How to pick the right Fitbit for you

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Fitbit is probably one of the best-known brands of smartwatches / fitness trackers next to the Apple Watch, and its range of wearables offers something for every kind of health enthusiast. If you want to get started with a fitness band that won’t over-extend your budget, Fitbit has a large selection that’s especially well-suited for those who are new to wearables.

In fact, Fitbit offers a variety of fitness bands in various form factors: there’s the Versa 2, Versa Lite, Ionic, Charge 3 (and a special edition version with Fitbit Pay), Inspire, Inspire HR, and Ace 2, which are all designed for different lifestyles and age groups. So depending on whether you’re looking to start walking a little more each day or diligently track your workout…

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I’m loving this Reggae, Dub, Ska and Rocksteady internet radio station

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LISTEN: Heavyweight Reggae.’ Yep, the name is right, and the channel delivers.

My old pal Rusty Hodge from SomaFM, a longtime independent internet hero and early blogger and NASA space shuttle fanatic — such a cool guy! — ah, focus, Xeni!

Okay, so Rusty and SomaFM just launched an awesome new SomaFM internet radio channel dedicated to the classic roots of reggae.

Heavyweight Reggae.

I’m a GenXer, and when I was first getting turned on to reggae in the mid-1980s, this is what it sounded like. I am so grateful this channel exists.

Here’s the blurb Rusty sent around when they turned it on.

I’m going to keep this radio channel locked all weekend.


Jan 17, 2020, 2:19 PM (7 days ago)

I’m really excited to announce our first new channel of a new decade:

Heavyweight Reggae: Reggae, Dub, Ska and Rocksteady

Your music director and host is DJ Dion “The Watts” Garcia, the genius behind 7″ Soul.

When Dion and I first discussed a reggae channel over a year ago, he suggested a format that “would cover Jamaican music of the 60s, 70s and early 80s, specifically, what I like to call Heavy Reggae.”

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This is the first cannabis-themed US restaurant that encourages you to smoke weed inside

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Los Angeles’s Cannabis Cafe is the first restaurant in the United States that encourages its patrons to smoke weed inside. They sell cannabis products (including pre-packaged edibles) but none of the items on the menu are prepared with it. Based on Dave Holmes’s review in Esquire, quoted below, the Cannabis Cafe is certainly a high point in weed history. The bong vases are a very nice touch. From Esquire:

Once you’re inside, it is impossible to detect the scent of skunk. The place is outfitted with a casino-grade air filtration system that whisks the smoke up, through a charcoal filter, and out into the West Hollywood skies. It works so well, in fact, that the Cannabis Cafe is the only place in Los Angeles that doesn’t smell like weed. It’s a comfy space, walls lined with living plants, a bit like the common area on Love Island. It’s welcoming. Mellow. Of course….

All of the Cafe’s waiters are equipped to handle your bummers. As a bartender must train to learn the ABV of her beers and spot the signs of intoxication, the staff here learns the potency of all the Cafe’s products and how to deal with someone who’s spiraling. (The secret, I am told, is a cold towel and a glass of orange juice)…

You get two different menus, one for food and one for weed. We dive into the latter first at our table: my boyfriend and me, plus another couple we’d been long overdue for a dinner with.

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Beats’ new Solo Pro wireless noise-canceling headphones are $50 off

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The Beats Solo Pro are $50 off at Best Buy, taking the price down to $249.99. This matches the lowest price we’ve seen yet. And to our knowledge, this is only the second time they’ve been discounted. If you haven’t read our review, these are the best Beats headphones yet, according to The Verge’s Chris Welch, with a noise cancellation effect and sound quality that are inarguably great.

Those gifted with large noggins, be warned: you might find that these on-ear headphones clamp down too hard on your ears. Another warning, this time for people with heads of all sizes, is that these charge via Apple’s Lightning connector, not USB-C. Best Buy’s deal includes several colors, and you have through Monday, January 27th, to take advantage of…

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Maker Spotlight: Bernie Solo

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Name : Bernie Solo Where are you located? Michigan What is your day job? Design/Fabrication/Content Creator Do you attend a makerspace/fablab/hackerspace? Yes. “Factory Two” in Flint, Michigan Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Instructables   What kinds of stuff do you make? My favorite things to build are […]

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Wiz Khalifa made a Sonic music video, and it’s pure nonsensical fun

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When you think of Sega’s adorable, punky blue-haired Sonic the Hedgehog, do you think of Wiz Khalifa, Lil Yachty, Sueco the Child, and Ty Dolla Sign? You will now.

