Broken Windows: How to Create Clean Code

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This time it won’t be my favorite rant about certain operating system. Instead, just a few thoughts about the psychology of bad code.

The broken windows theory, an academic theory proposed by James Q. Wilson and George Kelling in 1982, is a metaphor for disorder within neighborhoods. Their theory links disorder and incivility within a community to subsequent occurrences of serious crime. –
Encyclopedia Britannica 

The Tale of Shrubbery Code

Once, in the past, me and my team had a discussion about event handlers in front-end code. We looked in bewilderment at some ancient code. Something similar to this Vanilla JS (I’m a big fan of Vanilla JS, to be clear):

Keys to Design Thinking

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I had the opportunity to attend a design thinking workshop hosted by CA Technologies a couple of years ago. The process reminded me of the creative strategy development process I learned and was involved with, virtually every day of my career on Madison Avenue.

I just attended Skillsoft’s user conference where a roundtable discussion identified design thinking as one of four key power skills for IT professionals. Given the renewed emphasis on, and interest in, design thinking, I thought it would be useful to share some thoughts on what you need to know to become proficient with this new skill.

Customizing ASP.NET Core Part 12: Hosting

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In the twelth part of this series, I’m going to write about how to customize hosting in ASP.NET Core. We will look into the hosting options, the different kinds of hosting, and take a quick look into hosting on the IIS. 

This will change in ASP.NET Core 3.0. I decided to do this post about ASP.NET Core 2.2  anyway, because there’s still some time until ASP.NET Core 3.0 is released.

.NET or Java for Web Development

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Developers are often in a dilemma when trying to choose between technologies for their projects. Comparing two or more is quite daunting and confusing at times. In this article, we will focus on comparing .NET and Java.

The two are quite different in structure but are predisposed to comparison because of their demand when there is a call for complex and large-scale applications.

All You Can Do With the Console in JavaScript

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You have for sure used console.log() a trillion times in your projects. But did you know all other amazing things you can do with the console when using JavaScript?

The console can do much more than printing any string or variable you pass to it: it can also measure time, start some browsers built-in tools, help you trace bugs in the code, etc.. Let’s see some of those functions.

Bitbucket + Bitrise: Configuring Continuous Integration for an iOS app

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When iOS applications start growing, at some point it becomes essential to have a quick develop-release-test feedback loop. You can create this loop by doing everything manually, but it can be much quicker and more advanced if you use Continuous Integration (CI) tools.

With a CI tool, you can build up a history of releases and quickly see which build contained what. You can run tests for every build automatically and catch some inevitable bugs. You can have consistency in your release notes. And you can streamline your release cycles, which automates your checklists.

Distance Calculations Between Points With the HERE JavaScript SDK

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When I’m interacting with developers using HERE APIs and services, one common question I get is around distance calculations. The HERE SDK and APIs make it easy to calculate paths or routes, but it isn’t the most obvious if you want to pull the total distance from those calculations. In fact, there are multiple different distances that can be obtained.

As a developer, you could be searching for the distance between two points regardless of roadways. Take, for example, air travel or similar for that type of distance. You could also be searching for the distance between two points along a route that can be navigated. Think your GPS when you’re driving or similar for that type of distance.

How and Why We Moved to Vue.js

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Disclaimer: In this article, a dev one who can’t stand the front-end and doesn’t know how to work with it writes about working with it, choosing a JavaScript framework, and why Vue.js is a great choice. You’ve been warned.

I’m very bad with the front-end and don’t like it. The rest of our team has the same feelings. We prefer to focus on the backend and either outsource the front-end or go through the trial of doing it ourselves, often having to rework it again and again.

Swift 5.0 Method Internals Unearthed

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So far, we’ve been looking at a simple program to try to see how methods are defined internally in compiled Swift 5.0 programs. In our simple example, essentially a hello world example printing from a small class, we have been able to find the class definition itself but we haven’t been able to see where the methods are defined. We traced through the compiled program and found this:

0000000100002120 struct __objc_data {
  0x80, // flags
  16, // instance start
  32, // instance size
  0x0, // ivar layout
  aTtc9swiftcmd7p, // name
  0x0, // base methods
  0x0, // base protocols
  __objc_class__TtC9swift_cmd7Printer_ivars, // ivars
  0x0, // weak ivar layout
  0x0 // base properties

But it doesn’t have any associated method definitions. In Objective-C, there’s a list of method descriptors that contain pointers to functions, so we expected to find the same thing here. We didn’t.

Useful Suggestions for Video Game Environment Designer Novices

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Many talented graphic design artists with a master’s degree actually never had a chance to work with relevant tools throughout the course of their studies. In Eastern Europe, college education lacks the relevant courses to prepare students for working in the gaming industry, so they are usually left to figure out on their own, how to achieve the desired level of the proficiency in that field. Luckily, artists are resourceful and creative, and can definitely step up and bridge those gaps.

