Ask Hackaday: How On Earth Can A 2004 MP3 Player Read An SDXC Card?

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What were you doing in 2004? Can you even remember 2004? Maybe it’s like the old joke about the 1960s, if you can remember it, you weren’t really there, man. Cast your mind back, [Lance Armstrong] was winning the Tour de France, and SpaceShipOne made it into space.

[Gregg Eshelman], wrote to us to say that in 2004 he bought an MP3 player. Ask your parents about them, they were what hipsters used before they had cassette tapes: portable music players that everyone thought were really cool back then, onto which music didn’t come from the Internet but had …read more

Amazon introduces an AWS graph database service called Amazon Neptune

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 Amazon is in the middle of its AWS Re:invent keynote right now, and the company just announced a brand new database service. Amazon Neptune has been specifically designed for relationship graphs. So if you’re thinking about building a social network feature, Neptune can help you. The issue with traditional relational databases is that they’re not made for complex social graphs… Read More

AWS adds Global Tables feature to share data across multiple geographies

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 Customers using AWS’ Amazon DynamoDB to store data have two new services to help make their applications work better and more quickly in more regions around the world. The first is a Global Tables feature that allows AWS customers to automatically replicate tables across different AWS regions. Tech companies are now, already, global businesses, but sometimes their data isn’t… Read More

Trump Takes on Fat-Cat Teachers and Their Tax Avoidance Schemes!

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Coin Cell Challenge: Use Coin Cell, Win Prizes

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Today, we’re calling all hackers to do the most with a single coin cell. It’s the Coin Cell Challenge, and we’re looking for everything from the most low-power electronics to a supernova in a button cell battery.

Electronics are sucking down fewer and fewer amps every year. Low power is the future, and we’re wondering how far we can push the capabilities of those tiny discs full of power. The Coin Cell Challenge is your chance to plumb the depths of what can be done with the humble coin cell.

This is a contest, and as with the tradition of …read more

Amazon launches web browser for Fire TV

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You’ll never convince me that using an internet browser on a television set is anything but awkward and bad, but if for whatever reason you’ve been waiting to browse the web on Amazon’s Fire TV devices, the company has answered that call. The Amazon Silk browser, which already comes on Fire tablets, is now available for Amazon Fire TV set-top boxes, sticks, and Fire TV Edition HDTVs. You can download it from the app store on supported devices.

For now, as noted by AFTVnews, support is limited to first- and second-gen Fire TV boxes and the second-gen Stick — plus the Westinghouse/Element 4K TV that runs Amazon’s Fire TV software as its operating system. The most recent Fire TV released this fall can’t yet run the Silk browser; Amazon…

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Stationhead allows anyone to become a streaming radio DJ, with live listener calls

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 Streaming services like Spotify have turned playlists into one of the main ways to discover new music, but I’d argue that they’re missing some of the personality of traditional radio — the kind of radio where I knew not just the names of my favorite DJs, but also what kind of music they liked and random details about their life. That’s the experience that Stationhead,… Read More

Apple releases a macOS security update to fix huge login security flaw

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 Apple has just released a security update for macOS High Sierra and you should update right now (Apple will automatically push the security patch later today). This update fixes yesterday’s very concerning vulnerability that let anyone log into your Mac without your password. In order to install the update, open the Mac App Store and click on the “Updates” tab. Interestingly,… Read More

AWS’s container service gets support for Kubernetes

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 AWS today announced its long-awaited support for the Kubernetes container orchestration system on top of its Elastic Container Service (ECS). Kubernetes has, of course, become something of a de facto standard for container orchestration. It already had the backing of Google (which incubated it), as well as Microsoft and virtually every other major cloud player. So AWS is relatively late to… Read More

Prime’s newest perk is early movie tickets for ‘Jumanji’

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 Amazon is adding to its slew of perks for Prime members by offering subscribers the chance to purchase early tickets to an upcoming movie for the first time. The deal gives Prime members the chance to watch the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle twelve days before its release date of December 20. Customers can buy up to 10 tickets for a 7 PM showing of the movie on December 8 at one of… Read More

AWS announces a serverless database service

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 Amazon’s AWS cloud computing division today announced a new database service that will make it easier and cheaper to quickly launch relational databases that don’t need to process data continuously. Aurora Serverless, which, unsurprisingly, was built on top of AWS’s existing Aurora database system, is basically the database equivalent of a serverless, event-driven compute… Read More

Peer Review In the Age Of Viral Video

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Recently, a YouTube video has been making the rounds online which shows a rather astounding comparison between two printed models of the US Capitol. Starting with the line “3-D PRINTERS CAN NOW PRINT TWICE AS FAST”, the video shows that one print took four hours to complete, and the other finished in just two hours by virtue of vibration reducing algorithms developed at the University of Michigan. The excitement around this video is understandable; one of the biggest limitations of current 3D printer technology is how long it takes to produce a model of acceptable quality, and if improvements to …read more

This Furby speaks Alexa and it’s horrifying

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If you’re a millennial, you probably grew up with the robotic furry critter toy known as Furby. It’s gone through a lot of iterations, and now somebody’s tinkered with one to make it speak using Amazon’s Alexa. It is quite frightening and disconcerting to hear Alexa’s adult lady voice come out of Furby, which is known for speaking disjointed English and gibberish.