The quartet teamed up for a new song, “Speed Me Up,” which ties into Paramount Pictures’ upcoming live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie. I don’t want to oversell this video, but it is, quite frankly, art. The music video opens with Wiz Khalifa blowing into a Sonic game cartridge for the Sega Genesis — something you definitely shouldn’t do — before flopping onto a couch in the middle of a weird, empty room to play.

He’s then transported to the pixelated world of Sonic the Hedgehog, teaming up with Sonic and his fellow rappers to collect rings, jam out in Sonic’s bedroom, and…

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Fortnite Chapter 2’s second season is finally coming on February 20th

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Image: Epic Games

The long road to season 2 is almost over. Today, Epic Games revealed the release date for the second season of Fortnite Chapter 2, which will launch on February 20th. The disruptive Chapter 2 — which introduced a brand-new island, following a days-long black hole event — first debuted in October. That makes this, by far, Fortnite’s longest season to date. Epic says that, over the next few weeks, players can expect more overtime challenges as well as “a new two-week event.” There’s no real hint yet of what players can expect out of the new season.

In addition to announcing the release date for season 2, Epic also revealed that the game will be getting a major update in early February. The 11.50 update will see the game move over to the…

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The transforming Xbox 360 D-pad is proof that bad buttons can get better

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In today’s digital age, it sometimes feels like hardware has taken a back seat to the software that drives our devices. Button of the Month will look at what some of those buttons and switches are like on devices old and new to appreciate how we interact with them on a physical, tactile level.

The Xbox 360 controller is considered to be one of the best video game controllers ever made — except for one thing: the D-pad. It’s conversely one of the worst directional inputs ever put on a controller.

Microsoft knew it had to fix things, and in 2010 — a full five years after it launched the Xbox 360 — it tried to do so in a singularly impressive fashion with the Xbox 360 Limited Edition controller, which…

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Apple Arcade’s latest game is a more family-friendly Fortnite called Butter Royale

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Image: Mighty Bear Games

Apple Arcade has so far been a great repository for polished, offbeat indie games that are best explored when you have some quiet time and perhaps no internet connection.

The latest entry into the iOS subscription game service is different. It’s a flashy multiplayer battle royale shooter, kind of like Fortnite — except it’s more kid-friendly, with a food fight theme instead of guns and bullets and a top-down design that gives it the look and feel of classic dungeon crawlers. It’s called Butter Royale, and it’s available today for all Apple Arcade subscribers.

But isn’t Fortnite already kid-friendly? you might ask. Well, sort of. You still shoot people with guns that…

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Now, you can use generative placeholder images for your web project

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The tool can be used to generate art in various styles, including the abstract artist Piet Mondrian (this is not a Generative Placeholder so stop clicking on it). | Image: Generative Placeholder

Generative Placeholders is a new tool that lets you embed autogenerated placeholder art into a website that changes with every page refresh or click of the image. It only requires a brief bit of embedded code. The key word here is “placeholder,” which suggests that the tool’s creator, Stefan Bohacek, sees it as the visual equivalent of a Lorem Ipsum text generator (or the far superior Hipster Ipsum), designed to fill a prototype website with something while it’s under construction.

The code works by specifying how tall and wide a placeholder image should be, and it also lets you tweak the style and color of each image. There are eight different styles available, ranging from geometric layouts of circles or triangles (below) to designs…

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Save on the Google Pixel 3A and Pixel 4, and get a free gift card with purchase

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Google’s most recent phones, the Pixel 3A and Pixel 4, are discounted and include a free (generous) gift card with purchase at a few retailers. Neither amounts to the lowest price that we’ve seen, but still, it’s another chance to get in on the savings if you missed out on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Starting with Google’s more affordable phone, the Pixel 3A (shown above), a $50 discount brings it down to $349.99. You’ll also get a $100 Best Buy gift card with your order at checkout. This offer also applies to the larger Pixel 3A XL with 64GB of storage that usually sells for $479.99 (now $429.99).

