Pay what you want for these 10 Mac apps & get the most out of your MacBook

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Do you own a Mac? Unless you’re using it for a paperweight, you almost can’t afford not to get the Magnificent Mac Bundle. It’s a roundup of some truly essential security and file management apps, bundled up with great photo and video enhancers.

The best part is that all nine apps are potentially available for pennies. There’s a “pay what you want deal” for the bundle that allows you to name your price. No matter what that number is, you’ll at least get something. But before we get into the deal itself, here’s a breakdown of the apps:

UltData Mac Data Recovery – A lifesaver for busy workers with wayward files, this one protects your data from accidental deletion, formatting snafus, virus infections or a host of other calamities.
MovieSherlock Pro Video Downloader – Get any video from anywhere in its native format. The downloader also converts to MP3 or MP4 and can handle multiple files simultaneously.
Dropzone 3 – This drag-and-drop file manager makes everything you do easier, from installing apps to shortening URLs.
Wallpaper Wizard 2 – Tired of the same stock photos on your screen? Choose from 25,000 images in 4K HD, customizable for display on multiple devices.
AnyTrans for iOS -If you spend time bouncing between devices, AnyTrans makes sure you can access all your files without confusion and manage your data, contacts and media from anywhere.
Camera Guard 3 Pro – That webcam of yours can be an open window for hackers or malware. This service locks it (and your microphone) down with state-of-the-art app blockers and access PINs. Read the rest

You can now subscribe to Twitch streamers on iOS, if you pay the Apple tax

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You can now subscribe to your favorite streamers from your iOS device, provided you have an iOS device and have updated the Twitch app. Truly we are living in the future.

Twitch announced the news at this year’s TwitchCon in San Diego, but the feature rolled out today. It’s a little different than your usual Twitch subscribing experience, and yes, it is Apple’s fault. The reason it’s taken this long for Twitch to offer subs through its iOS app is because Apple takes a 30 percent cut of any digital subscriptions or media sold through apps on its App Store. So most companies — like Amazon, which owns Twitch — just don’t sell media through iOS apps.

To subscribe on iOS, you have to buy what Twitch is calling “iOS Sub Tokens,” which cost…

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Fantastic wireless thermometer for the BBQ or grill

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Digital thermometers are a great tool when slow cooking meat.

It is pretty easy to under or overcook meat on the grill. Monitoring the internal temperature of your food, as you cook it, is a really good way to be sure that food is as done as you want it and no more. This affordable ThermoPen set-up does the trick for me.

I like to use one probe at the grate and one inside the item I am cooking. That way I know what is going on!

ThermoPro TP-08S Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer Dual Probe for Grilling Smoker BBQ Food Thermometer – Monitors Food from 300 Feet Away via Amazon Read the rest

There’s a new Banana Phone, and it can play ‘Bananaphone’

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It’s new tech season. New iPhones, new Pixels, new Surface devices, new Echos… and a new Banana Phone.

Now, before I tell you more about the biggest tech gadget of 2019, I want to be perfectly clear that the Banana Phone isn’t a phone — it’s a Bluetooth headset that connects to your phone, and you can use it to take calls. But it looks like a banana!

Image: Banana Phone

And soon, it’s getting a refresh. Earlier today, I spotted FCC filings for an updated model of the Banana Phone, so I called up Brian Brunsing, president of Banana Phone LLC, to learn more about what’s new. Turns out, it has some meaningful updates.

The biggest new feature: the new Banana Phone will apparently be able to play music over a speaker…

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Replacing the 3D Printer and Router: A Tool for Manufacturing Human-Scale Forms

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The purpose of Geometer becomes apparent when you realize its simplicity: [David Troetschel]’s project is to create an easily understandable design tool that encourages goal-oriented design. The kit comes with physical components and digital counterparts that can be combined in a modular way. They each have a specific geometry, which …read more

Jim Meskimen impersonates 20 celebs in 2 minutes im remarkable deepfake video

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The deepfake technology in this video is far from flawless, but Jim Meskimen’s voices and mannerisms more than make up for it. Watch him recite a poem of his own composition as John Malkovich, Colin Firth, Robert Deniro, Tommy Lee Jones, Nick Offerman, George Clooney, Christopher Walken, Anthony Hopkins, Dr. Phil, Nicholas Cage, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman, Bryan Cranston, Christoph Waltz, Joe Pesci, Jack Nicholson, George W. Bush, Ian McKellen, Ron Howard, and Robin Williams.