Zack, from Howchoo details how to hack your own Furby using Amazon’s open-source Alexa Voice Service running on a Raspberry Pi and custom Python scripts. Zack says the entire project cost him $50, which includes all the materials, plus an old Furby off eBay. The process is a bit fiddly, involving soldering, disassembling the toy, and some programming. The result is a kind of…

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Watch this week’s Mr. Robot Digital After Show with composer Mac Quayle

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The Mr. Robot Digital After Show is returning after a brief holiday hiatus! Tune in at 11PM ET to watch Nilay Patel, Russell Brandom, and me, Megan Farokhmanesh, talk everything hackers and Rami Malek. Tonight, we’ll have two special guests: composer Mac Quayle and The Verge’s culture editor Laura Hudson.

You can watch here on The Verge, or on the Mr. Robot Facebook page. Got questions? Drop ’em over in our Mr. Robot Reddit thread, or join the conversation in real time using the #RobotAfterShow hashtag on Twitter. We didn’t have an episode last week, but if you missed the one before that, with Martin Wallström, be sure to get caught up on YouTube.

One more thing: USA Network is owned by NBCUniversal, which owns a minority stake in Vox…

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Samsung hired ‘The Piano’ composer to write a score for a movie about a washing machine

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 Maybe it’s crass consumerism — or a comment on how far we’ve sunk as society. Or maybe it’s some kind of 21st century homage to Andy Warhol’s…challenging cinematic output. One thing we know for sure is that it’s 66 minutes of a full washing machine cycle, scored by award winning composer Michael Nynam — the dude behind the soundtrack to The Piano.… Read More

Netflix is slowly teasing Black Mirror Season 4 with another trailer

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 Netflix has been tight-lipped about the release date for Season 4 of Black Mirror. However, the streaming giant continues to tease with trailers for each of the episodes. Thus far, we’ve got our hands on trailers for Arkangel (directed by Jodie Foster) and Crocodile, both of which were creepy to our satisfaction. Today, Netflix has released a trailer for the third of six episodes. This… Read More

Amazon adds its Silk web browser to Fire TV

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 With little fanfare, Amazon launched its Silk web browser for Fire TV, allowing users with Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions to surf the web from their big screen. The app offers several standard web browser features, like the ability to search or enter URLs, access bookmarks, move forward or back, save passwords, and more. It also uses as the default search… Read More

Pay what you want for 10 top Mac apps

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If you managed to snag a new MacBook on Black Friday, or just want to teach your aging desktop some new tricks, we’re offering a set of 10 powerful apps in our Cyber Monday Mac Bundle. This stockpile of productivity software is worth nearly $500, but we’ve got the whole lot for a pay-what-you-want price. Here’s what’s included:

Path Finder 7: A significant upgrade to Finder, it provides dual-pane views, batch file renaming, and other clever sorting tools.

Photolemur 2.2 Spectre: Family License: Enhance your photos with artificially-intelligent filters and effects.

Live Home 3D: Standard Edition: A 3D modeling tool for interior design with intuitive controls and a massive object library.

Pagico 8: Keep track of your projects with generated task flowcharts and a robust tagging system.

VPN Unlimited: 3-Yr Subscription: Protect your privacy online and block ads with this acclaimed VPN.

MacGourmet Deluxe: Manage all of your family recipes in an easy-to-use visual database.

Screens 4: Remote control your Mac from anywhere in the world through a secure SSH tunnel.

WallPaper Wizard 2: Beautify your desktop screen with thousands of curated backgrounds.

iLocker PRO: Password protect any app on your Mac, and get notified of security breaches.

Timing Productivity: Keep track of how long you spend working in certain apps for automatic time tracking.

Beat the average price for this Cyber Monday Mac Bundle in the Boing Boing Store to lock in a sweet deal on all ten apps. Pay anything at all and you’ll still get iLocker Pro and Timing Productivity.

Callback Hell in Nodejs: A Solution With Fiber

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Apiumhub developers and any other developers that have worked with Node.js must have encountered a problem when dealing with the asynchronous APIs (I/O) that JavaScript offers; the famous JavaScript Callback. It’s the way JavaScript incorporates responding to events. In this article, I would like to talk about a solution with Fiber when dealing with Node.js Callback Hell. 

Callback Hell in Node.js: JavaScript Callback

A callback is a function, “A,” that is passed to another function, “B,” as a parameter. The function “B” executes the code “A” at some point. The invocation of “A” can be immediate, as in a synchronous callback, or, it can occur later as in an asynchronous callback. It’s actually a simple concept that can be well understood with an example:

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