B&H Photo is offering the same deal, knocking $50 off of the Pixel 3A and including a $100 B&H Photo gift card with purchase….

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Save up to 50% on these best-selling kitchen gadgets from Gourmia

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When it comes to top-quality kitchen gadgets that won’t break the bank, nothing beats Gourmia. These eight best-selling Gourmia tools will help you take your culinary prowesses to the next level, and each one is available for an additional 15% off when you enter the coupon code COOKSAVE15 at checkout.

1. Gourmia GTF7350 6-in-1 Multi-Function Stainless Steel Air Fryer Oven

MSRP: $95 | Sale Price: $90 | Price w/ code COOKSAVE15: $77

This multi-function air fryer makes cooking fast, healthy, and easy—thanks to patented 360-degree cooking technology that ensures your food cooks evenly every time.

2. Gourmia GPC965 6-Qt Pressure Cooker with Auto Release

MSRP: $200 | Sale Price: $100 | Price w/ code COOKSAVE15: $85

This simple appliance makes cooking 70% faster while maintaining maximum flavor, and you’ll be able to create up to 13 presets for your go-to meals.

3. Gourmia GAF575 5-Qt Digital Air Fryer

MSRP: $100 | Sale Price: $80 | Price w/ code COOKSAVE15: $68

Enjoy all of your favorite savory food without the unwanted calories with this digital air fryer, which eliminates most of the needless fatty oils and grease from your favorite fried foods.

4. Gourmia GAF688 11 Qt Digital Air Fryer Oven, Rotisserie & Dehydrator

MSRP: $190 | Sale Price: $150 | Price w/ code COOKSAVE15: $128

Prepare healthy, delicious meals for the entire family with this 360-degree multi-function cooker that also acts as a rotisserie and dehydrator.

5. Gourmia GCG205 14-Oz Automatic 4-Mode Digital Conical Burr Grinder

MSRP: $100 | Sale Price: $100 | Price w/ code COOKSAVE15: $85

This digital grinder makes it easy to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every morning, by allowing you to fine-tune your grind with 39 different grind sizes from extremely coarse to extra-fine. Read the rest

Terminal Phase: side-scrolling shooter in the terminal

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Terminal Phase is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up in the Gradius and R-Type tradition, but in text mode. In the terminal! It’s free software created by Christopher Lemmer Webber [Patreon].

The game is completely playable and is a fun game (well, at least a number of playtesters told me they thought it was fun). It includes two levels (one of which is more balanced than the other), and more content is on its way (1.0 isn’t the end!). You can see it being played above in cool-retro-term but it works in all sorts of terminals, including gnome-terminal and etc.

I also released a video recently ( mirror) of me doing a live playtest of the game and also showing off how to make new levels and program new enemies (which serves as kind of an introduction, but probably not the best one, to Spritely Goblins).

One of the first games I had as a youngster was Harrier Attack, which was essentially the same idea of a textmode side-scrolling shooter, albeit with redefined characters to try and get it looking “better”. It was not great. Read the rest

4 Essential ES2015 Features for Vue.js Development

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ES2015 (aka ES6) is the current specification of the JavaScript language. If you’re new to JavaScript or haven’t updated your JavaScript knowledge recently, there are a number of new features in ES2015 that make development much better and more enjoyable.

If you’re a Vue developer, you’d benefit from learning all these new features. But as a means of triage, you might start with those features that apply to Vue specifically.

5 Awesome Boilerplates/Templates for Vue.js Projects

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Are you about to begin an important Vue project? To ensure you start with a solid foundation, you might use a template (aka boilerplate, skeleton, starter, or scaffold) rather than starting from npm init or vue init.

Many experienced developers have captured their wisdom about building high-quality Vue apps in the form of open source templates. These templates include optimal configuration and project structure, the best third-party tools, and other development best practices.

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