The Nintendo Switch now supports GameCube controllers

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Nintendo really needs to get better at writing changelogs. After the unexpected discovery that Switch firmware 4.0.0 brought USB headphone support, the above GameXplain video shows how the console can also now be used with GameCube controllers.

You’ll need the GameCube controller USB adapter that Nintendo released for use with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Once hooked up, it’ll be detected as a USB pad in the Switch’s controllers menu. It doesn’t look like other USB controllers are supported at this point, however.

Unlike the Wii U, the Switch supports GameCube controller input for just about any…

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iAdvize raises $37.6 million for its customer engagement platform

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 French startup iAdvize raised another $37.6 million (€32 million) from Idinvest, Bpifrance and Quadrille Capital. The company wants to convert casual website visitors into clients. Thanks to iAdvize, companies can track what you’re doing and engage with you to convince you that you should open a bank account, buy a coat or upgrade your subscription. With today’s funding round,… Read More

Write Your Own x86 Bootloader

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What if you want to make a very lean machine and do without any operating system? Or maybe you want to try to write your own OS, even just for the challenge or fun? Maybe you were reading up on a cool OS architecture and thought to yourself, “I can write that!”. Well, before diving into your code, you’d first have to write something called a bootloader.

A bootloader is code that runs early on in a PC’s, Mac’s, Raspberry Pi’s or microcontroller’s boot sequence, before anything like an operating system is up. Often its job is to set up …read more

Automated video creation startup Wibbitz raises $20M

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Wibbitz Control Room Wibbitz, which uses artificial intelligence to create short videos based on text news stories, has raised $20 million in Series C funding. The money comes from some of big names in the media world, with Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (a subsidiary of German media conglomerate Bertelsmann) leading the round and participation from The Weather Channel, The Associated Press and TF1.… Read More

Crunch Report | Cisco Buys BroadSoft for $1.9 Billion

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Today’s Stories  Cisco scoops up BroadSoft for $1.9 billion to boost communications tools portfolio WeWork acquires Flatiron School Essential Phone gets a $200 price drop, existing customers get credit Credits Written by: Tito Hamze Hosted by: Tito Hamze Filmed by: Tito Hamze Edited by: Chris Gates Notes: I don’t know what to wear on Crunch Report (It’s a hard decision and… Read More

Don’t Miss the Bus: A One-Day Build

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Sometimes the most satisfying hacks are those that spring from a situation where resources are limited, either by choice or by chance. Constraints tend to stir the creative juices.

Serial Hackaday poster [limpkin] limited himself to a one-day build with what he had on hand for this bus-route countdown timer. Full points for actually building something useful, and extra credit for making something to keep his wife from being late for work.

The principle is simple: scrape a web page to find out how much time is left before either of two busses leaves his wife’s stop, and display the …read more

The dream of customizable virtual 3D foliage is alive at Disney

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 Oh, to work at Disney, to have a hand in creating those lusciously detailed 3D worlds, every character lovingly rendered, every animal sidekick unique and hilarious, every tree… filled with leaves. Designed and placed individually. In movies that take place in forests. There has to be a better way. What if you could just 3D scan some leaves and then tweak them to your liking? Read More

Tinning Solution From the Hardware Store

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Making your own printed circuit board at home often leads to a board which looks homemade. Exposed copper is one of the tell-tale signs. That may be your aesthetic and we won’t cramp your style, but exposed copper is harder to solder than tinned copper and it likes to oxidize over time. Tinning at home can bring you a step closer to having a full-featured board. In the video after the break, famed chemist [nurdrage] shows us how to make tinning solution at home in the video below the break.

There are only three ingredients to make the solution and …read more

T-Mobile is offering $300 off an iPhone X if you trade in your current iPhone

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All the major US carriers are announcing their iPhone X deals, and now T-Mobile is joining the party with an offer that’s pretty similar to what Verizon and Sprint have on tap: trade in your current “qualifying” iPhone, and T-Mobile will give you up to $300 off your iPhone X.

Like Verizon, you’ll have to purchase the iPhone on one of T-Mobile’s installment plans (either the regular “Equipment Installment Plan” or the company’s Jump! On Demand leasing program, which allows for more frequent upgrading, with the trade off of never actually owning your phone).

