Spliff, a film festival for stoners, by stoners

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Spliff is a brand new film festival from the folks behind Dan Savage’s Hump! fest. While Hump! shows homemade, but well-curated, porn, Spliff will feature films “made by the stoned for the stoned” that are a maximum of four minutes and 20 seconds in length.

The SPLIFF Film Festival is where filmmakers, artists, animators, and stoners share original film shorts exploring stoner themes. From serious takes on pot culture to stoner comedy to mind-blowing weirdness—they all have a home at SPLIFF. Creative types of all stripes entertain, challenge, and amaze SPLIFF audiences with short films that examine and/or celebrate recreational marijuana use and its liberating effects on our imaginations, appetites, libidos, and creative energies. At SPLIFF, you’ll see films that will make you laugh, films that will make you think, and films that will make you ask, “What the fuck was that?!”

The festival will show in four cities — Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Denver — in April 2019.

Filmmakers: Smoke a joint, pop an edible, or vape, then make a film and submit it for consideration by March 1, 2019. That’s enough time for even the most stoniest of the stoners amongst us.

Rick Astley sings with Choir! Choir! Choir!

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Rick Astley is getting around lately. We recently saw him on a Canadian morning show for a live, in-person rickroll. Now he’s singing his 1987 hit song, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” with Choir! Choir! Choir! in Toronto.

Here’s what Choir! Choir! Choir! wrote about it:

In March 2018, we made a video asking pop legend Rick Astley to come sing with us.

We just had a feeling it would be a perfect fit.

HE SHOWED UP two weeks later!!

And guess what?

We were right,

But it was even more incredible than we could have expected.

Rick looks and sounds better than ever.

He’s back in a BIG way writing and performing all new material, Slaying it all over again.

He is the real deal, and always has been.

He also challenged another musician to come sing with us,

So look for that at the end of the video…

Rick is back on tour throughout the US right now, and his band is killer, So look out for him making his way to your town!

Now enjoy the best version of Never Gonna Give You Up EVER!

Watch traffic flow better in 30 simulations of a 4-way intersection

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YouTuber euverus modded Cities: Skylines to demonstrate how 30 different types of intersections have dramatically different amounts of traffic flow. A four-way intersection with no traffic lights gets a flow of 191 vehicles per minute, where a stack interchange can handle 1099 vehicles in the same time frame.

The mods used, Traffic Manager: President Edition and Network Extensions 2, are both available for free on Steam.

The big surprise for me was the roundabout, because we rarely have them in the Midwest or the West Coast. They seemed like a lot of extra space needed for an incremental benefit, but it appears they can be more efficient and safer, even weird ones.

• Traffic flow measured on 30 different 4-way junctions (YouTube / euverus)

Get a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero with adapters

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The Raspberry Pi Zero is a tiny Linux computer. Ever since they were announced last year for $5, they have been hard to get. But if you are willing to spend about $20, you can get one on Amazon. This Raspberry Pi Zero kit from Argon Forty is $18.50, and it also includes a Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter and a Micro USB OTG to USB Adapter, both of which I needed anyway, so it’s a good deal. The Raspberry Pi Zero W is $2 more and comes with onboard Wi-Fi. You will also need a Micro SDHC flash memory card (here’s a 16GB one for $7) If you are coming to Maker Faire this year, you can see what I made with it, I’ll be presenting at 1pm on Sunday.

Stolen Department of Revenue hard drives used for storing Xbox games

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A few weeks back, a number of external hard drives full of state taxpayer information were poached from the offices of Florida’s Department of Revenue. Why these drives full of sensitive data were left out in the open where anyone could walk with one is a question I’m betting there’s a really entertaining answer to. Maybe we’ll get to hear it someday. In the meantime, here we go: the drives have been recovered and the criminal mastermind behind the theft was a janitor that wanted more storage in which to download Xbox games.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida man (of course) Andru Rae’sion Reed was cleaning the offices of the Florida Department of Revenue when he saw the hard drives and decided to take it upon himself to liberate them from the day-to-day drudgery of storing a whack of taxpayer information. As he took them to their new forever home, Reed promised the hard drives that they could spend their days chewing on game files while they were attached to his Xbox.

On March 30, FDLE agents dropped by Reed’s home to see how he was doing and see if he, I don’t know, knew anything about the missing hard drives. Reed came clean on the fact that he did indeed have the drives, stating that he had no idea of what was on them. From what the FDLE has to say, it doesn’t look like any of the taxpayer information on the drives was shared by Reed, but they’re going to do a little more digital digging, just to make sure.

Reed has been arrested on offenses against intellectual property and offenses against users of computer systems, both of which are third degree felonies.

That’s a tough beef for some fella that just wanted to get his game on.

Image via pxhere

“Pirate Water” and other fragrances inspired by Disney resorts

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We’ve seen Disneyland-scented candles before but now there are new contenders in the category of “Things that smell like something you’d find in a Disney resort.”

While the Magic Candle Company in Kissimmee, Florida is not affiliated with Disney in any official way, they have made an entire line of candles, wax melts, and spray-on room fragrances that smell like something you’d find in a Disney park.

I think the funniest one is this “Pirate Water” which is scented like the “musty, damp smell” of a familiar “dark water ride” (ie. the Bromine-filled waters of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride).

