screen attachment, it’s not just the kids

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Sure, tweens and teens spend hours a day as relative screen zombies, eyes fixed and faces aglow in the radiant light of their pocket screens. (You don’t have to be a parent to know that.) But that’s not the end of the story. Mom and Dad, it seems you have more in common with the kids than you might…

Like Kanye West but hate Chipotle? Start-up Ranker helps brands tailor ads for you

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If Fox Searchlight Pictures wants to increase attendance at its new film “Jackie,” it might consider pitching fans of “True Detective,” “The Hunger Games” and Keira Knightley.

So says Ranker, a Los Angeles start-up that gets more than 10 million votes on its website each month about what’s cool…

Amazon’s new convenience store has no cash registers and no checkout lines

See the original posting on LA Times Technology Inc. has built a convenience store that deploys a gaggle of technologies to allow shoppers to come in, grab items and walk out without going through a register.

The 1,800-square-foot store in downtown Seattle, officially dubbed Amazon Go, is the latest foray in bricks-and-mortar retail…

No WiFi? Low on data? On a plane? Netflix offers downloads of some shows, movies

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Netflix Inc. will now allow users to download shows and movies to their smartphones and tablets to watch when they’re offline, the company said Wednesday.

The Los Gatos, Calif., video streaming firm said the download function is available for both iOS and Android operating systems, for a mix of…

With music-making tools and one day live-streaming, Smule hopes to be the social network for music

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Music app maker Smule doesn’t want to be counted out of the battle of mobile live-streaming services.

Facebook, Twitter and — and likely soon YouTube and Snapchat — are among major mobile app brands that want people to broadcast video from their smartphones. Live video can attract a…

Instagram and YouTube play nice with their most popular users. Why doesn’t Snapchat?

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Self-described Snapchat power user Michael Platco received a neon sign bearing his name from social media rival Instagram. And a different video app emails him every week, hoping he tries their services and brings along his 500,000 Snapchat contacts.

Naturally, he’d expect Snapchat maker Snap Inc….

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