Spring Boot Tutorial for Beginners: Hello World Program

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We will create a simple Hello world program in this article. We will use Spring Boot to create our first Hello World program.

Developing your first Spring Boot application is quite easy. As we know, Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring-based applications that you can "just run." It’s basically used to minimize the configuration or the boiler plate code.

WebSockets vs. Long Polling

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Sometimes we need information from our servers as soon as it’s available. The usual AJAX request/response we’re all used to doesn’t keep the connection open for this sort of use case. Instead, we need a push-based method like WebSockets, long polling, server-sent events (SSE), or, the more recently created, HTTP2 push. In this article, we compare two methods: WebSockets and long polling.

An Overview of Long Polling

In 1995, Netscape Communications hired Brendan Eich to implement scripting capabilities in Netscape Navigator and, over a ten-day period, the JavaScript language was born. Its capabilities as a language were initially very limited compared to modern-day JavaScript, and its ability to interact with the browser’s document object model (DOM) was even more limited. JavaScript was mostly useful for providing limited enhancements to enrich document consumption capabilities. For example, in-browser form validation and lightweight insertion of dynamic HTML into an existing document.

An Introduction to MVC Architecture: A Web Developer’s Point of View

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MVC, or Model View Controller

MVC Stands for Model View Controller and it’s software architecture design pattern. The main goal of this architecture is to separate functionality, logic, and the interface of an application to promote organized programming. It also allows multiple developers to work on the same project.

Let’s take a look at different components of MVC from a web developer’s point of view. Let’s take a look at some of the popular web frameworks that use MVC.

Spring Boot and React: Happily Ever After

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So you have mastered Spring Boot and started toying around with React. Now you want React to talk to your Boot app as your backend API. That’s fabulous. You probably already know how to do this, but there is a kicker. You want to package them and start both of them as just one project.

Well, you’re in luck! This post is going to take a couple of simple projects and combine them into one. Lace up your boots and get ready to React!

A Beginner’s Guide to npm: The Node Package Manager

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Node.js allows you to write applications in JavaScript on the server. It has been written in C++ and built on V8 JavaScript runtime, which makes it fast and reliable. It was initially invented for the better server environment, but now developers use it to build tools to aid them in local task automation. After that, a new network of Node-based tools starts growing to alter the face of front-end development.

Node.js also has a vast ecosystem of libraries that are known as NPM (Node Package Manager) modules. It is considered as the most extensive software packages library in the world having over 600,000 packages. The npm allows users to install the packages that they want to use with a user-friendly interface. The Node.js installation comes with Command Line Interface that allows users to interact with the packages on their local machine.

E3: The xCloud-Stadia War Starts, Nintendo and Square Enix Own the Week, and E3 Comes to a Close

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E3 2019 has been quite a week, starting with disappointment and ending with extraordinary excitement. In general, the presentations by the major studios—EA, Bethesda, and Ubisoft in particular—were underwhelming, but Nintendo and Square Enix redeemed the week with some massive announcements and some great gameplay trailers. Amidst the ups-and-downs, E3 2019 brought numerous major announcements, which we will cover in detail in this concluding article.

Coverage From the Week

To review DZone’s E3 2019 coverage from the week, see the following articles:

Use Schematics With Vue and Add Authentication in 5 Minutes

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Schematics is a tool from the Angular team that allows you to manipulate projects with code. You can create files, update existing files, and add dependencies to any project that has a package.json file. That’s right, Schematics aren’t only for Angular projects!

In this post, I’ll show you how to use Schematics to modify a project created with Vue CLI. Why Vue? Because it’s fast and efficient. Its default bundle size is smaller than Angular and React too!

E3: Nintendo Steals the Show

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Although E3 has not yet lived up to the expectations, Tuesday was an abrupt change in the right direction, with Nintendo unloading some of the biggest announcements yet.

Nintendo Direct

The last few days of E3 have been underwhelming in terms of both announcements and gameplay footage, even with some standouts like Final Fantasy VII Remake and DOOM: Eternal. Overall, the pace for many of the presentations has started out strong and waned as the stream continued on. This was not the case with Nintendo’s Tuesday Direct. Amidst the disappointment, Nintendo stepped out and took the prize for one of the most exciting and surprising presentations of E3 2019. Between a Breath of the Wild sequel teaser, Banjo-Kazooie coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and numerous shadow drops, Nintendo put their foot to the gas pedal and kept it there for nearly 40 minutes.

Data Streaming in OSGi R7 applications With OSGi R7 Push Stream and Server Sent Events

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Providing users of your application with feedback regarding long running operations used to require utilizing pull based solutions such as polling. In modern web applications, however, utilizing push based data streaming solutions to provide such feedback is the norm. But what options do we have if we’re building modern cloud native OSGi applications and we wish to implement such monitoring solutions?

In this article, I will show you how implementations of some of the latest OSGi specifications — i.e. OSGI R7 Push Stream, OSGi R7 HTTP Whiteboard, and OSGi R7 JAX-RS Whiteboard — can be applied, along with Server Sent Events, to implement such push based data streaming solutions. So, instead of having a background JavaScript worker slamming the server with requests for status every few seconds, we’ll have the server push data updates and have them displayed onto our GUI.

