The Modern Application Stack – Part 4b: Building a Client UI Using Angular 2 (formerly AngularJS) and TypeScript

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A Simple Component That Accepts Data From Its Parent

Recall that the application consists of five components: the top-level application which contains each of the add, count, update, and sample components.

When building a new application, you would typically start by designing the top-level container and then work downwards. As the top-level container is the most complex one to understand, we’ll start at the bottom and then work up.

The Modern Application Stack – Part 4a: Building a Client UI Using Angular 2 (formerly AngularJS) and TypeScript

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"Modern Application Stack – Part 1: Introducing The MEAN Stack" introduced the technologies making up the MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js) and MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) Stacks, why you might want to use them, and how to combine them to build your web application (or your native mobile or desktop app).

The remainder of the series is focussed on working through the end to end steps of building a real (albeit simple) application. – MongoPop. Part 2: Using MongoDB With Node.js created an environment where we could work with a MongoDB database from Node.js; it also created a simplified interface to the MongoDB Node.js Driver. Part 3: Building a REST API with Express.js built on Part 2 by using Express.js to add a REST API which will be used by the clients that we implement in the final posts.

Angular Testing In Depth: HTTP Services

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When we write a web application, most of the time it has a backend. The most straightforward way to communicate with the backend is with HTTP requests. These requests are crucial for the application, so we need to test them. More importantly, these tests need to be isolated from the outside world. In this article, I will show you how to test your requests properly and elegantly.

This article is the second part of a series in which I share my experiences testing different building blocks of an Angular application. It relies heavily on Dependency Injection based testing and it is recommended that you read the first part if you are not familiar with the concepts, which include: 

What is the Optimal Image Size for Your Website? Here’s How to do the Math

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As designers and developers, we want the images on our website to be of the highest quality and appear crystal clear every time for the end user, regardless of the device. Being in the Real User Monitoring space, we often get questions about the optimal image size for your website. The ultimate aim here is to ensure that image quality and load times remain consistent for our end user regardless of device.

So, it makes sense to start with your end users, right?

Top 10 JavaScript Libraries And Frameworks To Keep Your Work Trendy And Easy

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Yes, the only thing constant is change and it is best exemplified by the ever-growing number of JavaScript libraries. Almost every week there’s a new name that’s creating all the hubbub in the dot-com world. Matt Mullenweg had earlier hinted that JS is the future for all web developers. And the current scenario tells us that, even WordPress developers should learn bits and pieces of the language to keep themselves in trend.

JS has always been en vogue, and by now, we know it’s one of the few open source stances that are here to stay. JavaScript is evolving every waking moment, holding the hands of its core team. JS is taking the programming game to another level. We can see its prominence in OS.js – it is a fully functional cloud service that can integrate your desktop functionalities within your browser.

Magento 2 vs Magento 1: Do You Need Upgrade?

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We remember the time when we were waiting for Magento 2 release and were so excited when it happened. The Magento team put a lot of effort into that release and delighted us with new improvements. Since that time, many store owners have become curious to know if they should move the store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and if so – when it should happen.

So, we’ve done some research on what has been added or changed in Magento 2 in comparison with Magento 1 to collect more information for our clients when they ask us the question: “to be or not to be” with Magento 2. In this article, you will find the main changes and an improvements overview.

Python vs PHP vs Ruby: A Detailed Comparison

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Which programming language should you learn? Python, PHP or Ruby?

Possibly the biggest question facing web development newbies is which language is best to learn for their future career and prospects. There are many programming languages to choose from and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Possibly the most important concern is how long each language takes to learn and this varies for each language. So which should you learn for the best chance at a successful career in programming? Besides Python and Ruby, one of the biggest competitors of PHP is ASP.NET, in my previous article PHP vs ASP.NET, I have given a detailed comparison of these two main languages.

Controlling VGA Memory with x86 Assembly Code

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This article is intended to make you familiar with controlling VGA with x86 assembly. Yes, we don’t hear much in the field of Assembly Language programming, as it is not quite as popular as compared to other programming and web development languages such as Java, HTML, Bootstrap, or SEM. But it is essential on its own and knowledge of it proves to be quite helpful in understanding how computers work internally. Of course, you need to be familiar with x86 assembly beforehand which includes knowing the instruction set as well as concepts of registers, operations, etc.

The setup that you will need includes installing ‘dosbox’ as well as ‘EMU8086’ on your machine. Install both of them. EMU8086 is intended to compile our source code into machine code, and then we will run the compiled code inside the environment that Dosbox will provide. After you’ve installed them, open up EMU8086, create a new ‘.COM’ file, and then paste the following code inside the editor:

Implementing Domain-Driven Design in PHP

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Domain-Driven Design is a software development methodology for tackling complex software projects to deliver an end-product that meets the goals of the organization. In fact, Domain-Driven Design promotes focusing the project on an evolving core model.

