The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars gets a new trailer and February release date

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Dave Filoni’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars is one of the most beloved entries in the expansive Star Wars universe, and a new trailer for its final season hints that fans will get the closure they’ve always wanted. The Clone Wars will return for its seventh and final season on February 21st.

The trailer brings back some of The Clone Wars’ most popular characters, including Darth Maul, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and, of course, Ahsoka Tano. Tano is best known as Anakin’s padawan who represents equality during a turbulent time. One of the final shots of the trailer teases a showdown between Darth Maul and Ahsoka Tano as the series prepares to come to an end.

The Clone…

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Google’s new experimental apps focus on reducing screen time — including one that uses a paper envelope

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In October, Google debuted experimental apps focused on digital wellbeing, including one that offered a notification mailbox, another that tracked how long you went between phone unlocks, and even one that let you print out the information you needed from your phone for the day so you wouldn’t have to use it, to name a […]

Motorola’s foldable Razr will launch on February 6th after delay

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After a slight delay last month, Motorola’s highly anticipated foldable Razr now has a release date: it’ll be out on February 6th for $1,499, with preorders starting on January 26th.

The new preorder date is exactly a month after the originally planned December 26th date, which Motorola changed due to demand for the foldable device being higher than it had anticipated.

Preorders will be available exclusively at Verizon, Walmart, and on Motorola’s website. The phone will also be available in stores starting on February 6th. However, it’s not clear how easy or difficult it’ll be to just walk in and buy one on the release date; the delay due to demand could suggest that there will be fewer units available.

The resurrected Razr was…

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Kickstart a high-paying career in IT with this CompTIA training bundle

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More and more people are flocking to a wide variety of careers in IT, thanks mostly to the high pay, plentiful advancement opportunities, and an exciting atmosphere that offers new challenges every day.

The only problem is that this high demand means competition can be fierce if you’re entering the job market for the first time, and you need to have the right certifications on your resume if you want to land the best jobs.

With brand new material that covers every element of the latest 2020 exams, the Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle will help you earn top-salaries as an IT pro, and it’s available for 97% off its usual price.

With 14 expert-led courses, this bundle will introduce you to both the basics and more advanced elements of everything from server infrastructure to cybersecurity and beyond.

These courses will give you the skills you need to ace the exams for the CompTIA A+, Network+, Server+, Linux+, Cloud+, and Project+ certifications—all through training that focuses on in-demand networking technologies, cyber security, and much more.

There’s also instruction that will help you pass the Security+, CySA+, and PenTest+ certifications, and there are plenty of practice exam questions to ensure that there aren’t any surprises when it comes time to sit for the real thing.

You’ll also receive extensive training in the field of network security and maintenance—skills that are in growing demand across countless industries in both the public and private sectors.

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Literally give zero fucks with these coins

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For when you have no fucks to give, give (these surprisingly well executed) Zero Fucks Given coins.

This crazy world is filled with dumb-asses and assholes, and we believe we are greatly outnumbered by them, so we invented/created Zero Fucks Coins as a way to arm the citizens of earth with a way offend and defend themselves from these jackasses. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then handing out one of these coins is surely worth zero fucks.

There are plenty of coins to choose from: “Rat’s Ass” ($5.99), “Flying Fuck” ($5.99), “My Two Cents,” ($5.99) and MORE!

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Get in the mood with this commercial from the 90s “Pure Moods” music collection

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Remember when ambient music was Enya and the X-Files theme song, and you could get your favorite mood music from a 1-800 number, instead of streaming it straight to your phone? Remember when my mom actually listened to this on a semi-regular basis, but always skipped the X-Files song, even though it was the only one I cared for, because that show was cool? Good times.

I didn’t remember that the Twin Peaks theme was on here, though. I think they missed the irony of those soothing dulcet tones from northern Washington?

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WhatsApp’s dark mode arrives in latest Android beta

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In this photo illustration the WhatsApp logo is seen...

Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The latest beta version of WhatsApp’s Android app has introduced a long-anticipated dark mode, WABetaInfo is reporting. “Dark Theme” is available to all beta users with version 2.20.13, and can be enabled in the “Chats” section of the app’s settings menu. You have the option of turning WhatsApp’s dark mode permanently on, permanently off, or else having it dictated by Android’s system-wide dark mode or battery saver settings.