And that $300 discount? How it’s doled out depends on the trade-in value of your phone. T-Mobile says that any iPhone from the iPhone 6 or newer — except for the SE— qualifies, but…

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We Are Ready to Believe You: a Ghostbusters mashup from dj BC and friends

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dj BC (previously) writes, “This Ghostbusters bootleg mashup, originally created by myself (BC) and Tribe One of Bootie ATL, is now an official, totally legal (!) release, with new instrumentation, new hype vocals from Atlanta MC Supercrunk, and a new music video. ‘We Are Ready To Believe You (Stranger Ghostbusters Mix)’ is available on Amazon mp3, Amazon Music, Pandora, Youtube, and all your favorite streaming and digital platforms. DJ BONUS- two instrumental versions, and the acapella, are also available for your personal remixing/atmospheric needs.”

The Walking Dead Villain Watch season 8, episode 1: Mercy

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The Walking Dead is back, kicking off its eighth season with a bloodier, more political story arc that will likely track the comic’s “All Out War” saga. For us here at The Verge — forever critics of big bad guy Negan and his man-baby antics — it’s an opportunity to examine just how effective the show can be in creating a complex villain. As played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan has always been violent, but otherwise, he’s stubbornly remained a comic book thug, never entirely becoming the nuanced character the show so sorely needs.

Each week, I’ll be analyzing the show through its presentation of Negan: how he acts, how he delivers his bad jokes and menacing threats, and most importantly, how his character develops in contrast with our…

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Snapchat dangles referral traffic with link sharing from other apps

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 Snapchat is embracing links beyond its native content and will now allow you to briefly disappear from its Snap Map. In an update to Snapchat’s iOS app today it added two important new features. You can now share links from other apps via the iOS share sheet, allowing you to send a private message with the link to one or several people. And rather than just turning live location sharing… Read More

Are Microwave Guns For Real?

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Almost exactly one year ago, [Kreosan] published a video detailing an EM “weapon” built out of three magnetrons, some batteries, and a taser. It all seemed a bit too good to be true, so [Allen] decided to try and replicate the results for himself.

[Kreosan]’s original video was impressive, showing everything from home stereos to a humble moped exploding when in the presence of their powerful device. However, many of those watching the video doubted the footage. Most criticism centered around the nature of the power supply to the magnetron falling short of the usual 700-1000W seen in a microwave …read more

This Stranger Things backtrack reimagines the series as a comedy musical

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Netflix’s Stranger Things is a science fiction horror series that blends the nostalgic feel of ‘80s synth with the Stephen King-style horror of movies from Carrie to Stand By Me. It doesn’t seem prone to musical stylings, but YouTuber Brian David Gilbert has married the two with surprising skill.

His YouTube video “Stranger Sings” is a backing track, synced up to the first episode, that turns the entire affair into a campy, narration-filled musical. The show’s youthful gang is rebranded as a boy band; the mouthy Demogorgon is now known as the “Jazz Man.” Even the show’s theme song is turned into a sitcom-esque explanation of the show’s premise:

Life can throw you for a loop when things are going swell
Sometimes you stub your toe and…

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Verizon offers up to $300 toward the iPhone X with device trade in for customers on unlimited plans

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Hot on the heels of Sprint’s iPhone X deal, Verizon has unveiled its own discounts for the iPhone X. The carrier is offering up to $300 toward the new phone, assuming you meet a fairly specific set of conditions.

To qualify, you’ll have to be either a current subscriber to Verizon’s “Go Unlimited” or “Beyond Unlimited” plans, be eligible for a device upgrade, or be a new subscriber to one of those plans.

Next, you’ll need to purchase an iPhone X through Verizon, which costs $41.66 per month. (If you’re an existing Verizon customer who is upgrading, don’t forget to tack on a $30 upgrade fee, too.)

Lastly, you’ll need a recent smartphone to trade in; the discount you get will be dependent on what phone you trade in:

  • For $300 off: i…

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Good deal on this padded foldable picnic blanket

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We got this picnic blanket in 2016 and use it every time we go to the beach. It folds out to 60″ x 78″, and folds up to a 12.5″ x 10.6″ rectangle complete with handle. The bottom is made of some kind of tough waterproof material and the top is easy to wipe clean. It’s padded, and the top surface feels nice and has a pretty leaf pattern.

It was $27 when we got it but if you use coupon code BQ9PEOCY you can get it for $16.

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