Want A Leak-Proof Camper? Better Fire Up The 3D Printer Now.

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Ah, the great outdoors.  Rejuvenating air rife with mosquitoes and other nasties, and spending some time hanging out in the woods sleeping in a 3D printed camper. Wait– what was that last one again?

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A Canadian team headed by [Randy Janes] of Wave of the Future 3D, printed a camper at [Create Cafe] in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, using high-flow nozzles on one of the largest 3D printers in North America. These layers are 10.3mm thick!!

This trailer is one single printed piece, taking 230 hours — nine and a half days — of straight …read more

Casey Neistat says YouTube is vulnerable to Twitch

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It’s loaded Vergecast this week. Nilay, Paul, and Dieter welcome back Silicon Valley editor Casey Newton to break down the Cambridge Analytica scandal at Facebook, after talking through predictions for next week’s Apple event.

But first, another Casey makes his debut on The Vergecast — Casey Neistat! Nilay talks one-on-one with Casey about a multitude of topics, including Beme, his view of YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms, sponsorship, and what he’s up to next. It’s exactly what you’d expect from Neistat, honest and direct.

02:36 – What to expect from Apple’s education event

20:56 – Casey Neistat interview

52:07 – Paul’s weekly segment “Swag for Me? Swag for you too”


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Converting Power Supplies for Antique Computers

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Just because something is “never used” doesn’t mean it’s good. [Inkoo Vintage Computing] learned that lesson while trying to repair an Amiga 500 and finding parts online that were claimed to be “new” in that they were old stock that had never been used. The problem was that in the last 30 years the capacitors had dried out, rendering these parts essentially worthless. The solution, though, was to adapt a modern PSU for use on the old equipment.

The first hurdle to getting this machine running again was finding the connector for the power supply. The parts seemed to have …read more

Hold this beam for me, friend robot, and let us construct a house together

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Being a neophyte in the world of woodworking — I’ve made a shabby but sturdy shed — I can appreciate the value of a good partner who can help measure, cut, hold stuff, and generally be a second pair of hands. The usual drawback with humans is you have to pay them or feed them in return for this duty. So imagine my delight in finding that ETH Zurich is pioneering the art of robot-assisted woodworking!

Arduino Clock Jots Down The Time, In UV

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We’re big fans of the impractical around here at Hackaday. Sure there’s a certain appeal to coming up with the most efficient method to accomplish your goal, the method that does exactly what it needs to do without any superfluous elements. But it’s just not as much fun. If at least one person doesn’t ask “But why?”, then you probably left something on the table, design wise.

So when we saw this delightfully complex clock designed by [Tucker Shannon], we instantly fell in love. Powered by an Arduino, the clock uses an articulated arm with a UV LED to write …read more

512GB phones are coming, starting with Huawei

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If you’ve wanted PC-like storage in your pocket, a new Huawei phone with a rumored 512GB of space could make that happen. That’s an insane amount of storage, up from the usual 256GB that phones like the iPhone X can offer. That amount of storage is bigger than most models of the MacBook Pro, and it would allow you to download the Facebook app (400MB) more than 1,200 times (although, maybe you’d rather not).

The upcoming Huawei phone appeared on the Chinese regulatory agency TENAA’s website last month. An update to the listing, caught by PhoneRadar, showed that the phone would have 6GB of RAM and a whopping 512GB of storage. It’s probably not the forthcoming P20, given what we know from the many leaks, although it could possibly be the…

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Water Abundance XPRIZE finalists compete in gathering water from thin air

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Despite being a necessity for life, clean, drinkable water can be extremely hard to come by in some places where war has destroyed infrastructure or climate change has dried up rivers and aquifers. The Water Abundance XPRIZE is up for grabs to teams who can suck fresh water straight out of the air, and it just announced its five finalists.

Dave Pell on “The Flight of the Zuckerberg”

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The inimitable Dave Pell, managing editor of the Internet, shares 20 quick (and brilliant) insights about the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal. Here are a few:

2. Facebook is constantly urging you to share your immediate thoughts and reactions to every life event. We were a couple days into the company’s biggest challenge before Facebook’s creator shared any of his thoughts on the matter. There’s probably a lesson in that…

11. You read the stories about Cambridge Analytica and you think, Damn, these guys are total geniuses who can control our minds. You watch the undercover video of the Cambridge Analytica execs and you think, Damn, these guys are seriously some clown-ass schmucks. Like always, believe what you see…

12. If Facebook really manipulates our thoughts, they must want us to be really pissed at Facebook…

19. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. The only privacy policy that matters is your own.

The Flight of the Zuckerberg(via NextDraft)

GoPro signs deal to put its camera lenses and sensors in third-party products

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GoPro and Jabil previously partnered for the Hero line.

GoPro has entered into a licensing partnership with Jabil, a manufacturing services company known for its electronics design, the action camera company announced today. Jabil is going to use GoPro’s design and intellectual property to make camera lenses and sensors for third-party products. GoPro and Jabil collaborated on the Hero4 and have continued to work together since.

