5 space-saving wallets designed to eliminate bulky pockets

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Tired of bulging pockets? It seems crazy that we’re carrying around tiny AI computers in one pocket, while the other one is overstuffed with cash, cards and old receipts held together by a flimsy piece of cloth or leather.

The bad news is, most of us still need those cards (and occasionally, even the cash). The good news is, we’ve found five next-gen wallets that will allow you to carry all that stuff in a much slimmer package, with a modern perk or two thrown in.

Dash Bando Slim Utility Wallet

Made of super-thin Saffiano canvas, the Bando can hold up to ten cards in a way that not only saves space but time. Pull on a tab, and out pop the two cards you use most often in an easy-access sheath. There’s also a secret compartment in the back, and the entire wallet is lined with RFID protection. The Dash Bando Slim Utility Wallet is $17.99, more than 25% off the original price of $25.

Fantom 10 Quick Access Slim Wallet


The Fantom 10 features an ergonomic design that stresses accessibility. You can pack 6-10 cards into the single compartment, and they all fan out of the side with a simple flick of the lever on the top. As a bonus, the carbon fiber material is RFID-protected. Get the Fantom 10 Quick Access Slim Wallet for 37% off the MSRP at $49.

Minimalist Aluminum RFID-Blocking Wallet

Here’s one for those who need no frills, and want their gear extra light. Read the rest