Inside Joymode: a subscription service saving you from buying all of the things

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 What began as a movement among couture culturati with the success of Rent the Runway has moved into everything from cars (Porsche’s got a subscription service ) to construction equipment and furniture. 
Well, the Los Angeles-based startup Joymode has just raised $14 million to be the subscription service for nearly everything else.  Read More

The EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 Review: iCX Brings the Lights and Sensors

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Today, we are taking a look at the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2, EVGA’s top GTX 1070 Ti model featuring the iCX temperature sensor and cooling system. Launched alongside the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition and other partner boards in November 2017, the EVGA GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 similarly targets the competing Radeon RX Vega 56 with price and performance in between the GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070.

To avoid sales cannibalization, all partner GTX 1070 Ti cards, including the FTW2, adhere to the reference clockspeeds. To differentiate itself, the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 looks to the power, temperature, and noise characteristics due to iCX cooler and adjusted power system, in addition to manual overclocking via a GTX 1070 Ti specific autoscan feature in EVGA’s Precision XOC overclock utility. A key piece of the puzzle, pricing, has been unfortunately been subject due to the extraordinarily intense cryptomining demand that has drastically inflated prices and depleted stocks of virtually all graphics cards at the time of publication.

Ready to finally learn Photoshop?

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Whether you aim to work in marketing, fashion, or even game design, one of the tools you’ll need to get comfortable with is Adobe Photoshop. This image editing tool has become a staple for producing gripping visual content, and understanding its ins and outs is a whole lot easier with the Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle, now on sale for $19.

From the absolute essentials to high-end retouching techniques, this eight-course collection is designed to take you from beginner to expert with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You’ll dabble in a host of these programs’ applications, including graphic design and photo editing, and leverage essential tools like the Magic Wand, Lasso Tool, Quick Selection Tool and more to create professional-quality content that can bolster your portfolio.

The Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle was on sale for $29.99 in the Boing Boing Store, but you can get it today at a new sale price of $19.

The heads of Darth Vader and a stormtrooper as robotic vacuums

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There’s SO much Star Wars merch out there and few galactic items catch my eye anymore.

Well, that is until I came across this robotic vacuum POWERbot duo by Samsung. One looks like the head of a stormtrooper and the other of Darth Vader. Both play some of your “favorite Star Wars sound effects,” including the theme song. (Sure! Why not?)

Get that second mortgage because prices for these snazzy limited-edition vacuums start at $599.

Also, related: I wasn’t sure if “stormtrooper” was capitalized or not (it’s not) and came across this Star Wars style guide while looking for the answer.

David Byrne teamed up with Choir! Choir! Choir! to cover Bowie’s ‘Heroes’

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At the Under the Radar Festival in New York City earlier this month, a crowd of soon-to-be singers rehearsed “back ups” for David Bowie’s “Heroes.” After an hour, they were performing the song with David Byrne as a Choir! Choir! Choir! tribute to Bowie.

According to Consequence of Sound, Byrne gave his thoughts on working with the choir group, in a press release:

“There is a transcendent feeling in being subsumed and surrendering to a group. This applies to sports, military drills, dancing… and group singing. One becomes a part of something larger than oneself, and something in our makeup rewards us when that happens. We cling to our individuality, but we experience true ecstasy when we give it up. So, the reward experience is part of the show.”

Byrne is beginning an ambitious tour in March for his new album, American Utopia. The album is his first solo LP in 14 years.

Strumbot: The Guitar that Strums Itself

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[Clare] isn’t the most musically inclined person, but she can strum a guitar. Thanks to a little help from an Arduino, she doesn’t even have to do that.

She built the strumbot, which handles the strumming hand duties of playing the guitar. While [Claire] does believe in her strumbot, she didn’t want to drill holes in her guitar, so hot glue and double-sided foam tape were the order of the day.

The business end of the strumbot is a micro servo. The servo moves two chopsticks and draws the pick across the strings. The tiny servo surprisingly does a great …read more

Samsung says foldable displays and Bixby will help drive growth in 2018

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Samsung says foldable OLED displays and Bixby will help drive the company’s growth this year in its Q4 earnings report released today. The company said it would adopt innovative technology like foldable OLED screens to further distinguish itself from competitors. Samsung also says it will enter new businesses related to AI and smart devices through an expansion of its much-maligned Bixby voice assistant technology.

Phones that unfold into seamless full-screen tablets have been long rumored, with numerous patents filed by different phone manufacturers including LG, Microsoft, and Samsung. But, there haven’t been any due to the lack of folding displays. Samsung has previously said it hopes to introduce a foldable phone sometime this year,…

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What Is This, A Controller For Ants?!

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What’s the smallest controller you’ve ever used? [BitBuilt] forum user [Madmorda] picked up a cool little GameCube controller keychain with semi-working buttons at her local GameStop. As makers are wont to do, she figured she could turn it into a working controller and — well — the rest is history.

