Get started with the JSON Binding API, Part 2: Custom binding with JSON-B

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The JSON Binding API makes customizing data serialization and deserialization easy and intuitive, and it puts a lot of power in your hands. Learn how to use and combine annotations and runtime configuration to control the binding and appearance of properties, fields, date and time formats, and more. Then get started using JSON-B adapters and low-level serializers and deserializers to change the logic of operations in JSON-B.

Java 8 idioms: Functional interfaces

See the original posting on IBM developerWorks – Java

In Java 8, lambda expressions are treated as a type of functional interface.
Learn how this design decision supports backward compatibility with older versions of
the language, then see examples of both custom and built-in functional interfaces in a Java program. Find out why using built-in interfaces is usually optimal, even in cases where a custom interface might seem more obvious.

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