How To Waste Estimations

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 We like numbers because of their symbolic simplicity. In other words, we get them. They give us certainty, and therefore confidence.

Which sounds more trustworthy: “It will take 5 months” or “It will take between 4 to 6 months”?

The first one sounds more confident, and therefore we trust it more. After all, why don’t you give me a simple number, if you’re not really sure…

Why I’m Afraid of Systemd

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Over the last two
months or so it’s become apparent that systemd is taking over the Linux world. Starting
with openSUSE and moving steadily through Fedora, Debian, Arch, RHEL, CoreOS,
and even Ubuntu, systemd has taken over the Linux initialization process,
slowly replacing sysvinit (or Upstart) as new versions of distributions become
available, with one of the only hold-outs being Gentoo,…

Why I will Always Try And Find A Ready-Built Library

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No matter how good your code is, there will always be parts which do not work as well as you want. These are sometimes called bugs. There are also times when we think building something ourselves will be more cost effective, if for no other reason than we simply know the code better.
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By the time you have developed something and fixed…

The Code Kidnapper

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 Many managers and developers think about improving productivity. As with many things, productivity is in the eye of the beholder.

We used to measure productivity in lines of code. That led very quickly to believing that the developers produce what they type. Well, what do they do the rest of the time?
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We’ll get the smart…

Revisiting AngularJS with TypeScript

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Many of my recent blog posts and presentations have focused on pure JavaScript. I believe TypeScript is an incredibly useful tool, especially when developing heavy client apps with large teams. I don’t use it in most examples so they stay relevant to developers who haven’t adopted it. TypeScript is a strong asset for AngularJS apps. I was recently asked about my Angular app structure using…

Join Us For Our Big Data Twitter Q&A! #DZBigData

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In anticipation of our 2014 Guide to Big Data, we have arranged for a panel of experts to answer your Big Data questions on Twitter.

Be sure to join us (@DZone) on Monday, September 22nd from 2pm-3pm EST to get all of your questions answered.

The following Big Data experts and active Twitter users will be on hand to answer your questions:
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The Hidden Cost Of Estimation

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“Why would you want a rough estimate, when I can do a more precise one?”

And really, if we can do something better, why do it half way?

There’s a simple answer, but I’ll give it after the long detailed one.

Let’s start by asking again:
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“Why would you want a rough estimate, when I can do a more precise one?” And…

Alternative Logging Frameworks for Application Servers: WebLogic

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Welcome to the second in the blog series of using alternative logging
frameworks with application servers. This entry will focus on WebLogic,
specifically 12c, and configuring it to use Log4j and SLF4J with Logback.

The first part of this series can be found here: Part 1 – GlassFish
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Welcome to the second in the blog…

Comparison of Alternatives for Stream Processing and Streaming Analytics

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The demand for stream processing is increasing a lot these days.
Frameworks (Apache Storm, Spark) and products (e.g. IBM InfoSphere
Streams, TIBCO StreamBase, Software AG Apama) for stream processing and
streaming analytics are getting a lot of attention these days. The
reason is that often processing big volumes of data is not enough. Data
has to be processed fast, so that a firm can react…

Can you quantify trust?

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In a previous article, commenter Robert Kist asked:

How are you going to judge if people trust you – what would your indicators be, if you decide to treat it as a metric?
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Bad managers, who are by definition less trusted, can easily rationalize away any attempt at quantification. One quantifiable measure would be employee…

Agile outside of software

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Later this week I’m doing a presentation at Agile On The Beach entitled: “Agile outside of software development”. (I resisted the temptation to call it “Agile Beyond Software”). The presentation will attempt to answer a question which is often asked at, and around, Agile On The Beach: “Is Agile only for Software Development?”
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