The Land Before Time, “Scottish” edition

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Dillon Cassidy and Kelly Kraft redubbed the classic Don Bluth animated feature “The Land Before Time” with “Scottish” voices. The whole movie! Enjoy it while it lasts. [via]

Narrator – Trumane Alston
Bryce – Spencer Hawk
Cera – Michelle Davey
Old Rooter – Denver Collins
Mother – Chris Hanley
Ducky – Liz Anderson
Petri – Taylor Jones

Produced by Dillon Cassidy
Edited by Kelly Kraft

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These hi-fi earplugs cut the sound but keep sound quality

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For musicians, clubgoers or anyone in the thick of a loud environment, earplugs aren’t just an option. If you plan on keeping your hearing through sustained exposure to levels over 85 decibels (roughly the sound of a blender), they’re a must.

The good news is, most earplugs will muffle the sound. The bad news is, that’s exactly how it sounds: muffled. If you love music as much as you love your ears, Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs are a high-tech alternative.

Thanks to specially designed tubes in the casing, Vibes can filter sound selectively, lowering the volume by 22 dB across frequencies while keeping (and in some cases enhancing) clarity. They’re made to be discreet, with a nearly invisible profile and three interchangeable, washable tips to fit any ear size. And they’ve got staying power in any environment too, thanks to a detachable cord that clips onto each earplug.

Right now, you can pick up a pair of Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs with Attachable Cord for $19.99 – a full 25% off the list price. Read the rest

Clever ‘Avengers: Endgame’ flipbook

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Are you ready for ‘Avengers: Endgame’ to hit movie theaters this weekend?

TheFlippist created this amazing flipbook devoted to the superhero film’s imminent release.

It’s “Ant Man doing his expanding thang in Thanos.”

Says TheFlippist, “I’m no Avengers scholar so just assuming Thanos has purple insides.”

And below, here’s the official trailer for Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: ENDGAME.

In theaters April 26.

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At first I thought this Ka-Bar Tactical Spork was an artisanal Spork

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My friend sent me a photo of his uber tuff tactical Spork.

Perhaps it is the burlap couch upholstery, but my aged eyes missed the KABAR and thought this was a handcrafted Spork that some Seattle-area artist must have designed just for my pal. Because who doesn’t want a super cool Spork?

I was told to wait for it. Then I was sent this photo and it became clear the Spork was made by famed US Military hardware enthusiast fan-favorite Ka-Bar, and not some artisanal Spork maker.

I am sort of disappointed the fleetingly imagined trend where Game of Thrones enthusaists are all eating with their own custom version of a Casterly Rock Spork, just like Tywin used, died so quickly. I am ordering a KaBar Spork for my camper van.

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This precision 3-piece knife set is just $70

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Seasoned chefs have a bit of a love-hate relationship with their cutlery. A really good set of knives has to prove its worth by being put through the wringer – and if they’re really good, they’ll still look great afterward. So it is with the Damasukasu Japanese 3-Piece Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set.

Sitting in their reverent, minimalist case, they really do look too good to actually be used. But pick one up, and you’ll want to start cutting immediately. They’re made from subtly patterned carbon-rich steel, triple-riveted with a full tang and nitrogen cooled. Science aside, they’re essentially made with the same techniques used to forge Japanese samurai swords, with a 12-degree cutting edge and Rockwell hardness rating of more than 62. Each one is precision-balanced, stain and rust resistant.

Each set contains a 7-inch Nakiri vegetable knife, 8.5-inch slicing knife, and 5-inch utility knife. The full Damasukasu Japanese 3-Piece Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set is now $69.99, a drop from the previous sale price of $199.99. Read the rest

Lasagne PC case

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Behold The Pasta PC, a computer that has a nutrition label in addition to a spec sheet, because he used sheets of pasta as the case. It works, but between the build (consider the thermals) and the antiquity of the Atom-based computer he sacrificed to make it, it’s pretty hinky. [via MeFi]

My wife said something one day joking about making a PC out of Pasta… Never joke with me on such things because I may just do it… and do it I have. Behold… The LASAGNA PC V.1 Clickbait you say?! NAY! This is the real deal. The first ever crazy PC build on this Channel, and the first ever Pasta PC in the world. You’re welcome.

Beautiful as it is, I’ll admit that I’m slightly disappointed he didn’t actually bake a PC into a lasagne. You could get away with what, about 160° without melting stuff on the board? Tasty. Read the rest

Netflix drops trailer for 2018 midterms doc ‘Knock Down the House’

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The Netflix doc Knock Down the House debuted at Sundance earlier this year, winning the Audience Award for U.S. Documentaries. Directed by Rachel Lears, it follows the midterm Congressional campaigns of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Vilela, Cori Bush, and Paula Jean Swearengin.

Knock Down the House comes to Netflix May 1st.

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Start making music in Logic Pro X with this producing course

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With the intuitive software out there today, anyone can become a music producer. You’ve probably heard that from any number of laptop impresarios, but you still have to know how to use the tools – and Logic Pro X is one of the best platforms out there right now. In order to get the most out of it, you’ll need either a seasoned mentor or a comprehensive course like the Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle.

This roundup of eight courses is more than just a walkthrough on the software, though. There are lessons that give a firm foundation in the music theory you’ll need to craft those songs, covering chords, scales, composition, and lyrics. From there, it dives into the tech essentials. You’ll learn how to record vocals in your own home studio, handle third-party plug-ins and mix audio. There’s even a dedicated course on podcasting. Wherever you want to take your production career, you’ll get the fundamentals here.

You can pick up the full Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle on sale for $29. Read the rest

The Voyager Golden Record deconstructed on the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast

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The new episode of the always-fascinating Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast is a play-through of the Voyager Golden Record, the iconic message for extraterrestrials attached to the Voyager I and II space probes launched in 1977. Listen below.

The Golden Record tells a story of our planet expressed in sounds, images, and science: Earth’s greatest music from myriad peoples and eras, from Bach to Blind Willie Johnson to Chuck Berry, Benin percussion to Solomon Island panpipes to, yes, Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

This wonderful episode of Twenty Thousand Hertz features insightful track-by-track commentary by science and philosophy writer Timothy Ferris, producer of the original Voyager Record, and a rare interview with Linda Salzman-Sagan who compiled the greetings on the record.

Two years ago, my friends Timothy Daly, Lawrence Azerrad, and I released the Voyager Golden Record on vinyl for the first time as a lavish box set. Our project’s resonance with the public, and the Grammy that we were honored to receive for it, are really a testament to the majesty of the original record and the brilliance of its creators — Ferris, Salzman-Sagan, Ann Druyan, Frank Drake, and of course Carl Sagan who directed the project.

The Voyager Golden Record 3xLP Vinyl Box Set and 2xCD-Book edition is available from Ozma Records.

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