The Galaxy Fold makes no sense as a consumer device yet

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The foldable Galaxy Fold phone-tablet hybrid is Samsung’s Google Glass: an exciting technical showcase that is hitting the market far too soon and risks souring everyone on the entire nascent category.

Pardon me for being such a strident skeptic, but I’ve seen this pattern too many times before. It happened with the first iteration of 3D cameras on phones (RIP HTC EVO 3D), it happened with modular phones (RIP Project Ara), and it happened with Android Wear smartwatches (which are trudging on as unloved, purposeless zombies). The failed hype cycle has a common basic structure: take an application of technology that has universal, self-explanatory appeal, build a few prototypes, get to a stage where the product doesn’t look hideous, and…

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Amelia Foxtrot is an olde tyme-y DJ who spins on antique phonographs

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There are old-school DJs and then there’s DJ Amelia Foxtrot of Austin Phonograph Co. in Texas. Her turntables are antique hand-cranked phonographs and her records are scratchy-sounding 78s.

Of course, I was immediately charmed all of this. I reached out to her and she shared:

I’ve been doing phonograph DJ work for 7 years. I started in 2012 because I wanted to buy a phonograph. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I thought if I created a business DJing with it, my hobby would fund itself. And I got to buy two!

She mostly plays private events like seances (!), weddings, and fancy birthday parties. Though, on March 24, you can catch her at the Jazz Age Sunday Social in Dallas.

Amelia also co-owns and runs Sweet Ritual, a popular dairy-free ice cream shop in Austin. Additionally, she teaches Cool School for budding vegan ice cream parlor owners.

photo by Sam Ortega

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This password manager maximizes security on every website

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Use a single password for every website, and you’re compromising your security. Use a different one each time, and you’re bound to lose track of them. The solution? RoboForm Everywhere, a catch-all tool that will not only manage the passwords on every site you visit but generate better ones.

As a simple password database, it’s comprehensive enough for even the most forgetful online citizen. It saves and protects log-in data from any site with AES 256-bit encryption, and can even encrypt text notes for offline or WiFi passwords, all searchable and easily organized. You can import from all major password managers or a basic CSV, and choose a trusted friend to share your info with in case of emergency. But RoboForm will also generate random passwords and audit them for safety, making sure you’ve got the most airtight log-ins on every site – all of which can be set to auto-fill with a click.

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“Happy Furry Monsters” and other Sesame Street parody mashup songs

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Sesame Street is turning 50 years in November. As part of the yearlong celebration, they’ve posted this fun compilation of well-known musicians parodying their own songs over the years. (I’m actually ok with not being able toget REM’s “Happy Furry Monsters” out of my head because it’s adorable.)

A YouTube commenter listed all the musical artists with their Sesame Street-ed song:

* 1973 – Stevie Wonder | Superstition (0:00)
* 1978 – Paul Simon | Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard (5:09)
* 1979 – Ray Charles | I Got a Song (1:40)
* 1984 – James Taylor | That Grouchy Face (3:41)
* 1988 – Smokey Robinson | U Really Got a Hold on Me (4:02)
* 1988 – Billy Joel | Just the Way You Are (0:38)
* 1988 – Marlee Matlin | Just the Way You Are (0:38)
* 1996 – Melissa Etheridge | Like the Way U Does (4:15)
* 1996 – Spin Doctors | Two Princes (1:15)
* 1998 – Tony Bennett | Slimey to the Moon (2:48)
* 1999 – REM | Furry Happy Monsters (1:24)
* 2000 – Hootie & the Blowfish | Hold My Hand (2:01)
* 2000 – The Goo Goo Dolls | Pride (1:05)
* 2002 – Dixie Chicks – No Letter Better Than B (2:20)
* 2003 – Sheryl Crow | I Soaks Up the Sun (1:48)
* 2004 – Norah Jones | Don’t Know Y (0:18)
* 2005 – Andrea Bocelli | Time to Say Goodnight (2:27)
* 2007 – James Blunt | My Triangle (5:00)
* 2008 – Feist | 1234 (3:00)
* 2009 – Jason Mraz | Outdoors (4:47)
* 2011 – Elvis Costello | (A Monster Went and) Ate My Red Two (3:27)
* 2012 – Train | Five By (3:11)
* 2015 – One Direction | What Makes “U” Useful (4:31)
* 2015 – Macklemore | Grouch Thrift Shop (3:53)