Proponents claim that dark modes make app interfaces easier on the eyes in dark environments, and they can also improve the battery life of devices with OLED displays. Purists are likely to object to the fact that WhatsApp’s dark mode is more gray than absolute black, but it’s still a lot darker than the app’s…

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New Lego International Space Station model kit

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Lego fan Christophe Ruge’s design for an International Space Station model was selected for production in celebration of the Lego IDEAS site’s tenth anniversary. The 864-piece set also includes a NASA space shuttle, three cargo spacecraft, and two astronaut minifigures. It’s $69.99 and will be available next month. From the press release:

The realistic set features a posable Canadarm2 and two rotating joints that coincide with eight adjustable solar panels, to replicate the out-of-this-world complexity of the real space station that orbits the Earth sixteen times a day!

Measuring over 7” (20cm) high, 12” (31cm) long and 19” (49cm) wide, the LEGO Ideas International Space Station makes an eye-catching display model that will perfectly compliment any LEGO brick space collection.

The set comes complete with a 148-page illustrated instruction booklet, packed with interesting facts and information about the International Space Station itself and the LEGO fan who created the original design for the set.

Lego International Space Station (

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Play: Dungeons and Deadlines, “an epic game of work-life balance”

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Smarter people than me have pointed out that “work-life balance” says the quiet part out loud, implicitly confirming that you stop living when you’re at work. Miles Matrix’s Dungeons and Deadlines makes all this much realer with acerbic wit and rockin’ chiptunes. My spouse left me after five turns. (via Four Short Links)

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Oculus is dropping the Oculus Go from its business platform

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Oculus’ virtual reality business software program is dropping support for the budget Go headset, pushing users toward the fuller-featured Quest. UploadVR noted today that the “Oculus for Business” page no longer lists the Oculus Go for the platform. An explanatory note says “it’s become clear that Oculus Quest, with its high end graphics and fully immersive capabilities, is the best solution for most business VR needs. We’ve decided to focus our efforts on developing the platform based on Quest features and functionality.”

Businesses can still place bulk Go orders with a license that allows for commercial use, but they won’t get Oculus for Business software, which includes features like remote device management. A representative told U…

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Google designed an envelope you can use to hide your phone from yourself

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Image: Google

Today, Google launched three new experimental apps to help you use your phone less as part of its Digital Wellbeing initiative, including one that actually has you seal up your phone in a phone-sized paper envelope (via Android Police). It sounds similar to the pouches some artists require fans to put their phones into at concerts, except it’s something you make at home — and Google’s envelope should at least let you make a call, if you need to.

If you want to try Google’s envelope technique out for yourself, it only works with a Pixel 3A right now — and we can’t think of a reason that’s the case. If you do have a Pixel 3A, though, download the required Play Store app for the envelope, called Envelope, then print out the PDF for the…

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Apple TV+ scores Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Meryl Streep, announces release dates for new shows

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Apple has scored more big names for its newly launched streaming service, Apple TV+, including “Veep” and “Seinfeld” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as well as Meryl Streep, the latter who’s attached to an animated short film about Earth Day, set to premiere on April 17. In addition, Apple has now announced several new series for Apple […]

Coming Soon – Make:Projects, A New Collaborative Platform

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Exciting New Partnership for Make: Community & Make: Community, producer of Make: Magazine and Maker Faire has been a catalyst for the global maker movement, which is transforming the ways we learn, earn, and live in the 21st Century.  Our mission is to share the know-how of makers and […]

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The AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT Review, Feat. Sapphire Pulse: A New Challenger For Mainstream Gaming

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While at this point we’ve pretty much reached the “mid-generation” point in the GPU space, that doesn’t mean activity in the GPU market is slowing down. Indeed, just three weeks into 2020 and AMD is already up to bat with a new video card, the Radeon RX 5600 XT. Announced a couple of weeks back at CES 2020, the Radeon RX 5600 XT is AMD’s answer to the $200-$300 mainstream video card segment, and is designed to be their ultimate 1080p gaming card. And of all of the AMD RX 5000 series video card launches in the last six months, it’s quickly shaping up to be the biggest fight yet between AMD and NVIDIA.

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