In case you forgot about Despacito, here’s a mash-up of the year in pop

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Every year, DJ Earworm releases a mash-up of the most popular songs of the year, dubbed “The United States of Pop.” Today he released the 2017 version, unsurprisingly backboned by “Despacito,” a hugely popular single worldwide and currently the most-viewed YouTube video of all time.

Usually this mash-up is a good indicator of the current major trends in music, and, as Billboard points out, 2017’s version has a lighter, more tropical vibe than years past. While the “United States of Pop” videos from 2015 and 2016 feel like slinky bedroom tracks, this year’s is much more jittery, full of steel drums, dancehall beats, and, of course, “Bodak Yellow

Here’s the full list of songs sampled:

Bruno Mars – “That’s What I Like”

Camila Cabello…

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Apple’s iMac Pro is a love letter to developers

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Apple iMac Pro The iMac Pro exists because it turns out that there is a lot of air underneath the aging Mac Pro and above the incredibly popular MacBook Pro. A single-digit percentage of Mac customers buy the Mac Pro and, in recent years, Apple had been seeing a major rise in “pro” customers of all shades purchasing iMacs because of their incredible screens, all-in-one form factor and overall ease… Read More

Pandora listeners can now watch video ads to access on-demand music

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 Streaming radio and music service Pandora is today introducing a new way for people to pay for on-demand access to music, without having to upgrade to a Premium subscription. For the first time, radio listeners and those on Pandora’s mid-tier offering, Pandora Plus, will be given the option to watch a video ad in order to unlock an on-demand listening session. The company explains in… Read More

A week on the wrist with the Alpina Startimer

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 It’s refreshing to wear a mechanical watch. The soft sweep of the seconds hand reminds us of the fleeting nature of time while the endless ticking in a dark room is a comfort and a spur to action. Add in a little limited edition provenance with big face and crown and you’ve got a stew going. This particular stew is called the Alpina Startimer. It is a pilot’s watch, a watch… Read More

Beer brand’s giant graffiti Advent calendar ‘tells it like it is’

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There are Advent calendars and then there is the Banks’s Brewery’s Advent calendar.

Launched on December 1, the UK beer brand’s countdown to Christmas stands over 36 feet tall because it’s spray painted on the boarded-up windows of a deserted building in the English city of Wolverhampton.

Their bluntly-stated calendar is part of a larger campaign called “Tells it like it is” and its gritty commentary is meant to appeal to a young, working class audience.

Big Al’s Creative Emporium, the London-based creative agency behind it all, explains:

How do you reassert an identity for a traditional pint of Black Country bitter on a shoestring? Paint it on the walls. That’s how.

Banks’ was a traditional West Midland’s beer in decline, feeling a bit dated and with an ageing core of traditional drinkers. Despite an extremely limited marketing budget, we wanted to give the brand new lease of life by appropriating the straight talking wit and grit of its industrial Black Country roots.

Our solution was to develop a graffiti campaign around the thought ‘Tells it like it is’ and getting our messages on to unconventional urban spaces to create a subversive ambient campaign, which in turn we were able to activate as social media campaign taking on a life of its own.

Here’s a peek at some of those messages:

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White elephant gifts that someone will actually be pleased to receive

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Holiday gift exchanges are often overpopulated with useless junk, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The following items definitely have some novelty appeal, but not without some actual everyday utility. Plus, everything here can be had for 15% off with coupon code GIFTSHOP15.

Hyperchiller Coffee Chiller: 2-Pack

Instead of paying $5 for a cold brew, you can cool your regular coffee in under a minute with a Hyperchiller. With a separate chamber for ice, it won’t water down your beverage, either. A 2-pack usually costs $59.98, but you can save 15% with code GIFTSHOP15.

Universal Waterproof Solar Charger

Mobile chargers are a great thing to throw in your bag, and this Universal Waterproof Solar Charger can follow you to the ends of the earth. It can charge two devices at once, and will survive in most tech-unfriendly environments. It’s MSRP is $50, we normally sell it for $13.99, and you can get it for an extra 15% off when you enter GIFTSHOP15.

IllumiBowl 2.0

This motion-activated toilet night light is a godsend for young children and groggy dads alike. It shines in several bright colors, and can be set to put on a disco light show whenever you need to pee. Save 15% off our usual $12.99 price with GIFTSHOP15.

XXL Shower Speaker

Singing in the shower is one of must underrated joys of life, and you can give yourself a backing track with an XXL Shower Speaker. It has about a month of battery life on a single charge, and can even answer important phone calls. It costs $19.99 in the Boing Boing Store, and you can save an additional 15% with coupon code GIFTSHOP15.

Millennium Falcon Ice Molds

If you’re planning on throwing a cantina party to celebrate the release of The Last Jedi, these Millennium Falcon Ice Molds will add the perfect touch for your Wookie cocktail. A $15 value, you can pick them up for 15% off our $9.99 price with code GIFTSHOP15.

Narwhal BBQ Skewer Set

Celebrate the most ethereal beast in the ocean at your nautical barbecue with these Narwhal BBQ Skewers. They’re made of stainless steel, and you get two in a pack. Our sale price is typically $34.99, but you can save 15% when you enter GIFTSHOP15 at checkout.

Model PPK Rubber Band Gun

Whether your favorite James Bond is a gritty Daniel Craig, boorish Sean Connery, or a silly Pierce Brosnan, anyone can enjoy this Model PPK Rubber Band Gun. It launches rubber bands up to 50 feet with semi-automatic action, and you can enter GIFTSHOP15 to take 15% off our $19.99 price.

SaberLight Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter: 2-Pack

These SaberLight Plasma Beam Lighters work in a downpour, and are totally TSA-approved. And they’re fully rechargeable over USB, so you don’t have to throw them out when they run out of juice. We sell them for $170 less than retail — $29.99 — and you can