How to turn GIFs into a wallpaper for your Apple Watch

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Watch with GIF

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

While looking for some new and interesting wallpapers for my Apple Watch, I came across a Reddit post showing Apple Watch wallpaper that had been created from a GIF — and I simply had to create some of my own. Mostly because a) Apple’s default time lapse wallpapers felt a bit boring, and b) Live Photos I shoot with my phone aren’t as interesting as some of the glitch art you can find online.

The process is very simple — you’re basically converting a GIF into a Live Photo. It does take a few steps to get it to work just right. Bear with me, though. I promise it’s worth it.

  • Go to the Apple Store and download an app that lets you turn GIFs into Live Photos. You can use a popular app like Giphy which not only has a lot of GIFs available,…

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Bethesda wants to charge Fallout 76 players $13 a month for premium features

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Fallout 76

Image: Bethesda

Bethesda is taking a rather unique approach to adding new in-game content for its multiplayer survival shooter Fallout 76. Instead of adding it in for free or making it part of a paid expansion, the developer is now selling a $12.99 monthly subscription it’s calling Fallout 1st, which will grant access to premium features. In particular, the membership — Bethesda is calling it a membership and not a subscription — “offers something players have been asking for since before launch: private worlds for you and select friends.”

You’ll get some other perks, too. There’s a “scrapbox” storage container for holding unlimited materials, a monthly deposit of in-game Atoms currency for you to spend, exclusive outfits and other cosmetics, and a new…

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Google just launched a handful of clever apps to help you spend less time on your phone

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How would you feel if your phone’s wallpaper displayed a running tally of the number of times you unlock your device every day? Ashamed? Indifferent? If you’ve got an Android phone, Google is now giving you that option — plus other new initiatives that are part of the company’s ongoing Digital Wellbeing effort.

As noted by Android Police, Google has released several new Digital Wellbeing “experiments” in the Play Store. The one I mentioned above is called Unlock Clock. “Unlock Clock helps you consider your tech usage, by counting and displaying the number of times you unlock your phone in a day,” the app description reads. Once installed, you can find Unlock Clock inside of Google’s Wallpapers app and set it as a live wallpaper.

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Wooden birthday card is also a robot puzzle

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This wooden birthday card spells “HAPPY BIRTHDAY.” You can remove the letters from the card and make a little robot that holds a tiny wooden greeting card that says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY.” It’s only , just a few bucks more than a boring paper card you’d find at one of those fancy greeting card shops at a mall. The same company makes robot greeting cards for other occasions, too. Read the rest

The OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition is T-Mobile’s second 5G phone

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Image: OnePlus

OnePlus has announced its second 5G phone, the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, and it’s set to be exclusive to T-Mobile in the US. OnePlus announced the 7T Pro and the McLaren variant earlier this month, but at the time, it made no mention of a 5G version of the device.

The McLaren Edition of the phone is similar to the standard 7T Pro model, but it features an orange-and-black color scheme and increases the amount of RAM from 8GB to 12GB. It’s available as a 4G-only model outside of the US, while T-Mobile’s version will support both 4G and 5G.

This will be T-Mobile’s second 5G device after the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, which T-Mobile offered alongside the launch of its 5G network b…

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Hey Robot is a party game that tests how smart Alexa is

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Photo: Everybody House Games

Sometimes, it can feel impossible to get what you want from a smart assistant. That problem is the premise of a new board game called Hey Robot, which tasks players with getting Alexa or another digital assistant to say a specific word before their opponents can.

The gameplay works much like Taboo: players are given a selection of words, and they have to figure out what they can ask a smart assistant that will get it to recite the word without saying any form of the word in their question.

“The game works because the devices don’t work that great,” says Frank Lantz, one of the game’s creators. “It’s very funny. You think, ‘Oh this is going to be easy. How hard can this be?’ But that’s the thing. It actually can be very challenging, and…

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Adafruit Launches Buy One, Give One With Black Girls Code

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You want an Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, at least you should, they’re pretty awesome. So why not take this opportunity to buy one and help Adafruit give one to Black Girls Code at the same time. For a limited time, when you go to this page and buy a Circuit […]

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Great guide to hand-lettering comics

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You can still buy an Ames Lettering Guide! They are cheap, too. I used one in college drafting classes and also when I drew comics for bOING bOING. I think I still have it around somewhere. In this video by our friends at Cartoonist Kayfabe, Jim Rugg uses an Ames Lettering Guide as part of his excellent comic book hand lettering guide. Jim is one of the best letterers around. Most cartoonists use computer fonts, so it’s a treat to see Jim letter with an ink pen. Read the rest

How to make bland, soulless corporate music

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Tantacrul explains what corporate music is, exactly—”it is designed not to resonate emotionally”— and how to make it. You don’t have to be up on your Adorno and Horkheimer, but it helps! The meat of the matter begins about 6 minutes in.

