Facebook to get a Buy button

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What, you like clicking things, don’t you? Kurt Wagner, at Recode, explains the social network’s deal with processor Stripe.

This is noteworthy given that Facebook has other payments partners on different features, including PayPal’s mobile payments unit Braintree. It’s also not the first time Facebook and Stripe have worked together. Facebook partnered with Stripe last year on a separate project that enables Facebook users to autofill their payment information from Facebook when using third-party apps (Braintree was also a partner).

Neil Gaiman on the quiet rage of Terry Pratchett

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Neil Gaiman’s introduction to A Slip of the Keyboard, a collection of Terry Pratchett’s nonfiction essays, exposes a little-known side of the writer than many think of as a “twinkly old elf” — the rage that is Pratchett’s engine, driving him to write deceptively simple stories that decry unfairness and make virtue from bravery.

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