Here I will go over some suggestions that have to do with environment design, but also with digital art in general. So, if you are struggling where to start looking and how to optimize your efforts, you might find the following advice useful.

Adding Push-Notification to a React Web App With Firebase Cloud Messaging

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We will create an MVP of an app on React that will receive push notifications by using Firebase Cloud Messaging (even in the background mode or when the app is closed). This is an easy thing to do but there are certain moments to watch for. You can find all the needed keys/tokens described below in the Firebase settings of the project.

Adding manifest.json

Add a manifest.json file to the folder that already has an index.html file with  gcm_sender_id. If you already have the manifesto, simply add this line. Insert the value below as is, without changing anything.

Using Docker for Python Flask Development

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Docker is a computer program that helps in performing OS-level virtualization. This process is known as “Containerization”. Containers are the software packages that are run by Docker. These containers are isolated from each other each container bundle its own applications, tools and libraries.

Flask is web framework that is written in Python. It is called micro-framework because it generally doesn’t require particular tools or libraries.

Method Internals in Swift 5.0

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One of the nice things about Swift 5 is the final stabilization of the ABI. This is actually a big deal. The application binary interface defines exactly how data is stored in programs, shared from libraries, things like that. It includes name decoration, class and object definitions, and so on. Now that we have a stable ABI, building tools that analyzed and manipulate these binary representations will become much, well, not easier, but not as much a waste of time. Until now, you were just about guaranteed to have any tools you created broken by new Swift versions. With a stable ABI? This shouldn’t happen.

We just covered how classes are defined in Swift 5, and we discovered that they reflect the basic design in Objective-C. There are some key differences though, and one of those is member method definitions.

How to Use TypeScript With Node.js

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The lion’s share of JavaScript developers prefer to use TypeScript in their projects as it helps avoid some problems at the assembly stage while still including many valuable features. Today we are going to share with you how to use the Backendless JS-SDK in conjunction with TypeScript in a project with a Node.js backend. Backendless is a fully isomorphic library and it can be used in both a browser environment and a Node.js backend environment and in most cases it also works well in other environments like React Native, Appcelerator, etc. The JS-SDK has been designed as a plain JavaScript library, but a few years ago we added types definitions for all methods and classes, so you can use the JS-SDK in your TypeScript projects without additional settings.

Create a Simple Web Server

At this stage, we will create a simple Node.js app. To do so, you must have Node.js installed on your machine; if you don’t have it yet, you can install the language from their official site at this link:

Introducing Atlassian for VS Code: Bitbucket Cloud and Jira Software Extension for Visual Studio Code

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Developers spend most of their day in three places: chat, their IDE, and a code repository platform like Bitbucket. In between, a lot of hours are spent context switching between apps. At Atlassian, our goal is to cut out all of the alt-tabbing and make you more productive by bringing your work closer to where you spend the most time.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Atlassian for VS Code, a new Bitbucket Cloud and Jira Software Cloud extension for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. We are bringing pull requests, CI/CD, and issues where we think they should be: in your IDE, right alongside your code.

TestFlight: Tips for Beta Testing iOS Apps

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Anyone who is acquainted with the concept of iOS app development knows that testing an app is a crucial part of the development process. However, many people don’t know about an especially important subset of testing — beta testing. Also referred to as end-user testing, or pre-release testing, or user acceptance testing (UAT), beta testing involves the product being tried out by a small section of the target audience. At this stage, apps undergo real-world testing, and the early users’ experiences are analyzed to make essential changes before the app is added to the App Store.

About iOS apps, while several mediums enable beta testing, they are known to be quite complicated. There is, however, one alternative that has proven to be quite handy: TestFlight. Launched in 2011, it does away with the inconvenience that accompanies distribution and management of beta builds. It was this ability to ease the entire process to a great extent that led to Apple integrating TestFlight into App Store Connect.

How to Use Backendless With React.js, Part 4: Build and Deploy

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In this article, we are going to continue developing our React.js web application using Backendless for the backend. This is Part 4 of our series, so be sure you’ve read through parts 1-3, linked below:

If you have already read those then read on. Otherwise, we recommend you either read read all of the articles and build the app step-by-step, or you can clone the app from this GitHub repository and use this commit as a starting point. Today we will build our app for the first time and deploy it to Backendless Files.

Reasons to Love Jest: The Developer Experience

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I’m a developer advocate at Snyk, and couldn’t reinforce more how important it is to test your applications for security vulnerabilities in third-party open source libraries. If there’s something I like as much as the sSyk developer tooling, it’s Jest. The developer experience with it just amazing!

Oh yes. The developer experience with Jest is transforming the act of writing tests from a chore to hell of a fun time. I promise! 

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