Ask Hackaday: Is Owning A 3D Printer Worth It?

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3D printers are the single best example of what Open Hardware can be. They’re useful for prototyping, building jigs for other tools, and Lulzbot has proven desktop 3D printers can be used in industrial production. We endorse 3D printing as a viable tool as a matter of course around here, but that doesn’t mean we think every house should have a 3D printer.

Back when Bre was on Colbert and manufacturing was the next thing to be ‘disrupted’, the value proposition of 3D printing was this: everyone would want a 3D printer at home because you could print plastic trinkets. …read more

This Japanese doggy drone is a very good drone

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The Japanese town of Oji is going to lure in tourists with the help of its new doggy drone. In a short film / commercial released earlier this month, the Yukimaru quadcopter flies to the main Oji attractions, like a scenic photo op, a temple, and the Bell of Eternal Lovers. Oji isn’t Tokyo but it still has a lot to offer visitors, like a doggo drone!

The film is endearing for both drone fans and people naturally inclined to enjoy views of the Japanese countryside. We’re unclear on whether this drone actually exists or is a CGI production, although RocketNews24 says it’s possible Yukimaru will show up around town at both festivals and the openings of car dealerships. So I guess it’s real? Regardless, I think the idea behind Yukimaru is…

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Cadillac’s new infotainment system is not your computer

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A Cadillac can’t take the place of your smartphone — and as GM computer engineers tell it, they don’t want it to. But what they are trying to do over time is make the act of using your phone in relation to the car an experience that gets better.

Cadillac will begin selling its next-generation user experience system in the CTS next month, and it will soon be added to the 2018 XTS and ATS models. Last week I traveled to Detroit, deep into the windowless basement operations of GM’s Renaissance Center headquarters, to check out the new system ahead of its official launch.

But first a little background: when I first began covering cars, the assessment of in-car entertainment was wrapped up in a neat paragraph at the end of the review,…

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The new LCD Etch A Sketch Freestyle can’t shake off the lies

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Remember Etch A Sketch? Remember spending hours honing your fine motor skills in turning the knobs and dials, trying to perfect tracing over the lines? Remember never letting anyone into your room again after your neighbor’s kid accidentally kicked your Etch A Sketch across the floor and destroyed your masterpiece?

The Etch A Sketch was an exercise in patience, character-building, and hand-eye coordination. Today’s kids won’t get to experience any of that with the latest collaboration from Spin Master (the company that acquired Etch A Sketch in 2016) and BoogieBoard, the Etch A Sketch Freestyle. It’s half the fun of the classic Etch A Sketch, with none of the effort.

Etch A Sketch Freestyle takes the aluminum powder out entirely and…

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Researchers devise method for regenerating hair cells to help reverse hearing loss

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unnamed As we age, the hair cells in our ears – like the rest of us – slowly die (how’s that for a bummer of an opening). That damage to the approximately 15,000 hair cells per ear, which can be exacerbated by loud noise and some medication, is a leading factor contributing to hearing loss. And once those cells have been damaged, they don’t grow back naturally. A new… Read More

Skurt has raised a $10M Series A to grow its rental car delivery service

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skurtdeliveryshot Skurt, the Los Angeles-based rental car delivery startup, has raised $10 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Upfront Ventures (which also led a $1.3 million seed round), and included a strategic investment from BMW, as well as funding from Troy Carter’s Cross Culture Ventures, Expansion VC, Greycroft and Magic Johnson.
Skurt has an interesting take on the rental car… Read More

Google launches GPU support for its Cloud Platform

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tesla-m40-header Three months ago, Google announced that it would launch support for high-end graphics processing units (GPUs) for machine learning and other specialized workloads in early 2017. It’s now early 2017 and, true to its word, Google today officially made GPUs on the Google Cloud Platform available to developers. As expected, these are NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs and developers will be able to… Read More

Interviews with Silicon Valley employees affected by new immigration policies

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Interviews with six employees who work in Silicon Valley about the ways Trump’s recent actions against immigrants have affected them. Powerful stuff.

Banned” features six interviews of Silicon Valley employees who are directly affected by immigration policies introduced by the Trump administration. The goal of this project is to provide an uninformed public a more comprehensive picture of who these policies will affect, to bring awareness to Silicon Valley about the issues facing members of their own community, and directly address ongoing stereotypes around immigration.

5 open source security tools too good to ignore

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Open source is a wonderful thing. A significant chunk of today’s enterprise IT and personal technology depends on open source software. But even while open source software is widely used in networking, operating systems, and virtualization, enterprise security platforms still tend to be proprietary and vendor-locked. Fortunately, that’s changing. 

If you haven’t been looking to open source to help address your security needs, it’s a shame—you’re missing out on a growing number of freely available tools for protecting your networks, hosts, and data. The best part is, many of these tools come from active projects backed by well-known sources you can trust, such as leading security companies and major cloud operators. And many have been tested in the biggest and most challenging environments you can imagine. 