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‘It was a learning curve for everyone’: Robert Eggers on The Lighthouse’s tech experiments

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Photo: A24

Robert Eggers’ new black-and-white arthouse drama The Lighthouse is the kind of film that’s just about impossible for a studio to market. It’s nominally a horror film, set in the brutal isolation of a remote, storm-wracked coastal lighthouse in the 1890s. But it’s hard to say what kind of horror film — Eggers and his brother and co-writer Max Eggers deliberately keep the details ambiguous. It centers on an older lighthouse keeper (Willem Dafoe) who takes on a young, initially reticent apprentice (Robert Pattinson) who eventually turns belligerent. As tensions rise between them, they deal with events that might be hallucinations, or an assault by the supernatural. It’s the kind of film that deeply frustrates conventional horror fans who…

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Hackaday Podcast 040: 3D Printed Everything, Strength v Toughness, Blades of Fiber, and What Can’t Coffee Do?

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Hackaday Editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams opine on the coolest hacks we saw this week. This episode is heavy with 3D printing as Prusa released a new, smaller printer, printed gearboxes continue to impress us with their power and design, hoverboards are turned into tanks, and researchers suggest you …read more

Here’s how Google Pixel Buds 2 and its wireless earbud competition actually look in your ear

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Pixel Buds, in my ear

Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Google announced a new version of its two-year-old Pixel Buds headphones on Tuesday, alongside the new Pixel 4 phone. The Pixel Buds 2 are smaller and lighter, and they also ditch that fabric-colored cord that connected the original pair. They’re truly wireless earbuds now, and that makes them a better contender against Apple’s AirPods, the Samsung Galaxy Buds, and others.

We won’t know exactly how they sound or how well they’ll work till 2020, since Google won’t be shipping them until then. But what we can talk about right now is their design and fit, which is more important to some consumers than even sound quality, and just how much competition they already have right now.

Photos by The Verge

A lot of wireless…

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Latest macOS Catalina beta hints at new 16-inch MacBook Pro

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Image: MacGeneration

Rumors have been circulating for months that Apple is readying a new, 16-inch MacBook Pro model — some reports claiming as early as this year — and we might have just gotten a first look at it, thanks to a new image hidden in the latest macOS Catalina 10.15.1 beta that was uncovered by MacGeneration.

The file apparently refers to a new MacBook Pro model designated “MacBookPro16,1” (which in and of itself just indicates that it’s a new model — the 16 here is likely just a coincidence based on how Apple does its model numbering), and features a thumbnail image for what definitely looks like a larger MacBook Pro with thinner bezels than the current 15-inch model’s icon.

MacRumors has confirmed that the files — which depict the new model…

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Crowdfunding a symposium on a green, postcapitalist economics in Brussels, Nov 11

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On November 11, the Edgeryders nonprofit assocation is bringing me to Brussels for a day-long event called The Science Fiction Economics Lab, where I’ll be jointly keynoting with Edgeryders economist Alberto Cottica, a lifelong science fiction fan, about radical futuristic economic ideas for a more cooperative, sustainable future.

It’s a stage-setting exercise that then leads into an Extinction Rebellion workshop called “Reclaiming Utopia,” and the next day, November 12, will be a full-day workshop designing “fictional economies…t do not exist in fully realized form, but are nevertheless internally coherent and could, in principle, come to pass, and are radically different from the economy we do have.” It all wraps with a giant party on Nov 15 (“Because if we can’t dance, we don’t want your alt-economy”).

The event is running a crowdfunder to help defray costs, with copies of my novel Walkaway and other premiums for backers.

The maiden voyage of the Sci-Fi Economics Lab consists of four parts:

November 11th: A double keynote lecture by science fiction author Cory Doctorow and economist Alberto Cottica, moderated by Kirsten Dunlop. The lecture focuses on the experience of living in a different economy would be like (Doctorow, drawing on his and others’ work, in particular Walkaway); a professional economist’s point of view on the viability of such a fictional economy (Cottica), and a discussion of the path to get from here to there (all three).

On November 11th, Reclaiming Utopia, a workshop where we learn how to mobilize ourselves for the more humane, fairer, greener economy we want.

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Exquisitely engineered coin contains a mechanical beating heart

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Russian artist Roman Booteen modifies coins with incredible engravings and feats of mechanical engineering. This coin features a beating heart. Other exquisite examples of his work are below. He also customizes Zippo lighters.

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Before HBO’s Watchmen, stream V for Vendetta, the best Alan Moore adaptation

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Photo: Warner Bros.

There are so many streaming options available these days, and so many conflicting recommendations, that it’s hard to see through all the crap you could be watching. Each Friday, The Verge’s Cut the Crap column simplifies the choice by sorting through the overwhelming multitude of movies and TV shows on subscription services, and recommending a single perfect thing to watch this weekend.

What to watch

V for Vendetta, the 2006 movie adaptation of the politically charged graphic novel by writer Alan Moore and artist David Lloyd. Set in a dystopian future England, the film stars Natalie Portman as idealistic young woman Evey Hammond, who becomes a protégée of “V,” an anarchist revolutionary (Hugo Weaving) in a Guy Fawkes mask. The original…

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