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Samsung’s foldable phone is called the Fold and will cost $1980

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After tax, you’re clear of two grand. Behold the Galaxy Fold:

Samsung is using a new 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display that allows the phone itself to have a tablet-sized screen that can be folded to fit into a pocket. The main display is QXGA+ resolution (4.2:3), and when it’s folded, a smaller 4.6-inch HD+ (12:9) display is used for the phone mode. Samsung is using 512GB of Universal Flash Storage 3.0 (eUFS) for fast speeds, alongside a Qualcomm 7nm octa-core processor and 12GB of RAM. Samsung has even built two batteries for its Galaxy Fold, that are separated by the fold but combined in the Android operating system to represent a total of 4,380 mAh.

I suspect the charm will wear off quickly and leave us with a middle-of-the road phone that turns into a middle-of-the-road tablet, but I’m delighted Samsung is making something completely, unambiguously new. Sony used to do this sort of thing, then abandon it; maybe things will be different now. Read the rest

As sports company abandons support for “smart” basketball, Nike pushes a software update that bricks its self-tying shoes

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Wilson X was the sports manufacturer’s entry into the market for smart basketballs, but maintaining the app that made sense of the telemetry from your sensor-equipped roundball was expensive and stupid and so the Wilson X app is no more, and the “B” in “B-ball” stands for “bricked.”

But wait, there’s more! If you shelled out $350 for Nike’s self-tying shoes, you got burned this week when Nike updated its shoe-tying app leaving it unable to pair with the shoes’ “advanced power-lacing system” and thus the shoes no longer lace themselves and dynamically adjust their tensioning in response to your movement.

The shoes? Also bricks.

The ball still bounces, and you can still tie your own shoes, of course, but the sensor packages and their accompanying control infrastructure are gone.

“app wont pair with left shoe,” reads one such review from Feb. 17. “paired with sneakers right after unboxing then completely crashed after last update.”

Others encountered a similar problem.

“the app has less functionality than the iOS app, and the first software update for the shoe threw an error while updating, bricking the right shoe,” reads another. “needs serious work.”

Nike just bricked its self-lacing shoes by accident [Jack Morse/Mashable]

(via Four Short Links)

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How to Implement Pagination in an ASP.NET Core App

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When you have to show hundreds or thousands of records on your web page then you should apply pagination. This is because your users must not see all the records on the same page (which looks bad), instead, they move from one page to another page, and only see the records of the selected page.

Pagination brings cleanliness in your web page. It is an important technique which you should never miss to use. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create pagination in Records in ASP.NET Core.

Using Node 11.7 Worker Threads With RxJS Observable

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NodeJS worker_thread module and RxJS observables

With the release of Node 11.7, the worker_threads module becomes a standard feature and is no longer hidden behind the --experimental-worker switch. The worker_threads module allows developers to run JavaScript asynchronously in light-weight, isolated threads contained within the main Node process. This article will be focusing on how use worker threads to execute a task asynchronously and stream data from that task back to the rest of your Node application using RxJS Observables.

Before we get started, if you want to learn more about worker threads and why you might want to use them, I would recommend reading Node.js multithreading: What are Worker Threads and why do they matter? by Alberto Gimeno. Alberto has done a fantastic job explaining the purpose of the worker_thread module, provided some solid examples of where it makes sense to use it, as well as demonstrated some alternate ways to build a multi-threaded Node app.

Samsung’s Gear VR isn’t dead yet — will work with Galaxy S10

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Two years ago, Samsung’s virtual reality ambitions were big enough to produce a bizarre, award-winning commercial featuring an ostrich who learns to fly, thanks to a Gear VR headset and the music of Elton John. But 2017 was also the last year that Samsung produced a new Gear VR device, much less a TV spot. Just like in 2018, today’s Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event featured a whole bunch of new phones — but not a single mention of VR.