This miniaturized controller’s original buttons were essentially one piece of plastic and all the buttons would depress at once — same goes for the D-pad. Likewise, the original joystick and C-stick lacked springs and wouldn’t return to a neutral position after fidgeting with them. To get the ball rolling, [Madmorda] …read more

The Nintendo Switch has already outsold the Wii U

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Nintendo had a barnstormer of a holiday quarter, selling 7.23 million Switch consoles and nearly doubling the total number sold to date. At 14.86 million units as of the end of December, the Switch has already outsold its predecessor, the Wii U, in just ten months on sale. The Wii U went on sale in November 2012 and moved 13.56 million units before Nintendo ended production last year.

Nintendo’s own software titles are selling extremely well, too, with impressive attach rates for many games. Super Mario Odyssey is the top-selling game on the system at 9.07 million copies sold, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe reaching 7.33 million, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on 6.70 million, and Splatoon 2 achieving 4.91 million.

As a result of its…

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Kids Kitchen That Says BEEP

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Children have always liked to learn by copying the adults around them, and thus have always desired toys that emulate the tools which their older forebears use on a daily basis. [rhoalt]’s daughter wished for an oven to play with, so a trip to IKEA was in order to get started.

The build begins with the IKEA Duktig, a beautiful fun-sized oven. [rhoalt] then breaks out the hacker staple foods of 7-segment displays, swanky backlit buttons and an Arduino Nano. Through some careful handiwork, the wooden panels that make up the toy oven are drilled and routed out to fit …read more

Server-Side Rendering With Laravel and Vue.js 2.5

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Server-side rendering is a great way to increase the perception of loading speed in your full-stack app. Users get a complete page with visible content when they load your site, as opposed to an empty page that doesn’t get populated until JavaScript runs.

One of the downsides of using Laravel as a backend for Vue.js was the inability to server render your code. Was. The release of Vue.js 2.5.0 has brought server-side rendering support to non-Node.js environments including PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

Fujifilm announces X-A5 mirrorless camera and first X-series power zoom

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Fujifilm has announced the X-A5, a new entry-level X-series mirrorless camera. It has a 24.2-megapixel APS-C image sensor (with a Bayer color filter, not Fujifilm’s own X-Trans array), phase-detection autofocus, automatic Bluetooth image transfer, and 4K video recording. It still has a 180-degree tilting touchscreen, but also now has a microphone jack, which could make it a good option for YouTubers and other vloggers.

Existing Fujifilm shooters, however, will likely be more interested in the lens the X-A5 ships with. The XC15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ is the first motorized powerzoom lens in Fujifilm’s lineup, making for the most compact and lightweight zoom option yet — it weighs just 136g (4.8oz). And, with a focal length of 15mm at the…

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Spotify is testing a new app that’s just for listening to playlists

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Spotify has very quietly released a new standalone app for Android that’s exclusively dedicated to quick, easy playlist and station listening. The app is called Stations, and Spotify describes it as “the easiest way to listen to the music you love. Totally free.” Stations is also an “experiment,” according to the company.

Stations is listed in the Google Play Store, but as of late Tuesday evening (when Variety noted its debut), the app wasn’t yet compatible with mobile devices in the United States and many other countries. For now, it’s only available in Australia.

We haven’t used it yet, but the app’s design makes clear that Stations is designed to reduce the steps and taps necessary to get to your music. Spotify says that Stations…

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Cell Phone Surveillance Car

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There are many viable options for home security systems, but where is the fun in watching a static camera feed from inside your place? The freedom to really look around might have been what compelled [Varun Kumar] to build a security car robot to drive around his place and make sure all is in order.

Aimed at cost-effectiveness and WiFi or internet accessibility, an Android smartphone provides the foundation of this build — skipping the need for a separate Bluetooth or WiFi module — and backed up by an Arduino Uno, an L298 motor controller, and two geared DC motors …read more

Smell That? It’s time.

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Steampunk is beautiful. There is something about the exposed metal and primitive looking artifacts that visually appeal to the brain of a maker and engineer alike. Makers have been busy the last decade building clocks with this theme because hey, everyone needs a clock. [Fuselage] has put together a Steam Punk Clock that releases actual steam(actually steam oil smoke) for its hourly chime. How cool is that?

The clock is designed around the Conrad C-Control Unit (translated) which has the Motorola 68HC08 and [Fuselage] uses BASIC to write the routines for the system. Unlike a lot of steampunk clocks that …read more

You can use Alexa to send SMS messages now, if you’ve also got an Android phone

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Amazon is expanding Alexa’s ability to send messages by allowing it to send SMS text messages to any phone, instead of just messaging other people through the Alexa app, via TechCrunch.

The new feature only works for Alexa users with an Android device that also have the Alexa app installed. To set things up, navigate over to Conversations tab, then “Contacts,” then “My Profile,” then switch the “Send SMS” feature to on. There’s no word as to when or even if similar functionality will be available on iOS devices.

By default, asking Alexa to send “a message” will cause the device to first try to send messages to the Alexa app, assuming your recipient has it installed and configured, and will only send through SMS if that option isn’t…

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