The explosive problem with recycling iPads, iPhones and other gadgets: They burst into flames

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What happens to gadgets when you’re done with them? Too often, they explode.

As we enter new gadget-buying season, spare a moment to meet the people who end up handling your old stuff. Isauro Flores-Hernandez, who takes apart used smartphones and tablets for a living, keeps thick gloves, metal…

Apple announces controls to help fight iPhone addiction, plus augmented reality and fitness features

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Apple Inc. introduced features to help iPhone users put down their phones — at least temporarily — after facing criticism that people were addicted to the company’s flagship device and following competitors’ similar moves to fight smartphone addiction.

The slew of tools includes updates to “do…

Those who saw, mocked and ignored Nasim Aghdam’s online videos express regret, remorse

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Anyone who has spent time on the internet has come across something that confounds them — a blog post that doesn’t seem to make any sense, a rant that goes off the rails, a YouTube video so strange it’s hard to tell if the person behind it is sincere or creating performance art.

Often, this content…

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