Web Element Locator Strategies [A Student’s Experience]

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I wanted to know about web element locators. In my free time, I am taking courses on Test Automation University, sponsored by Applitools. We are getting some of the best minds in test automation to present their approaches to testing web software. You may have read my review of Amber Race’s course on API testing.

I took Andrew Knight’s course on Web Element Locator Strategies to learn about how locators play a huge role in test automation — or just testing in general. Andrew is also a star teacher, consultant, and practitioner in the areas of software development and testing. You can read his blog at https://www.automationpanda.com/

Angular Tutorial: Angular 7 and the RESTEasy Framework

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Developers who want to quickly build web applications with flexible front-end and backend frameworks can work with multiple tech stacks like MEAN, LAMP, and so on.

One such web application development stack is Angular 7 and RESTEasy. The advantage of having Angular 7 as a framework is that it can be used to develop apps for any kind of device, faster using pre-built templates. Likewise, RESTEasy can be used as your backend framework to provide the REST API services which are light weight and portable to any kind of container.

E3: Final Fantasy VII Remake, New GPUs, and Nostalgia Galore

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After a less-than-excepted E3 weekend, Monday seemed to be heading in the same direction until Square Enix took the stage at night and stole the show with Final Fantasy VII Remake. Square also put Marvel’s Avengers on display and made some surprising announcements, including a shadow drop. Although not as impactful, Ubisoft also took the stage on Monday, showcasing Watch Dogs Legends, other known titles, and a new and interesting mythology-inspired game. Limited Run Games also had its presentation, dropping a ton of Star Wars titles and finishing out its PlayStation (PS) Vita collection. Apart from game announcements, AMD also announced new graphics cards intended to compete with NVIDIA’s RTX 2070 and 2060 line of cards.

Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake. If there is one title to remember from Square Enix’s presentation on Monday night, it’s this one. Square secured its position as the top presentation of the day—and possibly E3 2019 depending on how Nintendo’s Tuesday Direct goes—with its 20-minute feature of Final Fantasy VII Remake, most of which was gameplay. The game was originally announced in 2015, but since then, fans have patiently waited, hoping that the years of anticipation were worth it. It is safe to say that most were not disappointed with the footage shown at Square’s presentation (image from Slash Gear).

Under the Hood of .NET-Based Lambda Function Parameters

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This article assumes you have the relevant knowledge to set up and deploy a .NET-based lambda function. You can follow the instruction in this blog if you need some background. Now, let’s review some underlying features of this service so that you can produce more of it in the deployment phase and while it’s up in the air.

Before We Begin

Before diving into the deep water, to produce a benefit from this blog post, you should be familiar with Lambda function concepts and have AWS Explorer installed in your Visual Studio instance. Furthermore, you’d better obtain .NET Core version 2.1.3 or above.

JavaScript Objects in Depth, Part 2: Inheritance

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If you are not very comfortable with JavaScript objects, you can go through its first part JavaScript Object in Depth, Part 1: The Fundamentals.


Inheritance is a key feature of Object-Oriented Programming. Like any other Object-Oriented Programming language, JavaScript also supports inheritance. JavaScript objects have a special hidden property [[ Prototype ]] that is either null or references another object, called "a prototype."

React Native Components on GitHub to Develop Your App

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The JavaScript developer community is rapidly adopting React Native for mobile application development; this is no doubt due to the flexibility of the library in building cross-platform applications and the availability of built-in components.

As everyone has come to expect of the JavaScript developer community, there are tons of libraries to make development easier. This trend applies to React Native too as there are a lot of libraries for React Native components that are available, free to use, and open source.

Create a Tailored Web-Based Excel Report Generator

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The Traditional Way to Build a Custom Excel report

Ever since I turned an Excel file into the Buy Currency App for my coworker in the administration department, we became closer. This time, I asked her to help me get prepared for my very first business trip.

She goes through my Business Trip Application form, identifies if a visa is required for the country I am going to, and if I need any insurance or accommodation arrangements, etc., etc. Then, she logs on to our file server where lots of templates and forms are stored and copies relevant Excel forms. She emails those to me, asking me to fill them out and send them back to her so that she can take care of everything else for me.

Command Line Magic With Aiven CLI

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While intended for use with Aiven’s Command line-interface, we also hope you’ll find this post as a useful guide to get generally familiar with — or to revisit – some basic bash scripting, including shell functions, aliases, bash, grep and regular expressions! 

We’ll cover alot of things you can do straight from the command line, including: counting line items; filtering lists; making verbose lists of console output items more readable; using regular expressions to search for patterns within logs and other console outputs; and using aliases and shell functions to store commands you might use repeatedly. 

Best PHP Books for Beginners [2019]

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In this article, we take a look at a very comprehensive list of best PHP books for beginners, including detailed descriptions and purchase links.

Best PHP Books for Beginners [Updated] [2019]
Best PHP Books for Beginners [Updated] [2019] | Full Stack Geek

List of Best PHP Books For Beginners

Here we go, following is the list of hand-picked books which are must-haves for beginners.

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