Emmys 2019: how to watch the awards ceremony online

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The 71st annual Emmy Awards ceremony is tonight at 8PM ET (5PM PT). If you want to watch the talent pack into the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, CA, the pre-show coverage on the red carpet begins an hour earlier, at 7PM ET (4PM PT).

Will your favorite TV shows, actors, and writers take home an award? In order to be the first to find out, you’ll have to watch along. For everything you want to know about the Emmys, we’ll get into it below.

Who’s hosting the Emmys?

Technically, there will be no hosts. But, there will be a slate of previous Emmy Award-winning actors, and currently nominated actors, presenting awards throughout the three-hour show.

To name a few, Jon Hamm, Cherry Jones, James Corden, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jharrel Jerome,…

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Get skin-deep relief with these CBD lotions and creams

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Studies have shown cannabidiol (more popularly known as CBD) to be effective in two main areas: Pain relief and stress relief. Both of those make the non-psychoactive, cannabis-derived compound a natural for topical creams. There’s no shortage of CBD products out there, but here’s eight of our favorites, all specifically designed for dermatological use – and most on deep discount this week.

As with any medicinal product, make sure you ask your doctor before using and check the laws in your state regarding CBD before you buy.

Medix 150 Mg CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream

Get results right where you need them with this topical cream. Medix’s 150 mg of CBD is derived from raw hemp oil and is mixed with a battery of natural ingredients to deliver fast-acting relief. A 1 oz container is now on sale for $24.99, a 58% discount.

Curapure 500mg CBD Sports Cream

This cream combines CBD with proven ingredients like menthol and eucalyptus leaf to form a fast-acting balm that’s perfect for active lifestyles. No parabens, no mineral oil, just natural care that dispenses easily from an airless pump. Get a 500 mg bottle for $33.95, down 15% from the list price.

CBD Moisturizing Lotion

Here’s a great addition to the morning beauty routine. This lotion packs a potent combo of CBD, Schisandra, Goji Berry and other herbs for a moisturizing effect like no other. It’s fully vegan, compatible with any skin type, and you can get a 50 ml bottle now for $80. Read the rest

The lost audiobooks of Roger Zelazny reading the Chronicles of Amber

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When I was a kid, my whole circle of D&D-playing, science-fiction reading pals was really into Roger Zelazny’s ten-volume Chronicles of Amber, but somehow I never read it; for years, I’d intended to correct this oversight, but I never seemed to find the time — after all, there’s more amazing new stuff than I can possibly read, how could I justify looking backwards, especially over the course of ten books?

But I do have some time in my day to read older books: I swim every day for my chronic pain, and when I do, I use an underwater MP3 player to listen to audiobooks that I generally get from Libro.fm, Downpour, or Google’s DRM-free audiobook store (the market-leading Audible, a division of Amazon, mandatorily wraps audiobooks in its proprietary DRM without allowing publishers to opt out, which has the dual deal-breaking effect of locking me into Amazon’s ecosystem and not working on my underwater MP3 player).

A couple of months ago, I decided to go looking for DRM-free versions of the Amber books, which is how I found Speaking Volumes’ editions of Roger Zelazny’s own readings of the books, long believed to have been accidentally erased and lost forever, but which were recovered and remastered in the mid-2000s. Speaking Volumes sells these as MP3 downloads and MP3 CDs, and I bought the complete set of the former and listened to them over a couple of months’ worth of laps in the pool.

Zelazny’s reading is pretty much fantastic. Read the rest

Come see me in Toronto and Maine!

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I’m in the midst of couple of weeks’ worth of lectures, public events and teaching, and you can catch me in Toronto (for Word on the Street, Seeding Utopias and Resisting Dystopias and 6 Degrees); Newry, ME (Maine Library Association) and Portland, ME (in conversation with James Patrick Kelly).

