How to Set Up a REST Service or a Web Application in Django

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Introduction to Django and REST

Django is a very versatile framework, primarily used for developing web applications, but it is also widely used in creating mobile app backends and REST APIs, among other things. Here we will take a quick look at how to make these things possible using Django.

As you all probably know, REST stands for “Representational State Transfer.” Basically, what happens is that a user (or some software agent on one end) provides some input (or performs some activity) and the result of those inputs (or activities) are sent to the server side using a protocol that allows a request to be sent to the server (in most cases a HTTP protocol is used, but it doesn’t need to be HTTP, as long as it can support a request/response scheme). The server, on receiving the request, makes appropriate changes to the state of the system (hence we call it “State Transfer”).

Oppo unveils the world’s first under-screen selfie camera

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The past couple of years of smartphone design have been dominated by debate over how best to increase the screen-to-body ratio, and where to put critical components on devices that are dominated by their screens. The holy grail is, of course, the ability to integrate them directly into the display, as we’ve already seen with fingerprint sensors — and selfie cameras are next.

Oppo, a company that’s done its share of anti-bezel experimentation with display notches and pop-up selfie cameras, is the first to demonstrate an under-screen camera to the public at MWC Shanghai this week, after a tease earlier in the month. Alongside the showing, Oppo has revealed more information about how the technology actually works.

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Uploading and Downloading Files: Buffering in Node.js

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Of the various ways to transfer files to and from Oracle Database, buffering in Node.js is the easiest to implement. In this post, you’ll learn how to perform file uploads and downloads using buffered binds and fetches.


Buffering means that a file’s contents are fully materialized (buffered) in Node.js before being transferred to either the database or the client. This is as opposed to streaming, where the contents are passed along intermittently. Streaming is more efficient with respect to memory utilization, but it is also more complex to implement.

These are the best, most objectively powerful Pokémon fusions

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In case you missed it, Pokémon fusions are back in the news, thanks in part to a recent Tumblr meme and helped along by a small but growing community of talented fan artists dedicated to bringing these sometimes adorable but often horrific hybrids to life.

But between admiring the cute, shellfish-meets-baby dragon qualities of “Shellmander” and just combining literally every other pokémon with Mr. Mime, nobody is doing the truly important work of telling you which ones are the most powerful. At the end of the day, in the rough-and-tumble world of Pokémon, what matters most is knowing which of these algorithmically combined animals can best the other in vicious, supernatural elemental battle.

So we’ve done the work to narrow down the…

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Target is offering 30 percent discounts on in-store pickups for select games

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If you’re thinking about buying a game for your Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox One, you’ll save 30 percent on several titles at Target when you opt to pick it up in store. For context, this deal brings Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a $59.99 game, down to $38.10. Games like The Division 2, Team Sonic Racing, Kingdom Hearts III, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and more are also included in the sale.

It’s worth noting that this discount only works on products that your local Target store has in stock. And, if video games aren’t your thing, this order pickup sale extends to board games, too.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

The Moto Z4 is half of its usual price at Best Buy for Verizon users who are opening a new line, or…

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Big Tech’s problem is its lack of competition

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According to Recode editor-at-large Kara Swisher, one of Silicon Valley’s biggest problems right now is its lack of competition. That big tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have become too dominant and have thus stifled competition and creativity.

Here is a lightly edited excerpt of Kara Swisher and Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel discussing the importance of competition and the possibilities of breaking up the tech giants that rule the land.

You can hear this and more in the latest episode of The Vergecast.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Nilay Patel: One of the major themes at the Code Conference this year was antitrust break-ups. My connection between those two things is pretty simple….

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So you watched Neon Genesis Evangelion — now what?

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So you watched all 26 episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion and the End of Evangelion movies on Netflix, but now you aren’t sure what to watch next. The good news is that in the more than 20 years since Evangelion originally aired, it’s become a seminal work of anime, and it inspired a lot of different animators, writers, and directors. They’ve built off what the series did, finding different ways to explore similar ideas in their own works.

One of Evangelion’s strongest themes is about people making connections with each other. So much of the series is about the characters talking to each other but not really communicating. They struggle to convey what they’re feeling in meaningful ways and to be open with each other. (The series’s AT…

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Steam’s 2019 summer sale discounts popular games like Devil May Cry 5, Soulcalibur VI, and more

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Steam’s annual summer sale has begun, and it’s a great time to save on several popular (or not-so-new) PC games — if you can get the store to load. As far as the new-ish releases that are looped into the sale, Soulcalibur VI for $19.79 is the best price yet for that game, according to SteamDB’s pricing data.

Devil May Cry 5 is a good deal, too, costing $39.59 instead of $59.99. Other stellar discounts include Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for $29.99, and Astroneer for $22.49.

The sale incorporates a quirky community-driven component called “Steam Grand Prix” that’s full of quests you can complete by playing games on Steam. As you complete them, you’ll nudge your team’s car toward the finish line. The first, second, and third place winners…

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‘This is Your Life in Silicon Valley’: Former Pinterest President, Moment CEO Tim Kendall on Smartphone Addiction

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Welcome to this week’s transcribed edition of This is Your Life in Silicon Valley. We’re running an experiment for Extra Crunch members that puts This is Your Life in Silicon Valley in words – so you can read from wherever you are. This is Your Life in Silicon Valley was originally started by Sunil Rajaraman and […]

Mystery saint giving out $100 bills and encouraging notes in eastern Canadian town

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It’s been a crackerjack year, hasn’t it? Kids are being held in concentration camps, whole species are disappearing from the face of the earth, our weather is absolutely borked and drinkable water is fast disappearing in many locales around the world. Everything is terrible!

Except for when it isn’t.

From The Globe & Mail:

An anonymous benefactor who secretly placed a $100 bill and an unabashed message of positivity in a Nova Scotia park has delighted and intrigued the town’s residents.

The bill was taped to a New Glasgow, N.S., gazebo in a Ziploc bag with a note encouraging the finder to spend the money on something that brings them happiness and to remember the good in the world.

It was found by town employee Doug Miller while setting up for a funding announcement over the weekend.

As detailed in a photo on the Globe & Mail’s website, the note reads: To whoever finds this $100 bill — it is yours! I hope it will bring you joy and that you will use it for your enjoyment. Always know that there is good in the world and joy to be found. I hope you know, or will learn, that you are priceless and worth more than any paper or plastic. I hope you will always choose to be happy.

A hundred bucks is a lot of cash, to most people. To others, it’s a fart in a mist. No matter how you’re situated for cash, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s nice to occasionally run across a news story where nothing is on fire, spreading like the plague or about to die at the hands of the military industrial complex. Read the rest

Intro to Series on Uploading and Downloading Files With Node.js and Oracle Database

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I first wrote about uploading and downloading files in 2015. Since then, many new features have been added to the driver, including streaming and buffer APIs for working with LOBs. It’s time to revisit the topic and put these new APIs to use. In this mini-series, I’ll demonstrate two different options for uploading and downloading files. The best choice for your use case will depend on several variables which will be discussed in the respective post.

You might be wondering, why use the database to store files (unstructured data) when you could just use the file system? This is a great question. Here are a few important reasons:

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