Netflix is experimenting with different episode orders for its new anthology show

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When it comes to watching television, viewers typically watch everything in the same order — the show will either have a certain broadcast order, or its story will be such that watching it out of order would turn it into nonsense. With its new anthology series Love, Death + Robots, Netflix tried something new: testing out different episode orders to see which performed the best.

For such an anthology series, where each episode stands on their own, you don’t have to worry about making sure that you’re watching things in any particular order — there isn’t one. But how you watch might change how you experience the episodes.

After viewers noticed episodes shifting from viewer to viewer, Netflix explained the discrepancy in a tweet. “We’ve…

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Can you guess the meaning of these Droodles?

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One day in the early 1970s, while looking for Dennis the Menace paperbacks at a used bookstore in Boulder, Colorado, I discovered a copy of a book of “droodles,” which were simple yet mysterious line drawings that became clear when you read the caption. Droodles where the creation of an American humorist named Roger Price, who wrote for MAD and Playboy, had his own TV shows, and worked with folks like Bob Hope and Carl Reiner. He was also the co-creator of the wildly popular Mad-Libs books. I became a huge fan and tracked down as many of his humor books as I could find.

Years later, when I started going out with Carla while we were attending Colorado State University, she showed me a letter that her mother’s friend had mailed her. It was typed and had funny, simple line drawings on it. I looked at the return address. The name of the sender was Roger Price. I was astonished. She opened her desk drawer and showed me a stack of letters he’d written her, all with funny Droodlesque drawings in them.

When we moved to Los Angeles she introduced me to Roger. He was in his late ’60s at the time, and was very interested and supportive of the fact that Carla and I were launching a zine (bOING bOING). Roger had done the same with a magazine called Grump. We saw Roger often, and he was always funny and curious about what we were working on, and gave us a lot of useful advice about writing. Read the rest “Can you guess the meaning of these Droodles?”

Intel abandons development of modular Compute Cards

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Intel has ended further development of the company’s Compute Cards, as confirmed by Tom’s Hardware. The credit-card-sized device contained the fundamental guts of a PC — processor, storage, RAM, wireless modem, etc. — and was meant to make it simple for companies to create docking station-like products that could be upgraded as Intel released new versions. You’d just pop out the old Compute Card and insert the latest hardware. Intel first showcased the device at CES 2017.

But now the Compute Card story will end after just a single generation of Intel’s 7th Gen processors; this modular dream never even made it to its first upgrade hop. “We continue to believe modular computing is a market where there are many opportunities for…

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Apple is reportedly launching truly wireless Powerbeats earbuds in April

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Apple’s Beats is getting ready to launch truly wireless Powerbeats earbuds in April, CNET reports. CNET’s source, who it says is close to the retail channel, says the new earbuds will reportedly use Apple’s new H1 chip which are used in the new wireless charging AirPods, and have the same always-on Siri voice assistant. It’s also expected to have a longer battery life than the AirPods, which have around five hours of listening time.

CNET points out that the timing of the new wireless Powerbeats lines up with when the BeatsX were announced, which was shortly after Apple first introduced AirPods in 2016. Rumors of higher-end AirPods have been circulating since last year, suggesting that they would be noise-canceling, over-ear headphones….

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Human and opossum are best friends

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Meet “Kika my opossum,” says IMGURian overlordzelli.

“I am a huge sucker for yawning animals. She’s very excited for outside cuddles”

“For years I thought my spirit animal was a cat but now I’m realizing I’m basically just a trash cat like Kika.”

“I love her so much.”

I agree with what this one commenter points out:

“Opossums can’t contract rabies and they eat ticks. My favorite trash cat.”


She’s actually a rescue. We found her mom dead after falling out of a tree during a big storm. And yes dead dead. Punctured from the fall and everything. There were nine babies we took in while we tried to find a rehabilitator. Apparently they all moved away but after calling them they instructed us what to do. Eight died. Kika is all that’s left. They had metabolic bone disease. We had received local farm fresh eggs and gave them their first egg. Seven died from salmonella because apparently local farm gave us bad eggs. And by bad I mean the next egg we cracked for breakfast had a fully developed dead baby chicken. I can’t trust local farms after that. Zuka was caught by a coyote we think one night. She liked using the cat door. Kika has really bad arthritis so she can’t be released. She has zero chance of survival. Opossums don’t live all that long so I make it my motto to give her all sorts of foods to try while she has the luxury.

