This curvy cat font inspired by cat tails was created for a zine about cats

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Companies often like to create custom fonts to establish branding, and cat food subscription service Smalls is no different. Following in the footsteps of companies like Netflix, Samsung — heck, even Arby’s — Smalls has partnered with Oslo-based type foundry Good Type to create a font called Adieu Smalls.

The curvy font builds on Good Type’s Adieu as a base, but it takes inspiration from the way cats curl their tails to express emotions. “When a cat expresses interest, they form a slight hook at the tip of their tail. We applied this in the form of hooked tips to the ‘U’ and ‘E’ that break out of the ascender and descender of the characters,” Smalls lead designer Miles Barretto told Fast Company. “When a cat expresses pleasure, the tail…

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A Short Hike is one part Animal Crossing and one part Breath of the Wild

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Adam Robinson-Yu

It can be difficult to find time to finish a video game, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play. In our biweekly column Short Play we suggest video games that can be started and finished in a weekend.

Claire is on a camping trip with her Aunt May, but she’s also waiting for an important call. Unfortunately, the only reception in the park is at the top of the island’s giant mountain. Claire’s trek up the mountain is the core of the game A Short Hike, and how you get her to the top is pretty open ended. You could go straight up the path to the top of the mountain — but then you’d be missing out on the point of the game.

A Short Hike feels like what you would get if you turned Animal Crossing into an adventure game like The…

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9 new trailers you should watch this week

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Last week, a large portion of The Verge team went to see Hobbs & Shaw, the ridiculous new Fast & Furious spinoff. Most of this website’s staff has a frankly bizarre amount of love for this series, and having never seen any of the films, I’ve always been a little puzzled by it. But I guess Hobbs & Shaw just about explains everything.

Hobbs & Shaw is a great example of how a movie can get in on the joke and use that to its advantage. The characters are all big, broad, over-the-top caricatures, the plot is so basic as to be inane, and the film will happily do whatever it needs to do in order to land a joke, a punch, or an explosion in a car chase, even if it means making the bare minimum amount of sense.

But in boiling everything down to…

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Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Wu Assassins’ is a punching, kicking delight

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When we reviewed “Another Life” last week, we described it as an old-fashioned science fiction space show, something that’s been absent from TV for the past decade or so. “Wu Assassins” is another new Netflix series, and it’s also is a kind of a throwback — this time to ’90s martial arts series like “Vanishing […]