Experts have only a hazy idea of marijuana’s myriad health effects, and federal laws are to blame

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More than 22 million Americans use some form of marijuana each month, and it’s now approved for medicinal or recreational use in 28 states plus the District of Columbia. Nationwide, legal sales of the drug reached an estimated $7.1 billion last year.

Yet for all its ubiquity, a comprehensive new…

Atmospheric rivers fueled by climate change could decimate wild oysters in San Francisco Bay

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Climate change could supercharge the powerful storms often hailed for bringing drought-busting rains to California.

The storms, called atmospheric rivers, are long stretches of water vapor that “flow” from the tropics up to the West Coast. In California, they can deliver up to half of the state’s…

Santa’s Christmas gift-giving has nothing to do with whether kids are naughty or nice, study shows

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Hey kids, grown-ups have been telling you a big lie about Santa Claus.

It’s not about whether he’s real — he is, of course! — but about whom he decides to visit. 

The lie is so pervasive that it’s included in one of the most popular songs this time of year, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” The…

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