Meat-flavored breakfast cereals

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Oh no, here’s something we definitely didn’t ask for: sweet-and-savory meat-flavored cereals. On March 7 (to sync with National Cereal Day), Post is releasing two new limited-edition Honey Brunches of Oats flavors, Chicken & Waffles and Maple Bacon Donut. Both will be available at Walmart stores for a limited time.


…the Chicken and Waffles cereal will feature mini chicken drumsticks and tiny waffle shapes, while the Maple Bacon Donuts flavor will feature doughnut-shaped cereal sprinkled with individual “bacon” bits. Boxes will sell for $2.98 each, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

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Sony’s entire Xperia lineup leaks, including Xperia 1, Xperia 10 and 10 Plus, Xperia L3

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<em>Leaked images of the new Xperia 10 and 10 Plus. </em>

Sony is expected to unveil a new lineup of smartphones at Mobile World Congress on Monday, February 25th. But you probably won’t have to wait until then to see what the company has to offer. 91Mobiles has leaked what it claims is the entire lot, complete with pictures, specs, and prices.

According to the tech site, Sony will be launching up to four new handsets at MWC this year. They include the lower-end Xperia L3, midrange Xperia 10 and 10 Plus, and flagship Xperia 1. This name fits earlier leaks of the device from Evan Blass, who also published pictures of the Xperia 1 and Xperia 10 and 10 Plus.

The pics show that Sony isn’t shaking up the Xperia look too much, with all four devices following the slightly-refreshed design we saw…

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How to Use Higher-Order Components in React

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In JavaScript, we have higher-order functions (HOC), which are basically functions that accept functions. In React, higher-order components are basically functions which accept component as parameters, inject or modify their props, and return a modified component.

Real world use case: Suppose you have a button that you want to be rendered with two different styles. Using the main ideas behind HOC we do not need to create two buttons with different styles, but, rather, create a single button component and pass it through a wrapper function that modifies its props or styles and returns a new component.

Samsung will extend Bixby button remapping to premium Galaxy phones running Android Pie

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The Bixby button saga has been an ongoing blemish on an otherwise sterling smartphone record for Samsung since the release of the Galaxy S8 nearly two years ago. We’ve written endlessly about how the button is “structural bloatware” and a wildly unnecessary feature bolted onto a flagship phone, one that’s required lengthy explanations for how to disable it entirely or use third-party software to remap it to something you might find useful.

But with the new S10, announced yesterday, Samsung has finally included a built-in method for remapping the button to a command of your choosing. Even better: the company says it’s now extending that remapping capability to other flagship phones in the Galaxy line. That includes the S8 and S9 lines,…

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Ricoh’s GRIII street photography compact goes on sale next month for $899

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After showing it off at last year’s Photokina, Ricoh has announced release details for its long-awaited GRIII compact camera. As with the previous two models, it pairs an 18.3mm (28mm-equivalent) f/2.8 lens to an APS-C sensor with the goal of enabling high-quality, discreet street photography. This time around, though, the resolution has been upped to 24 megapixels, the controls have been rethought, and the body has been slimmed down further partly through the removal of the built-in flash.

It’s not a revolutionary upgrade, but the GR series is about austerity and minimalism, and the GRIII’s tweaks should help it stay relevant in a world where everyone already carries 28mm-ish-equivalent prime lenses in their pockets. Ricoh will start…

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Corsair made new RAM sticks featuring its tiniest LED lights yet

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Corsair just launched the first RAM sticks featuring a new LED technology that fits 100 lights in the space where there were once just four. The Dominator Platinum RGB memory sticks, first shown off at CES last month, are now available. The result is more vivid colors that can be even more customizable than those in previous memory sticks.

The new glamorous DDR4 RAM sticks also come with the possibility of marginally improved performance, too, according to Corsair, although we won’t know until the benchmarks are in. The condensed lights are supposed to draw less power, potentially allowing the sticks to run at tighter timings.

The Dominator Platinum RGB sticks come in packs of two, four, or eight with different…

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Queensland, Australia Drivers Set To Get Emoji Number Plates

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The unusual move is set to be rolled out by Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) from next month, allowing drivers to adorn their number plates with a touch of emotion. From a report: Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) spokeswoman Rebecca Michael said it was no different from allowing drivers to express themselves with other available themes like their favorite footy team. “For quite some time we’ve seen that you can support your favourite team or your favourite town with a symbol on your number plate,” Dr Michael told 7News Brisbane.

“And using an emoji is no different.” But before your mind goes straight to the gutter, no, you won’t be able to completely replace the letters and numbers on your number plate with an eggplant or smiling poo emoji. The smartphone symbols won’t be included in rego numbers and are simply decorative.

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Free Galaxy Buds with S10 preorders, and 4K streaming sticks are discounted for the Oscars

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is now official, and if you preorder either the standard S10 or the bigger, more expensive S10 Plus before Friday, March 8th, you’ll get a free set of the company’s new Galaxy Buds.

These truly wireless headphones, a kind of successor to the Gear IconX line, can be recharged wirelessly with the S10, thanks to its Wireless PowerShare feature. The earbuds will cost $129.99 separately. If you’re thinking of upgrading to the Galaxy S10, check out all of the preorder details, including carrier pricing as well as how much the unlocked versions cost after a trade-in.

The 2019 Academy Awards will air on Sunday, February 24th, at 8PM ET / 5PM PT. If you want to play catch-up on all of the films that are nominated for…

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Hands on with the Samsung S10+, S10, and S10e: Which Witch is Which?

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Standing as the world’s largest smartphone retailer, Samsung’s flagship family leads the way into how the company sees the next generation of user experience and interaction. Each release has a different level of fanfare, and this year was slightly eclipsed by the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, coming soon. Nonetheless, Samsung had three high performance devices ready to rock in 2019.

Power outage coffee: using Stanley’s camping French Press at home

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During a recent power outage, deprived of espresso, I was lucky to have a Stanley French Press on hand.

When the power went out at 3am and the various squeal of whatever the hell devices squeal when electricity disappears (smoke detectors?) woke the dogs, my night’s sleep was shot. The road was flooded, power was out, and my espresso machine a useless block of stainless steel. Tea was not going to provide the miracle I needed.

I still did not wish I had an Aeropress. They are just fine, but not what I choose.

In my camping gear, I keep a hand grinder and a Stanley French Press. I braved the rain and fetched it from my VW camper.

The super sturdy thermos-type shell of the Stanley keeps coffee drinkable for 2-3 hours. Long ago I tired of breaking glass French Press carafes. Slightly smaller than a full 12-cup pot of coffee, one of these is pretty much my morning as a solo adult camper with the kid in tow. At home, with two bored dogs and a cat that wished the dogs were not bored, I went through quite a few pots waiting on PGE.

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