Danger posed by drivers who smoke pot on 4/20 is similar to drunk drivers on Super Bowl Sunday

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Here’s a pro tip from a couple of doctors: Be sure to make special plans on April 20.

That date, of course, is the unofficial holiday devoted to celebrating all things marijuana. (You might know it better as “4/20.”)

The two physicians — John Staples of the University of British Columbia and Donald…

If your doctor asks you to say ‘Ahhh’ during a pelvic exam, it may be a sign of physician fatigue

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In the future, when robots are our doctors and we find ourselves describing our symptoms to an online portal, we’ll miss the foibles of the physicians who once cared for us. But until then, we can still laugh at the very funny things that our very human doctors sometimes say and do when they’re…

Get up at least once every 30 minutes. Failure to do so may shorten your life, study finds

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You can spend a lot of accumulated time on your bottom in the course of a day. Or you can sit for lengthy spells without a break.

Both, it turns out, are very bad for you.

Whether you’re a heavy sitter or a binge-sitter, racking up prolonged sedentary time increases your risk of early death, according…

Scientists make water bottles the old-fashioned way to see if they were toxic to early Californians

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If the ubiquity of pollutants in modern life has you yearning for the simpler ways of California’s early residents, an unusual scientific experiment may prompt you to reconsider.

After constructing water vessels using the methods of prehistoric people who lived on the Channel Islands, researchers…

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