Firefighter shot dead while ‘doing what all first responders are called to do — help those in need’

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It began as a routine call for Long Beach firefighters: A fire alarm had gone off before dawn Monday at an 11-story housing complex for seniors.

As crews made their way to Covenant Manor, more details started to come in. There had been an explosion and a fire. People smelled gasoline. When firefighters…

Koko, the gorilla whose sign language abilities changed our view of animal intelligence, dies at 46

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Koko the gorilla doted on her pet kitten as if it were her own child. To the amazement of her human handlers, she seemed able to capture the joys and annoyances of maternal love in strings of simple words.

“Soft,” Koko said in sign language while cradling the kitten, which she named All Ball because…

Foods that are both fatty and sweet can hijack the part of the brain that regulates food consumption

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It may have taken thousands of generations of hunting, gathering, farming and cooking to get here. But in the end, the genius of humankind has combined fats and carbohydrates to produce such crowning culinary glories as the doughnut, fettuccine Alfredo, nachos and chocolate cake with buttercream…

This futuristic pill senses signs of disease inside the body, then sends a wireless alert to a phone

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In the 1966 science fiction classic “Fantastic Voyage,” a submarine crew is miniaturized so it can squeeze inside a human body and travel to a hot spot where medical assistance is needed.

A team from MIT has adapted this idea for real life, replacing the shrunken squad with specially engineered…

Straws. Bottle caps. Polyester. These are the new targets of California’s environmental movement

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It took years of activist campaigns to turn the plastic bag into a villain, and hard-fought legislation to reduce its presence in oceans and waterways. Now, environmentalists and lawmakers are deploying similar tactics against a new generation of plastic pollutants.

There are drinking straws, which…

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