In this video I explore how corporatism produces soulless music, some of which is amusingly awful! I also explore how tech and oil companies with dubious business practices use music as part of propaganda campaigns to convince the public that they support ecological activism. With some music theory thrown in along the way, I also compose a few kinds of different corporate styles to show the various tropes that exist. Some of it is blundering nonsense. Some of it is a little more sinister. All of it is garbage. Enjoy!

I’m a big fan of corporate music that resonates emotionally by accident.

This was always a thing (the Bruton catalog is full of great examples) but it’s almost a norm nowadays because talented artists often go into library music from the outset because the touring/recording/starmaking industry is so hopelessly cooked.

“The most common and egregious isn’t-life-just-awesome instrument is the ukulele.” Read the rest

A mere $112K will get you a Tiffany’s advent calendar

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Tiffany’s little blue box just got bigger as the luxury brand has just introduced a four-foot-tall advent calendar.


[It] features a stylish screen-printed rendering of the façade of the brand’s New York Flagship store, but as the saying goes, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” That’s because each one of the calendar’s compartments is filled with a blue box: There’s a full-size sterling silver “paper” cup, an 18k gold Tiffany T True bracelet, an 18k rose gold Tiffany Smile pendant with diamonds, and 21 other treats.

Want one? Contact and be prepared to pony up at least $122,000.

Me? I’ll take that advent calendar for cats and pocket the roughly $111992.01 extra instead, thanks.

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Learn how to raise your first euros at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin

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Thinking about sending a cold pitch? Curious how to connect with investors? Looking for fundraising tips for your first venture? Startup funding experts including Forward Partners managing partner Nic Brisbourne, Target Global partner Malin Holmberg and DocSend co-founder and chief executive officer Russ Heddleston will sit down together and dish out all their best pieces […]

Take half off this gravity-defying bonsai tree pot

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Most people don’t spare a lot of thought on the potting for their plants. Perhaps something with a color that matches the walls, but that’s as far as it goes. After all, the plants don’t care what they’re wearing. Do they?

Actually, they might. As eye-catching as the AIRSAI Floating Bonsai Plant Pot is, its main attraction is more than just a magic trick. It might even help your plant thrive.

Yes, that’s an actual levitating plant stand and pot, designed to transform an already tranquil plant into a downright transcendent piece of home art. The pot levitates on the base thanks to simple magnetic technology that will nonetheless mystify guests.

What’s more, the plant can easily be set to rotate continuously. That not only shows off the angles of your favorite plant but will actually nourish it. With 360 degrees of exposure to sunlight, each leaf will get all the light it needs.

The wood and plastic AIRSAI Floating Bonsai Plant Pot is now half off the original price – plant not included. Read the rest

The AUKEY KM-G3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review: A Basic Budget Mechanical Keyboard

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Today we are taking a look at the KM-G3 RGB Mechanical keyboard from AUKEY, a Chinese manufacturer. Designed as an entry-level mechanical keyboard, AUKEY engineered the KM-G3 to offer mechanical switches and RGB lighting at a significantly lower price than the competition. There aren’t any advanced features to speak of, but as a result AUKEYsells the keyboard for just $65, and it is often on sale for even less than that.

Mazda’s first electric car includes rear-hinged ‘freestyle’ doors

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Image: Mazda

The Mazda MX-30 is the Japanese automaker’s first electric car, and it features a pretty eye-catching design for its side doors. On both sides, the MX-30’s rear doors open from the back rather than the front, and there’s also no center pillar, providing a large entrance when both doors are open. AutoCar reports that Mazda last used these “freestyle” doors on its RX-8.

Outside of its design, the specs of Mazda’s EV crossover are a little more understated. Its drivetrain offers 141 bhp, but AutoCar reports that its 35.5kWh battery is only expected to get a range of around 130 miles. That’s far less than the likes of the Tesla Model 3 (250 miles with its Standard Range Plus version), or the Chevy Bolt (238 miles), and is more in line with…

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Huawei’s folding Mate X ships next month for $2,400

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Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

Huawei’s muchdelayed folding phone, the Mate X, is finally going on sale next month. The company announced the news at a launch event today attended and reported on by Sina Digital.

The Mate X is a 5G phone with Huawei’s Kirin 980 processor and Barong 5000 modem, and it has a dual-cell 4,500mAh battery that can reportedly be filled to 85 percent in half an hour with 55W fast charging. When unfolded, the screen is 8 inches diagonal, and when it’s closed it’s like having a phone with a 6.6-inch screen on the front and a 6.38-inch panel on the back.

Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which opens up like a book, the Mate X’s screen wraps around the outside of the clamshell device. This should make it more usable as a conventional phone than the…

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Startup founders share why they attend TechCrunch Disrupt

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On 11-12 December, thousands of savvy startuppers will flock to Germany for Disrupt Berlin 2019. Disrupt events, the premiere technology conferences hosted by TechCrunch, are known the world over as the place to launch, network, invest in and collaborate with the international early-stage startup community. Disrupt offers plenty of startup action — world-class speakers, Startup […]

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