Take a whiff down memory lane with their other (completely unofficial and unsanctioned) scents like: Pinocchio’s Village (a “powerful aroma of pistachio nuts, almond, honey, heliotrope, and rich, creamy vanilla custard”), Churro (“cinnamon, sugar and hints of bergamot and creamy dark chocolate”), and the Pineapple Float (they write, “‘Dole’ out a smile every time you smell our Pineapple Float fragrance”).

There’s also something called Walt’s Office which is the “warm and spicy aroma of cured pipe tobacco.”

Prices are $7.95 for wax melts, $18.95 for the room sprays, and between $15.95 and $28.95 for the candles.

The Magic Candle Company

Thanks, Frank!

EFF and iFixit are hosting a Reddit AMA on jailbreaking TOMORROW at 11AM Pacific

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Join me, EFF attorney Kit Walsh and iFixit’s Kyle Wiens — along with special guests! — in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session tomorrow (Thursday) from 11AM-3PM Pacific; we’ll be talking about the upcoming Copyright Office hearings on creating exceptions to the DMCA to make room for independent repair and security research. We’ll be live here at 11AM tomorrow! Pass it on.


Tumbleweeds invade a California town and residents have to call 911

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Like a scene from a 1970s horror flick, tumbleweeds invaded a neighborhood in Victorville, California on Monday, racing towards a neighborhood at 60mp and piling up so high against houses that some residents were calling 911 for help.

“We’re not exactly sure how many homes are affected, but we’re estimating about 100 to 150 homes in that area,” a Victorville spokesman told the Victorville Daily Press. “The primary goal is to clear the front of the houses, to remove the tumbleweeds in order to allow residents safe access to their homes…With the winds as strong as they are, as soon as they clear certain areas, more tumbleweeds are blowing right back in.” Not surprisingly, crews had to work overtime into the night to get rid of these thorny invaders.

LA Fitness assumes black man isn’t a member (but he is), bars him from entering and calls police

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My first response to this story was “Unbelievable!” but unfortunately in America it’s all too real, too frequent, and very believable.

Tshyrad Oates says he has been a paying member of LA Fitness in Secaucus, NJ for at least eight years. But when he went to his gym earlier this week, the gym accused him of entering without paying. He showed them his membership card – twice, once to the manager and once to the expressionless clerk at the desk – and both times the computer showed that he was indeed a member of the gym. But that wasn’t good enough. Police were called in.

By the end of the video above (or the fourth video below), Oates is wondering why the gym is now terminating his membership. He says he doesn’t know what he did. Even one of the police officers admits he has no idea why Oates is getting kicked out.

The four videos below were taken by Oates’ friend, who was with him at the gym. The gym manager told them they had to stop shooting the video, and even tried to get the police to make them stop with the camera, but the police admitted that it wasn’t illegal to shoot a video.

Nancy comic tackles subject of bots

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I haven’t read newspaper comics in years, and I was surprised that Nancy is still around. Yesterday’s strip was about computational propaganda. I like the image of Sluggo as a bot and would like it in a T-shirt. The 123 comments on this particular strip are lively. Here are a couple of examples:

I don’t see this as being anything close to what Bushmiller – or Gilchrist – would have written, or anything close to funny. I think the new artist/writer is terrible at both. And Nancy and Sluggo continue to have the yellowish green skin that makes them appear to have a severe case of jaundice. The syndicate made a bad choice for the new artist/writer and will have to rectify that soon or this comic strip will go down the tubes. — Oldiesfan

@Oldiesfan: Read the “Nancy Classics” archives and do some intensive Google/Google Image searches for some of the old Bushmiller strips; then make your decision. I remember the Bushmiller era very well and even have some of his “Nancy” comic strips in the digest book form that was available back in the 1960’s and 1970’s (I think from Fawcett-Crest or Dell or one of those outfits), much like the “Peanuts” strips were. I can attest by comparison that today’s strip jives pretty well with what Bushmiller often did, with the employment of visual gags like the one in the last panel. Quite often Nancy would get into a disagreement or fight with Sluggo and imagine him in some unflattering form or other as a consequence. It’s entirely possible that Olivia may have taken a few premises from some old strips and put her spin on them (even if just to throw some of us old-timers a bone), in addition to inventing new gags of her own. — Kaiserfrazer67

Validate your Salesforce skills with these 8 courses

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Competition in the job market is getting stiff, and while experience and a four-year degree can put you on the map, most employers prefer applicants versed in the tools that power their industry. To this end, certifying your skills with Salesforce is a smart move. The world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Salesforce is used by companies in multiple industries for its cloud-based applications in sales, service, marketing, and more, and you can train to validate your skills with it via the Salesforce Trailblazer Bundle, on sale for $29.99.

Featuring 65 hours of training across eight courses, this collection will guide you through the nuts and bolts of working with Salesforce and how to earn several certifications, including the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification and Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification. You’ll start with the basics of Salesforce and cloud computing. Then, you’ll move on to more nuanced skills, like managing accounts, analyzing reports, and even building apps on the Salesforce platform.

The Salesforce Trailblazer Bundle is on sale today for $29.99 in the Boing Boing Store.


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