Uber sexual harassment allegations are a warning for the tech industry and its ‘rock star’ culture

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A former Uber employee sent ripples through the tech industry on Sunday when she alleged on her personal blog that she’d been sexually harassed while working for the ride-hailing giant, and that the company’s human resources department tried to cover it up.

Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick…

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says company will support lawsuit against Trump’s immigration order

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Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos said the Seattle-based company is prepared to support a lawsuit being brought by Washington state’s attorney general against President Trump and the administration over Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees.

The Washington Post, which…

WhatsApp’s privacy woes show how messaging app tries to balance security and ease of use

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WhatsApp has become popular worldwide thanks to its powerful encryption technology. But making this type of secure messaging approachable and user-friendly can pose some problems.

An article published Friday by the Guardian suggests that WhatsApp has a “security backdoor” that could allow the app,…

Two big Snapchat updates make the app work more like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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Snapchat overhauled two key features Thursday, bringing it more in line with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as a place to see what’s happening in the world at any moment.

In an update soon coming to all users, Snapchat will add a search bar at the top of the app. People can look up friends, media…

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