Microsoft expands HoloLens headsets to 29 new markets, now up to 39

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 Nearly three years on from Microsoft unveiling its HoloLens augmented reality headsets, the company today announced a major expansion of its availability: 29 more markets in Europe, nearly tripling the total number of countries where you can buy the device up to 39. The news shows that while we don’t have a firm number of how many units have been sold, we do know that Microsoft is… Read More

Bluetooth Bedroom Clock!

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When [decino]’s old bedroom clock finally bit the dust, he built himself a new one from scratch for fun and functionality.

Initially, he wanted to solder Adafruit NeoPixel lights onto four prototype boards, using a mini-USB for power and a DS1307 to keep the time. However, after soldering the board for the first digit and realizing that carrying on with the other three would be a huge pain, he switched to etching the boards instead — a far more efficient solution. In keeping with this time-saving mindset, he added a Bluetooth module that would allow him to update the clock …read more

You have 3 days left to save big money on Disrupt Berlin tickets

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 The only thing worse than missing out on attending Disrupt Berlin (the horror!) is paying nearly 30 percent more for your ticket than you have to. And that’s just what will happen if you don’t snag your tickets before November 3. That’s right, the early-bird ticket pricing goes extinct in three short days. Die uhr tickt — the clock is ticking. Read More

Sunlight raises £500K seed for its employee learning and development platform

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 Sunlight, a London startup that offers an employee learning and development platform to let companies offer more bespoke professional development, has picked up £500,000 in seed backing. Leading the round is Speedinvest, with participation from previous backers Seedcamp, and Annection, amongst a number of individuals. Read More

Kano raises $28M as its its kid-friendly computer kits hit 4,500 stores

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 Kano — the startup that teaches kids (and adults) about computers and coding by way of a variety of do-it-yourself hardware building kits — is announcing an important milestone in its growth today. The company has raised $28 million in funding, and ahead of the holidays, it will be using that investment to help spearhead a retail push in North America by getting the device into… Read More

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