Here’s the full itinerary:

Toronto, September 22: Word on the Street:

* 10AM-1045AM: #WOTS30 Anniversary Series: The Future of Reading, with Ben Dugas, Andreya Klobucar and Gwen Benaway; Great Books Marquee

* 2:45-3:15PM: Digital Dystopia (with Karl Schroeder); Across The Universe Stage

* 12PM-1230PM: Signing, Amazon.ca Bestsellers

Toronto, September 23, 6PM-8PM: Cory Doctorow in Discussion: Seeding Utopias & Resisting Dystopias , with Jim Munroe, Madeline Ashby and Emily Macrae; Oakwood Village Library & Arts Centre, 341 Oakwood Avenue, Toronto, ON M6E 2W1

Toronto, September 24: 360: How to Make Sense at the 6 Degrees Conference, with Aude Favre, Ryan McMahon and Nanjala Nyabola, Art Gallery of Ontario.

Newry, ME, September 30: Keynote for the Maine Library Association Annual Conference, Sunday River Resort, Newry, ME

Portland, ME, September 30, 6:30PM-8PM: In Conversation With James Patrick Kelly, Main Library, Rines Auditorium.

I hope you can make it!

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11 new trailers you should watch this week

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Photo: Claire Folger / Media Rights Capital

I finally got around to seeing The Farewell the other week. It’s a wonderful, funny, quiet movie that manages to do so much inside such a seemingly tiny story about a family trying to keep a secret from a grandmother.

One of the things that makes The Farewell so wonderful is how it flips lost in translation stories on their heads. Its main character, Billi, is dropped inside a culture she doesn’t entirely understand. But the film simultaneously offers both perspectives: her family may be strange for carrying out this elaborate lie, but it’s Billi who’s truly strange for not understanding why they all would want to.

That makes for some delightful comedy and heartfelt moments. It’s also very much something that American cinema largely…

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On Fire: Naomi Klein’s book is a time-series of the shift from climate denial to nihilism to Green New Deal hope

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My latest LA Times book review is for Naomi Klein’s new essay collection, On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal, which traces more than a decade of Klein’s outstanding, on-the-ground reports from the pivotal struggle to begin the transformational work needed to save our species and the rest of the Earth’s living things from a devastating, eminently foreseeable, and ultimately avoidable climate catastrophe.

Klein’s essays trace the arc from denialism, through to peak indifference (the moment at which denialism begins to wane of its own accord, thanks to waves of disaster that convince doubters without any intervention by activists), to nihilism (“if there’s only one rhino left, we might as well find out what he tastes like”), to hope, in the form of the Green New Deal (a successor to Klein’s own Leap Manifesto) and the Extinction Rebellion movement, along with its extraordinary founder, the Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg.

It’s strong tonic for a moment in which it’s all too easy to despair. Highly recommended.

The boldly ecstatic vision of climate justice — a Green New Deal that gives every person meaningful, full employment in solidarity work and mutual aid that saves our planet from our species and saves our species from itself — is a powerful tonic, an antidote to despair.

In “On Fire,” Klein shines a spotlight on a world in crisis, illuminating the terrible (the Great Barrier Reef, finally dying after years of inaction, despite urgent warnings); and the inspiring (the people of Puerto Rico soldiering on despite hurricanes, official neglect, structural racism and a state hollowed out by colonialism).

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Name your price for this library of DIY eBooks by Make:

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If you’re part of the maker community, you know Make:. Though Make: magazine is off the shelves as of this year, the eBooks and resources put out by Maker Media are still a fantastic resource for the new generation of tinkerers, hackers, and robotics geeks.

If you’re in that tribe, listen up: they’ve released a bundle of eBooks on open-source electronics, and the entire 15-volume package is on sale on a “pay what you want” basis.

There’s a wide range of knowledge here, and a lot of covers the possibilities of the Arduino platform. You’ll get everything from ground-level Arduino 101 primers to in-depth blueprints for atmospheric monitoring devices. You’ll also get books that dive into Arduino-compatible gadgets like Adafruit’s Trinket board, while overviews teach you how to tie all this tech together to make your own inroads into robotics, home automation and the Internet of Things.

There are 15 books in all with a total value of $277.85, and you can pick them up for potential pennies. Just name your price  – any amount will take home something, and you can get the entire package by beating the average price. Read the rest

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