Tesla Cybertruck in LEGO

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BrickinNick created this LEGO model of the new Tesla Cybertruck. BrickinNick posted it to the LEGO Ideas site. If enough people like the design, it could become an actual LEGO product. From the LEGO Ideas specs:

While its design may not be for everyone, many different elements and functions of the Cybertruck lend themselves well to an electrifying LEGO build. At this time, only the frunk (front trunk) and tailgate function. Opening passenger doors, a full interior, fold or slide out ramp, opening charging ports, steering, suspension, the Tesla ATV, and more could all be integrated (and are being worked on for future project updates) making for an incredibly fun building experience. LEGO motorization could even turn this into a truly all-electric vehicle in brick form!

Dimensions: 35.6 cm L x 15.2 cm W x 12.7 cm H (14″ L x 6″ W x 5″ H)

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What’s the deal with Mandalorians?

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Truth be told, I’m not the biggest Star Wars nerd on my home world. I’ve seen all of the films and played the Star Wars: X-Wing miniature game. That’s it. So, I don’t know much of deeper lore, like what the hell a Mandalorian is. The origins of Beskar? Forget about it.

I ended up watching a bunch of YouTube videos in search of answers. Most of them only left me confused and with more questions than answers. Once again, the Templin Institute offered up my favorite summary.

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This sleep mask is like a weighted blanket for your eyes

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Weighted blankets are officially a thing. And if you’ve ever tried one, you know there’s a reason for the fuss. Parents have known for generations that swaddling a baby has a profound calming effect, and the gentle pressure that blanket weights provide can have the same effect on restless sleepers.

Pretty much all parts of the body can respond to this kind of treatment, which is why the Nodpod® Weighted Sleep Mask is poised to become just as essential for serious bedtime prep.

The cotton/fleece covering is comfy enough, but inside the mask are four gently weighted, BPA-free microfiber pods. They cause the mask to hug the contours of your face without putting undue pressure on your eyeballs – just the right kind of pressure to make you feel secure. Want to sleep on your side? It’s just as effective thanks to a pull-through slit that you can use to tie the Nodpod on. No hair-tugging Velcro here.

Best of all, it’s sale priced just in time to give you some much-needed holiday rest. You can take an extra 15% off that final price by using the discount code MERRYSAVE15. Read the rest

Cyber Week sales are still going: iPad Pro, Dell laptops, Nintendo Switch Lite, and more deals

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

As Cyber Week draws to a close, and retailers begin their sales leading up to the holidays, deals are coming and going quickly. In this transition between sales season, we’ve picked out a few worthwhile deals, and we’ll be updating our coverage to bring you more as the next season of deals kicks off. And some of these deals are even better than the Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Best Buy is offering sizable discounts on the 11-inch models of the latest iPad Pro. The savings range from $150 to $200 and each purchase comes with a free year of Apple TV Plus. We didn’t see any major deals on any iPad Pros over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but we have seen these…

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Unbreakable eyeglasses easily broken

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(Transcript starts at 19:29)

Ray J: “They’re unbreakable.”

Speedy: “Unbreakable?”

Ray J: “They’re unbreakable. Break ’em.”

Speedy: “Step on ’em.”

Ray J: “No, you step on ’em.”

Speedy: “It’s your product.”

Ray J: “You step on ’em. Speedy, step on ’em.”

Speedy: “I can’t do that.”

Ray J: “You can.”

Speedy: “I bet you I can break these.”

Ray J: “They’re unbreakable.”

Speedy: “They’re not unbreakable. Don’t tell me they’re unbreakable. Don’t tell me.”

Ray J: “Listen…”

Speedy: “Don’t tell me they’re unbreakable. I’m gonna break ’em.”

Ray J: “They’re unbreakable. They cannot break. It’s impossible.”

(Speedy snaps eyeglasses in two)

Ray J: “I don’t care. But it’s fine. Don’t worry, there’s more.”

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This AI text adventure game has pretty much infinite possibilities

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Credit: Nick Walton

What will video games be like when they can truly harness the power of AI? If the machine learning-powered text adventure AI Dungeon 2 is anything to go by, they’ll be open-ended, ludicrously silly, and bags of fun to play.

AI Dungeon 2 isn’t exactly a polished game, but more of a passion project from developer Nick Walton. He’s harnessed the power of a state-of-the-art, open-source text generation system built by OpenAI and fed it a bunch of texts in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure books. The result is a text adventure where, to modify a cliché, the only limit is the AI’s imagination.

You can play AI Dungeon 2 for yourself here. Once you’ve gone through a bit of…

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All I want for Christmas is this string light phone charger

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This genius combination of Christmas string lights and phone charger borders the line between kitschy and adorable, but I first saw it on Apartment Therapy, and I trust their judgment when it comes to cute items. It’s a 50-inch USB cable that comes in a Lightning charger cable version for iPhones, Micro USB for Android phones, and USB-C. And it is freakin’ delightful.

Is it worth buying a $12 charger from a random Amazon store that describes itself as, “Our brand name is: Cewuidy. Our seller’s name is YAGE TALE .”? That’s for you to decide, but for me, it is absolutely worth it. Reviewers say the lights won’t get hot even after being plugged in for 12 hours, and that it’s not absolute garbage because it still works after a year! The…

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Hackaday Podcast 045: Raspberry Pi Bug, Rapidly Aging Vodka, Raining on the Cloud, and This Wasn’t a Supercon Episode

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Hackaday editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams talk over the last three weeks full of hacks. Our first “back to normal” podcast after Supercon turns out to still have a lot of Supercon references in it. We discuss Raspberry Pi 4’s HDMI interfering with its WiFi, learn the differences between …read more

Google Assistant adds topical podcast search and photo sharing via voice

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verg

Google Assistant is getting a few new skills to make the virtual assistant more useful, adding the option to share photos directly through voice commands, search for podcasts based on a specific topic, and integrate with more note-keeping apps like Any.do, AnyList, and Bring.

Podcast search is the simplest addition. Just ask Assistant to “find a podcast about holiday cooking” or “show me podcasts about New Year’s resolutions,” and Google will suggest episodes for you to listen.

Photo sharing also works the way you’d expect: you can pull up pictures by asking Google to show you a specific person or date, select your favorites, and then ask Google to send them to a friend. The new part here is the voice commands: instead of navigating the…

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Vergecast: Tesla Cybertruck first ride, Elon Musk’s bad tweets trial, and the departure of Google’s founders

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Photo by Sean O’Kane / The Verge

The Vergecast is back after a Thanksgiving break and our Pirate Radio series with a new tech news roundup for the week. This week’s theme: billionaires doing weird billionaire things.

Dieter Bohn, Casey Newton, Andrew Hawkins, and Paul Miller begin the show discussing Tesla’s event when it unveiled its new electric pickup truck “the Cybertruck,” as well as Ford revealing its first electric Mustang. Who among the crew is on board for this weird billionaire thing?

In the second half of the show, deputy editor Liz Lopatto joins us from Los Angeles where she is covering Elon Musk’s defamation trial regarding Musk’s bad tweets. Liz explains how this lawsuit came to be and what has happened at the trial so far.

There’s a whole lot more in…

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