But Samsung hasn’t stopped supporting the tech quite yet. The new lineup of Galaxy S10 phones is still compatible with an existing Gear VR headset, a Samsung spokesperson tells me. “Yes, the latest model Gear VR will work. Gear VR comes with an adapter that will work with S10,” he wrote. Road to VR reports…

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Samsung Galaxy S10E vs. iPhone XR: two budget flagships compared

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Along with the new $899 Samsung Galaxy S10 and $999 Galaxy S10 Plus, Samsung is introducing a slightly more budget-friendly phone: the Galaxy S10E. While not the most surprising thing ever, following the release of Apple’s popular iPhone XR in late 2018, it’s encouraging that Samsung isn’t entirely pushing high-end smartphones out of reach.

Both the Galaxy S10E and iPhone XR start at $749, which is probably no coincidence on Samsung’s part. (That’s actually a higher starting price than the $720 Galaxy S9 last year, which had a higher-res curved screen.) But whether you’re focused on the design, or the specs inside, both of these phones have most of the selling points of their more expensive counterparts. Of course, there are plenty of…

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Samsung’s vision of tomorrow’s phones doesn’t include the headphone jack

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The Galaxy Fold was the most exciting announcement at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event by a long shot. While the new S10 and its variants look like top-tier phones, it was the Fold that captured everyone’s imagination. As Samsung CEO DJ Koh proudly declared at the event, the Fold “sets this industry on a new path.” And apparently, it’s a path that — unlike the rest of the phones Samsung announced today — doesn’t include a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It’s a sour note on what otherwise looks like a really interesting product. And if the Galaxy Fold is the future of Samsung’s smartphones, then it might be time for users to start saying goodbye to the beloved headphone jack.

Whether or not to include a headphone jack is a decision that’s painted a…

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Like an Irish Spring

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This soap commercial is more creepy than I remembered.

This AM I was marveling at how I only use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Soap and have for almost 20 years. Before Dr. Bronner’s I was brand loyal to Irish Spring.

I still occasionally enjoy reading a bit of the Chick-esque marketing on a Dr. B’s bottle but today in the shower I was wondering if the Irish Spring ads were the forgotten treasure trove of weird I remembered them to be.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold might only launch on two of the big US carriers

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Samsung’s very fancy foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, will be available on two carriers when it launches in the US in a couple months: AT&T and T-Mobile. As for everyone else? Samsung hasn’t said, but for now, it sounds like the initial model of the Fold won’t launch on Verizon and Sprint.

It’s not clear if that means the Fold outright won’t work on those two carriers, but that may be the case. Verizon and Sprint rely on a different mobile technology for their 3G networks, and it’s possible the Fold just doesn’t include support. Sometimes, unsupported phones can still access LTE on Verizon and Sprint, but it isn’t guaranteed.

This is a particularly surprising detail given that Verizon is getting an…

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How the Samsung Galaxy S10 measures up against the iPhone XS and the Pixel 3

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Where the Samsung Galaxy S9 phones last year felt mostly iterative, the latest S10 devices are some of the company’s biggest changes yet, with the company’s modus operandi being to win over customers that didn’t shell out for an upgrade last year.

The latest S10 flagship phones are packing a punch — they have more RAM, larger storage options, newer Snapdragon processors, better screen resolution, and Wi-Fi 6 support. That means that for almost the same weight and dimensions, these phones should be faster and better for streaming Netflix in HD while on the go. There are three rear cameras rather than two and the S10 Plus has dual selfie cameras as well — along with a built-in Instagram mode.

While that all sounds impressive, the past…

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Twitter opens applications for its ‘prototype’ program, first tests to focus on fixing conversations

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Twitter today is opening up applications for its new testing program, first announced at CES in January. The program potentially can cover any and every aspect of the Twitter experience, but the first set of tests will focus on how interactions between people, and specifically replies, appear on Twitter. They will include a new design […]

Here’s everything announced at Samsung’s Galaxy S10/Galaxy Fold event

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Missed today’s Samsung Unpacked event in San Francisco? In all, we have five new phones — one of them a foldable, some new earbuds, a virtual assistant and a watch. Here’s everything you need to know. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold launches April 26, starting at $1,980 The last time we saw Samsung’s foldable onstage, it was, quite […]

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