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Microsoft details how xCloud will let you play Xbox games on an Android phone

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Google may have stolen the show at this year’s Game Developer Conference with its Stadia cloud gaming reveal, but Microsoft is hard at work on its own service, xCloud, that it’s already testing now. At a GDC developer session yesterday, Microsoft representatives from the xCloud team gave us a little more detail into how games designed for Xbox consoles will translate over to mobile devices, where players might be used to either a Bluetooth controller or on-screen touch controls.

xCloud, like Stadia, is designed to be a cloud gaming service that will stream high-quality, console and PC-grade experiences to any screen. Microsoft is starting with its existing Xbox library of games, with a focus on first-party titles like Forza Horizon 4,…

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Firefox is now a better iPad browser

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Mozilla today announced a new iOS version of Firefox that has been specifically optimized for Apple’s iPad. Given the launch of the new iPad mini this week, that’s impeccable timing. It’s also an admission that building a browser for tablets is different from building a browser for phones, which is what Mozilla mostly focused on […]

Samsung’s quantum dot 4K TV is cheaper than ever, and Sekiro is free with Xbox One consoles at Newegg

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Samsung’s 65-inch Q9FN 4K HDR television is considerably cheaper than usual at Massdrop. You’ll pay $2,000 for the TV, while the same model goes for $2,797 at Amazon. This is the biggest price drop that we’ve seen so far for this QLED TV.

This is still a lot of money, especially for a TV that doesn’t have a rich, efficient OLED panel. But, the TV uses Samsung’s QLED displays use its quantum dot technology for more vibrant and accurate colors, and these are a cut above other LED TVs that you can find around (or sometimes less than) the $1,000 mark. A few other things that are worth noting is that this TV supports AMD’s FreeSync for more fluid visuals while gaming on the Xbox One X, and Apple is bringing AirPlay 2 and iTunes to this TV as…

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is masochistic ninja brilliance

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I’m just going to be upfront with you: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is kicking my ass. I haven’t been able to spend nearly enough time with my copy in order to “git gud,” as they say, and every time I boot it up I’m met with several swift, bloody deaths in a matter of minutes. This is a brutal, brutal game that makes no apologies whatsoever for grinding your resolve into dust.

And I love it.

Sekiro is the new game from Dark Souls studio From Software and its renowned director Hidetaka Miyazaki. Comparing games to Dark Souls is a well-trodden cliche at this point, and while there’s more reason to do so with Sekiro than most, it’s the differences that make it interesting. A fantastical take on Japan’s ninja mythology, Sekiro is much more of a…

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The best games of 2019

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By the time December rolls around, the beginning of the year can be a blur.

Twelve months is a long time, and it’s easy to forget what happened yesterday, so you’d be forgiven for losing track of something from months ago. This is especially problem with lists that gather together the best entertainment from a particular year — whether it’s movies, games, or music — and end up jam-packed with experiences released in the later months.

To get around this, we’ve created this landing page dedicated to all the best games of 2019. It’s not a list that we labor over at the end of the year; instead, think of it as a living document, one that will continue to grow as new games come out and delight us. That way we won’t forget anything.


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How to enable dark mode on your phone, laptop, and more

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Dark mode is a feature that lets you switch the color theme of an app, or an entire desktop operating system, to black or something close to it. Beyond the thrill of invigorating a tired design, some like to have the option available because it makes looking at your devices a little easier on the eyes. If you use a smartphone that has an OLED display, it might save some battery life, too.

These days, you can find official support for dark mode in a lot of places; for example, at the operating system level in macOS Mojave and on the Nintendo Switch. Dark mode is also available in several popular apps, including Slack, Twitter, and Google Chrome. But it isn’t everywhere just yet.

If you’re curious as to whether your favorite app or…

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NickyChulo is the designer behind some of your favorite albums

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Graphic designer and art director Nicholas “NickyChulo” Fulcher has worked with some of the biggest names in music. As part of Atlantic Records, he’s designed covers for GoldLink, Kodak Black, Shy Glizzy, Kiiara, and Jon Bellion, in addition to working on the cover of Cardi B’s Grammy award-winning album Invasion of Privacy. His work is almost impossible to miss.

The Virginia-born, New York-based designer was always a creative at heart. Known around town for being extremely creative and outlandish, Fulcher started designing album covers for local rappers in high school. After some time working in Virginia’s indie scene, he began studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design, but had to drop out early due to financial issues. This…

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