It will teach you how to effectively model the real world in your application and use OOP to encapsulate the business logic of the organization. 

ASP.Net Web API Core from “Vanilla” Project Template?—?Part I

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What I would like to focus on this series of writings is how to create a simple HTTP API that covers main HTTP verbs such as HTTP GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, AND PATCH using ASP.NET Core.

In light of the sheer amount of information that needs to be covered, I have segmented the full topic into multiple articles.

PyDev of the Week: Lukasz Langa

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This week we welcome ?ukasz Langa (@llanga) as our PyDev of the Week! ?ukasz is the author of PEP 443 — Single-dispatch generic functions. He also authors an interesting blog, although it’s not just a programming blog. You can see what ?ukasz has been up to over on Github. Let’s take a few moments to get to know him better!

Can You Tell Us a Little About Yourself (Hobbies, Education, etc):

My first name is ?ukasz which is an endless source of Unicode joy. I have been committed to Python since 2010 and started out as a maintainer for configparser. Nowadays I am working on the type hinting side of things. I like analog synthesizers, bicycles, and the Fallout game series. In my free time, I’m helping Facebook embrace Python 3.

All You Need to Know About JavaScript Programming Tools

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In the modern world, JavaScript is one of the most common and widely used programming languages. There are a lot of tools for Javascript development that make a programmer’s life easy. These JS development tools not only provide the developers with a vast pool of functionality but also help them in debugging and provide significant support for HTML5. Each developer can use these JavaScript tools and can gain maximum benefit from them. These tools were not very common a few years ago, but nowadays every developer uses Javascript programming tools for the purpose of developing or programming. This toolkit can be very helpful for developers because it makes it easy for them to write and execute code and find any problem in the code.

A list of some best Javascript development tools is being shared in order to provide support to the readers.

Python Functional Programming

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Different Programming Paradigms

There are several approaches to computer programming utilized to solve similar tasks and some of them are more suited to specific tasks. The most prevailing ones are:

Procedural Programming

This type of programming is a list of instructions coded by the programmer and followed strictly by the computer. Many C examples can be seen as procedural (C can be used to program in other paradigms as well, but the language was designed with procedural programming in mind). C++ and Python can be used to program in a procedural style.

How to Make a Professional Website (Short Guide for Newbies)

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Website builders are one of the easiest ways to create a website when you do not have endless resources like time or money. It is totally normal to have no idea where to even start when thinking about building a website, but that doesn’t mean that learning will be difficult. You don’t need to be super tech savvy to build a website that works for what you need it to do. These days, you won’t even need to touch the code that is formulated behind the scenes of the website.

What You Will Need

At the bare minimum, this is what you will need when you begin building your website: a domain name, your business email address, website building software, a website host, a website template design, your logo, high-quality images, an image editor, and Google Analytics.

Block Web Crawlers With Rails

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Search engines “crawl” and “index” web content through programs called robots (a.k.a. crawlers or spiders). This may be problematic for our projects in situations such as:

  • a staging environment
  • migrating data from a legacy system to new locations
  • rolling out alpha or beta features

Approaches to blocking crawlers in these scenarios include:

The Modern Application Stack – Part 3: Building a REST API Using Express.js

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This is the third in a series of blog posts examining the technologies that are driving the development of modern web and mobile applications.

Part 1: Introducing The MEAN Stack (and the young MERN upstart) introduced the technologies making up the MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js) and MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) Stacks, why you might want to use them, and how to combine them to build your web application (or your native mobile or desktop app).

Top Five Things That Could Complicate IT in 2017

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ManageEngine announced the results of its “#uncomplicate IT” survey. More than 150 network admins, IT managers, system admins, network architects, and CIOs who use ManageEngine and third-party IT management solutions participated in the survey to discover the top five IT management challenges they expect to face this year. The company also released the “#uncomplicate IT Solutions Handbook,” which helps IT pros meet the most pressing challenges.

According to the survey results, the top five things that are expected to complicate IT in 2017 are:

Testing React Applications With Jest

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Writing tests is an integral part of application development. Testing results in software that has fewer bugs, more stability, and is easier to maintain. In this article, we’ll look at how to test a React application using the Jest testing framework.

Jest is a JavaScript test runner maintained by Facebook. A test runner is software that looks for tests in your codebase, runs them and displays the results (usually through a CLI interface).

7 Programming Languages That Grab My Attention!

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Technology is changing the world as well as itself. Today, we use computer programming in almost everything: households, agriculture, health, entertainment, communication, banking, etc. Programming languages or computer languages (no matter the name you prefer) are expanding more and more, due to the fact that we’re “exploring” new products.

Programming languages in general, with different or similar purposes, are competing among each other in the tech world. This makes us wonder which one will be kicked out during the race and who will move forward and keep on growing? Why are Rust, Swift or Go more popular than others? Are there new programming languages that will appear and replace them soon?

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