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Smaller Cheaper Arduino

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Well, honestly, [Michael Mayer’s] STM8 Arduino (called Sduino) isn’t actually much to do with the Arduino, except in spirit. The STM8 is an 8-bit processor. It is dirt cheap and has some special motor control features that are handy. There’s a significant library available for it. However, it can be a pain to use the library and set up the build.

Just like how the Arduino IDE provides libraries and a build system for gcc, Sduino provides similar libraries and a build system for the sdcc compiler that can target the STM8. However, if you are expecting the Arduino’s GUI …read more

Here One review: a bitter taste of the future

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I haven’t lusted for a product in recent memory as much as I have for the Here One. As someone who is overly optimistic about the idea of truly wireless earbuds, and as someone who was genuinely impressed by the technology behind (and social implications of) Here Active Listening — Doppler Labs’ first pair of earbuds, which let you augment the audio around you but didn’t feature audio streaming — this seemed like the perfect product for me. Here One looked like it would fall right in that sweet spot of bleeding-edge tech that you could still use every day.

The Here One earbuds are impressive in a lot of different ways: the sound quality is the best you’ll find on truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds; the hardware design is superb; and the…

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The Bachelor Fantasy League, week eight: race, money, and swamps

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Love’s a game and this year we’re playing. For the full rules and intellectual justification of The Verge Bachelor Fantasy League please see this explanatory post. For a little background on why this is poised to be the best-ever season of The Bachelor, see this essay by culture editor Chris Plante:

Kaitlyn Tiffany: *Sportscaster voice* Welcome to the final four! It’s hard to believe that we’ve made it this far or that we’ll ever make it to the end. This week on The Bachelor, Nick Viall visited the hometowns of every woman he has left to choose from. At each home, he asked families, “Would you be okay with me proposing to your child?” and every time, he was met with a resounding “Um, I guess.”

Annually, this episode boils down to a…

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From lunch to acquisition: How Atlassian bought Trello

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atlassian-trello1 Last September, Atlassian co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes flew from Sydney to New York to have lunch with Trello CEO Mike Michael Pryor. The two met at a Mexican restaurant not too far from Trello’s offices. After the lunch, Cannon-Brookes immediately got on another flight back home. Not long after, Atlassian bought Trello for $424 million — its biggest acquisition yet. Read More

Review: Doppler Labs Here One smart earbuds

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4_here_one_buds_white Headphones are a gadget that people often fail to fully appreciate. In the face of all the latest tech trends, headphones remain just as versatile as ever. They’re virtual reality devices letting users experience concerts in their homes, they’re the first wearables to reach ubiquity and, if you believe the folks at Doppler Labs, they’re about to find a new role in… Read More

Facebook updates Analytics for Apps with improved segmentation and domain-level reporting

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BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 24:  Coffee mugs adorned with the Facebook logo stand at the Facebook Innovation Hub on February 24, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. The Facebook Innovation Hub is a temporary exhibition space where the company is showcasing some of its newest technologies and projects.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) Facebook today launched an update to Analytics for Apps, its cross-platform analytics platform for developers who want to track how their users engage with their sites, bots and apps. The promise of Analytics for Apps is that it allows developers to better understand their audience and then use this data to better engage them through push and in-app notifications. As Facebook announced… Read More

MIT creates an intelligent power supply lets hardware sip energy

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low-energy Researchers at MIT have created a power supply for small electronic devices that “sips” energy by turning devices on with packets of energy rather than a steady stream. Most power converters release a steady voltage. This means they’re generally inefficient for small devices like sensors and other devices that don’t need to be constantly on. The MIT’s… Read More

This is your last chance to buy tickets to the D.C. Meetup + Pitch-off!

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meetups Tonight is the night! The Washington D.C. Meetup + Pitch-off is tonight and we have quite the show in store for you. We’ll kick off the evening with a fireside chat with Facebook security engineer Benjamin Strahs, followed by a fireside with Bradley Tusk, a man who needs no introduction. From there, we’ll head straight into the pitch-off, where ten amazing companies will pitch… Read More

MobiTV raises $21M as it pivots into set top box-free IPTV for the living room

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old television MobiTV, one of the first companies (est. 1999) to bring TV services to mobile devices, has raised some funding as it moves into a late-stage pivot to bring its technology to the living room. The company today announced that it has picked up a growth round of $21 million from Oak Investment Partners and Ally Bank. It plans to use the funds for further development and marketing of its… Read More

First Look: Macchina M2

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In the past few years, we’ve seen a growth in car hacking. Newer tools are being released, which makes it faster and cheaper to get into automotive tinkering. Today we’re taking a first look at the M2, a new device from the folks at Macchina.

The Macchina M1 was the first release of a hacker friendly automotive device from the company. This was an Arduino compatible board, which kept the Arduino form factor but added interface hardware for the protocols most commonly found in cars. This allowed for anyone familiar with Arduino to start tinkering with cars in a familiar …read more

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