The products will include digital imaging and consumer-facing gear, but not any cameras that would directly compete against GoPro’s own devices. “Imagine a world where video conferencing, robotics, and even self-driving cars are powered by GoPro’s camera lenses and image sensors. Together, GoPro and Jabil can make this a reality,” said Sandor Barna, GoPro’s chief…

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What to expect from Apple’s education event

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Apple surprised everyone when it announced an education-focused event about “creative new ideas for teachers and students” in Chicago on March 27th at 10am ET. But in traditional Apple form, the company isn’t giving many hints as to what to expect aside from the phrase “let’s take a field trip.”

But even if Apple won’t give us any clues, we’ve still got a few ideas as to what could happen during the event on Tuesday. Here’s everything to expect:

New iPad(s)

This seems like the most obvious bet, given Apple already pushes the iPad hard as an education device, especially as a classroom tool. A new, cheaper iPad that cuts out some of the more premium features on the iPad Pro in favor of a lower price point (maybe adds a “smart connector”…

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In Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, zombies are the political activists America needs

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Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet loves people. That’s unusual for a zombie narrative. Most zombie narratives present people as lurching, decaying, cannibalistic monsters. Misanthropy, paranoia, and loathing have been central to the modern zombie genre since George Romero first gleefully showed humans leaping for each other’s throats, even before they got turned into zombies. “They’re us, that’s all,” Peter (Ken Foree) says mournfully, watching brainless ghouls wander emptily around the mall in 1978’s Dawn of the Dead.

That basic insight, and the disgust that comes with it, has remained at the heart of the zombie genre ever since. Zombies are people, people are zombies, and all of them are just worm food with insatiable appetites. Even the…

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The first trailer for the YouTube Red show Impulse is a moody take on young-adult superpowers

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YouTube has released the first trailer for Impulse, a new original series from The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman. A spinoff to his 2008 film Jumper, the show will debut sometime this summer, with a 10-episode series order.

Jumper was based on a 1992 novel by Steven Gould, and followed a young man named David Rice (played by Star Wars prequel star Hayden Christensen) who discovers he has the ability to teleport. At the time of the film’s release, Liman hinted at plans for a sequel, but the project never materialized.

Impulse, however, is based on the third book in Gould’s series, and tells the story of a 16-year-old girl named Henry Coles (Maddie Hasson), who discovers she has similar powers. At first, the…

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Introducing the TechCrunch Disrupt SF ’18 Virtual Hackathon

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We’ve told you that TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018 is going to be the biggest, most ambitious Disrupt ever — and we’re serious. So serious, in fact, that we’re super-sizing the Hackathon, taking it online and making it global. Now thousands of the world’s most talented developers, programmers, hackers and tech makers can participate and […]

GitHub’s tool reduces open source software license violations

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GitHub has open-sourced its Licensed tool, a Ruby gem that caches and verifies the status of license dependencies in Git repos.

Licensed has helped GitHub engineers who use open source software find potential problems with license dependencies early in the development cycle. The tool reports any dependencies needing review.

Carrots In Space

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For this year’s Hackaday Prize, [will.stevens] is growing his own produce and now looks for a way to shield his endeavors from the perils of the British winter. To achieve this, he decided to grow vegetables in sealed containers. Inspired by prior art and backed up by research, his approach is a wild mix of applied laziness on one hand and reckless over-engineering on the other. The sealed containers in this project are PET bottles, chosen for their availability and the produce are carrots, mainly because they can be harvested through the bottle’s mouth. Carrots also feature a high energy …read more

Pacific Rim: Uprising is only interested in the giant-robot fights

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The downside of sequels is that they so rarely have anything new to offer. Unless they’re part of a planned, ongoing storyline, like the Star Wars or Harry Potter movies, sequels are usually about mechanically reproducing the most popular parts of the original film, and making them bigger, louder, and faster. But the “faster” part can be one of the upsides of sequels. Once a franchise-launching film gets all the roadblocks of world-building, exposition, and character development out of the way, sequels have a clear road to the action, and they can rev the motor and speed along without impediment.

That certainly holds true for Pacific Rim: Uprising, the slick, upbeat sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s giant-monster movie Pacific Rim. The…

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Tidal launches Amazon Fire TV app, adds Android Auto compatibility

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Following its wider availability on TVs last year, Tidal announced Thursday it was releasing an app on Amazon’s Fire TV devices, as well as for Android Auto.

Jay-Z’s music service will now work on Amazon’s Fire TV and the Fire Stick with, “a custom Fire TV interface that emphasizes TIDAL’s visual ecosystem and is designed to provide the best experience for large screen devices,” the company said. Tidal’s catalog of music is said to include more than 50 million tracks, and TV users can also navigate through the app’s original content. Additionally, Android users can also use the app with Android Auto-enabled vehicles and access the “My Collection” and “Explore” folders.

Tidal became available on Apple TV and Android TV in December, as…

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Why achieving diversity in tech requires firing the industry’s ‘cultural fit’ mentality

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If you have interviewed for a technology job, there’s a good chance the words “culture” and “fit” made an appearance during the phone-screen phase, or in early rounds of interviews. It is no longer enough for a candidate — especially early to mid-career — to arrive to job interviews with a stellar resume and relevant technical skills. They might also have to come with their best “I’m normal and will fit into the overall team culture of this company” outfit on.

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