Element focus utility

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I’ve recently been looking at retrofitting keyboard navigation support to JS Bin, but I was immediately struck by the totally lack of visibility on what was in focus.

Sure, this is a short-coming of the original design and bad choises I had made with JS Bin’s code base. Perhaps you can see from the animation below, when the body is in focus, tabbing is focusing something but until I actually tab…

Understanding Information Retrieval by Using Apache Lucene and Tika – Part 1

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IntroductionIn this tutorial, the Apache Lucene and Apache Tika
frameworks will  be explained through
their core concepts (e.g.  parsing, mime
detection,  content analysis,
indexing,  scoring, boosting) via
illustrative examples that should be applicable to not only seasoned software
developers but to beginners to content analysis and programming as well. We
assume you have a…

Scipy.optimization.anneal Problems

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Well, not really “problems” per se. More of a strange kind of whining than a solvable problem.

Here’s the bottom line. Two real quotes. Unedited.

Me: “> There’s a way to avoid the religious nature of the argument. ”
Them: “Please suggest away.”

Really. Confronted with choices between anneal and basin hopping, they could only resort to hand-waving and random utterances.


Disposable Software

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This happened in early 2012. We wanted to add some more features into an existing app built on Rails 2.3 about 2.5 years before (July 2009). We ended up in a situation that in order to proceed adding new features we had to upgrade to Rails 3.1. The primary reason being that we were using outdated technology and there is some difficulty in maintaining our legacy (read 2.5 years old) app by getting…

The Estimates Land Mine: Use and Misuse of Estimates

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After posting my last post – Estimate or #NoEstimate that is the question? – I felt a little as if I’d stepped on a land-mine. That is to say I had a few comments and a bit a mini-twitter storm. If I’m being honest I have been avoiding some of the estimates/#NoEstimates debate until now precisely because it is obvious feelings on the topic run high.
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I Am Not Signing Any More NDAs

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I just replied to a company who I really like, and trust, letting them know I won’t be signing any more NDAs. They wanted to discuss their very important vision, and next steps for their company, which I really want to learn more about, and hopefully contribute to–so I probably blew it, by saying I wouldn’t sign an NDA.
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I just…

Large Program? Release More Often

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I’m working on the release planning chapter for Agile and Lean Program Management: Collaborating Across the Organization. There are many ways to plan releases. But the key? Release often. How often? I suggest once a month.

Yes, have a real, honest-to-goodness release once a month.

I bet that for some of you, this is counter-intuitive. “We have lots of teams. Lots of people. Our iterations…

Interviewing Programmers: Start with Code

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I spent the day yesterday interviewing programmers for a new start-up near Bristol. It’s a job I love. I’m always intrigued to hear about peoples’ careers and how the approach the challenges we present. For me recruiting a programmer has to start with code. I don’t really care about the CV and the application process for this job involved a quick coding problem. Passionate…

Register New Post Statuses In WordPress

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WordPress posts allow you to have some form of workflow when editing your posts. This is done by assigning a post status for each stage of the WordPress posts.

By default WordPress will take up the status of Draft which tells WordPress to create a post but not to publish it on the front-end of the site, it will only publish it on the site when you hit the publish button and the post status is…

The Future of Flash Storage

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Flash storage is not a new solution, but given the significant price difference between hard disk and flash, flash storage has typically not been widely adopted. Now, all-flash vendors are springing up claiming to offer a more cost-effective version of flash that can handle modern-day data challenges from big data to the Internet of Things. The HDD Versus Flash Storage Debate

Teams 102

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Much of my personal journey over the past 8 years has involved unpacking some of the more dense concepts we tend to take for granted when we talk about agile. For me, it’s all about understanding the primitives of these approaches and trying to figure out how to apply them in unique ways. I’m deeply interested in not only how this stuff works, but why it works… and more importantly, why it…

How to draw a Control flow graph & Cyclometric complexity for a given procedure

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Cyclomatic Complexity 

Cyclomatic complexity is a software metric used to measure the complexity of a program.

This metric measures independent paths through the program’s source code. An independent path is defined as a path that has at least one edge which has not been traversed before in any other paths.
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Agile and Predictability

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Over on the AgilePDX mailing list, there’s an interesting conversation on making predictions with Agile. It started off with Michael Kelly asking if Agile can help with predictability. Here’s my response:
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It's entirely possible to make predictions with Agile. They're just as good as predictions made with other methods, and…

Anyone Can Be A Codesmith.

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If you are a Star Wars fan or not most of you will have heard of the Jedi. In the world of Star Wars these were an elite class of warriors, who went around putting wrongs right. There were not that many of them and when one of them went rogue, only one of the Jedi were left standing and then he ceased to be a Jedi anymore and became a Sith Lord.
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R: A first attempt at linear regression

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I’ve been working through the videos that accompany the Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R book and thought it’d be interesting to try out the linear regression algorithm against my meetup data set.

I wanted to see how well a linear regression algorithm could predict how many people were likely to RSVP to a particular event. I started with the following code to build…

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